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Gabriela Moura Age

Gabriela Moura, born June 18, 2004, is a talented 19-year-old who has made her mark. She represents youth and possibility with a midyear birthday.

NameGabriela Moura
Date of Birth18 June 2004
Age19 Years Old

Gabriela Moura is 19 and has shown great promise in many areas. In academia, the arts, athletics, or any other sector, her age marks a turning point from adolescent to maturity.

Gabriela may have been exploring her passions, refining her abilities, and gathering life experiences at this age due to her enthusiasm and curiosity. She may be going to college, working, or creating.

Gabriela Moura, 19, is trying to figure out her life. She may build her future, make objectives, and pursue her aspirations with passion. Her age symbolizes youth, thrilling adventures, personal progress, and future accomplishments.

At this moment, one can reflect on past accomplishments and enthusiastically anticipate future ones. She may do whatever she wants, because 19 is a lovely and important year full of promise, enthusiasm, and dreams.

Who is Gabriela Moura 

Gabriela Moura, a Brazilian TikToker and social media star, has made an impact online. In 2022, her net worth reached $1 million, demonstrating her power and popularity.

TikTok, where Gabriela is famous, is her digital hub. Gabimfmoura posts entertaining content, mostly lip-syncing and dance acts. Her 8 million followers and 184 million likes on TikTok demonstrate her ability to amuse a large audience.

Gabriela is admired for her flawless belly dancing synchronisation. Her unique blend of movement and creativity makes her stand out on the platform and resonate with viewers.

Gabriela is a versatile multimedia producer outside of TikTok. She posts lifestyle, advertising, and performance content on Instagram. This platform lets her interact with her followers more personally and grow her digital footprint.

Her charming and body-positive online persona has earned her fashion collaborations and brand endorsements. Gabriela’s message of self-acceptance and confidence makes her a popular choice for campaigns.

Gabriela has 826,000 Instagram followers in addition to her TikTok and Instagram success, demonstrating her popularity across various platforms.

Gabriela Moura’s digital journey is about her audience’s positive influence, not just numbers. She deserves her wealth and fame for her creativity, sincerity, and commitment to digital change. Gabriela is a growing social media and digital influencer with her unique talent and charisma.

Gabriela Moura Wiki/Biography

Full NameGabriela Moura
Net Worth$1 million
Date of Birth18 June 2004
Age18 Years Old
Birth PlaceRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Currently Live InUnited States of America
ProfessionTikToker and Social Media Personality
HometownRio de Janeiro
Zodiac SignGemini
School/High SchoolPreliminary School in Brazil
College/UniversityLocal College in Brazil
Education QualificationPursuing Graduation

Gabriela Moura Early Life

Gabriela Moura’s social media and digital influence have shown her as a vivacious Brazilian personality, yet her early life is unknown. Developing her love of dance and entertainment in her youth may have led to her success.

Gabriela may have loved the performing arts as a child, which shaped her online character. She may have developed her skills and ambitions, preparing her for digital success.

Gabriela’s early circumstances certainly shaped her unique content creation style as she entered social media. Her broad interests and talents allow her to connect with her audience through dance, body positivity, and multimedia production.

While Gabriela Moura’s upbringing and early life are hidden, her digital path shows her passion and inventiveness, and she continues to inspire and entertain her growing online network.

Gabriela Moura Family, Boyfriend & Relationships

Gabriela Moura comes from a family with varied professional interests and strong Christian values. Family is crucial to her existence.

Businessman Mr. Moura is her father.

Businessman Mr. Moura is her father. Their household may be vibrant and entrepreneurial due to his profession. Gabriela may have learned about work and professionalism from his business experiences.

Gabriela’s mother, Mrs. Moura, is a passionate homemaker who goes beyond “housewife.” She must provide a nurturing and supporting environment. Gabriela’s family’s strong Christian upbringing certainly shaped her life ideals.

Gabriela’s family is close because she’s the only child. She may have felt independent because her parents loved and focused on her alone.

Gabriela’s relationship status is single. She seems to be focusing on her work, including her TikToker and social media success.

Gabriela’s family and personal decisions show the variety of life paths. As a digital influencer and content creator, her family’s support and values, along with her tenacity and talent, have been crucial.

Gabriela Moura Career 

Digital influencer Gabriela Moura creates content. Her online business shows her innovation and versatility. Her captivating TikTok and Instagram material attracted millions.

Gabriela is famous on TikTok for her dance and lip-sync. Her precise and subtle motion synchronization is popular. Her genius entertains and inspires.

Gabriela dances and lip-syncs for body positivity online. Some admire her self-confidence and encourage others. In a society with artificial beauty standards, Gabriela’s self-acceptance is refreshing.

Gabriela posts her life on Instagram. Talks lifestyle, interests, and promotions. Closeness to her audience shows honesty.

She works for impact, not popularity. She has inspired many to accept themselves despite social conventions with her body-positive activism.

Gabriela’s digital media projects encompass fashion, partnerships, and brand endorsements. She boosts self-esteem, so campaigns hire her.

Gabriela Moura’s career was driven by honesty, uniqueness, and fan service. Her digital influencer objective is self-love, self-expression, and empowerment. She excels at digital pioneering.

Gabriela Moura Physical Appearance

Gabriela Moura is elegant and appealing, as well as a digital influencer. Elegant and charming, she is.

Gabriela’s 5’6″ (170 cm) height is graceful and lovely. Height enhances her image and magnetic appeal.

Her thin, pear-shaped figure enhances her beauty. Her buxom attractiveness makes her stand out in social media and content development.

Gabriela lives a healthy, balanced lifestyle at 59 kg (130 lbs), which may add to her energy and vitality. Her Taurus zodiac sign is passionate and determined.

Height (approx)In  centimeters: 170 cmIn  meters: 1.70 mIn  feet inches: 5’ 6”
Weight (approx)In  kilograms: 59 kgIn  pounds: 130 lbs
Eye ColourBrown 
Hair ColourBrown 

Gabriela’s beautiful dark brown hair lends refinement to her appearance. She looks gorgeous with her hair about her face.

Her rich brown eyes shimmer, giving her glance a glimmer. Her expressiveness and character depth enhance her presence.

Gabriela’s heterosexuality reflects her romantic inclinations. Her absence of tattoos shows her commitment to her business and content development.

Her sharp eyebrows and expressive eyes are also stunning. She looks confident and seductive with her soft, pout-ready lips.

Gabriela Moura’s talent, digital presence, and good looks make her a fascinating figure that effortlessly captivates her audience.

Gabriela Moura Lifestyle

Does Gabriela Moura Consume Alcohol?Not Disclosed
Does she, Smoke?Not Disclosed
Does she, Drive?Yes
Does Gabriela Moura Swims?Yes
Does she know how to cook?Yes
Is she a Yoga Practitioner?Yes
Is Gabriela Moura a Jogger?Yes
Eating Habits?Not Disclosed

Gabriela Moura Social Media

Gabriela Moura InstagramClick Here 
Gabriela Moura FacebookClick Here
Gabriela Moura TiktokClick Here
Gabriela Moura YouTubeClick Here

Gabriela Moura Net Worth

Net Worth1 Million USD
Income SourcesTiktok star, Brand Promotions, Modeling and Vlogging

Gabriela Moura, a digital influencer, is valued at 1 million USD. Most of her revenue is varied. Brand marketing—selling companies’ products—is her source of income. Gabriela represents businesses and makes money with her beauty and modeling. Vlogging lets her communicate with her audience and share her experiences, enhancing her profits. Gabriela Moura’s wealth demonstrates her diverse career and business impact.

Interesting facts 

  • Gabriela Moura is talented. Famous for TikTok dances, body-positive campaigning, modeling, and vlogging. Digital flexibility is her forte.
  • Gabriela is 1-2 million dollars rich despite her young. Her riches show digital influence.
  • Gabriela promotes body positivity and self-acceptance. In a culture with ridiculous beauty standards, her self-love message has inspired millions.
  • Gabriela’s dance routines and unique content have 8 million followers and 184 million likes on TikTok.
  • Modeling chances arise from her beauty. Gabriela likes business modeling.
  • Gabriela shares her life and interests in her interesting vlogs. She can connect with her audience more deeply through vlogging through honesty.
  • Gabriela’s biggest impact is self-love and confidence, not likes. Many are inspired to be themselves by her.
  • Digital influencer Gabriela Moura has millions of TikTok and Instagram followers. Her ingenuity and sincerity make her popular.


Gabriela Moura, a digital rising star, has different talents and a unique approach. At 19, she represents youth and endless potential in dance and self-expression. She grew up energetic, curious, and determined to follow her dreams and succeed.

Gabriela’s estimated $1 million net worth reflects her impact as a Brazilian TikToker and social media star. Her TikTok lip-sync and dance routines have 8 million followers and 184 million likes.

Gabriela’s belly dancing synchronization grabs attention. The multimedia producer posts lifestyle, advertising, and performance content on Instagram to interact with her fans outside of TikTok.

Gabriela embodies body positivity. While challenging beauty standards, her platform encourages self-acceptance and confidence. She influences fashion collaborations and brand sponsorships with her authenticity.

Gabriela has 826,000 Instagram followers and impact across platforms. Her influence goes beyond numbers, fostering self-love, expression, and empowerment. Gabriela Moura’s creativity, candor, and commitment to digital change entertain and inspire her increasing online audience.


Q: Who is Gabriela Moura?

A: Gabriela Moura, a Brazilian TikToker and social media star, is known for her distinct talents and interesting material.

Q2: Gabriela Moura’s age?

A: Gabriela Moura, born June 18, 2004, is 19 years old.

Q3: Gabriela Moura’s wealth?

A: Gabby Moura’s projected $1 million net worth is impressive for a digital youngster.

Q4: What makes Gabriela Moura TikTok famous?

A: Gabriela delights TikTok viewers with her dance and lip-sync videos. Her belly dance synchronization has won her fans.

Q5: Gabriela’s main social media message?

A: Gabriela promotes body positivity and self-acceptance. She challenges false beauty standards online and encourages self-acceptance.

Q: Where can I find Gabriela Moura on social media?

A: Gabriela Moura is on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. She posts dancing routines and lifestyle updates.

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