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Julia Enright: The Disturbing Tale of the Treehouse Murderer

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Tragic cases of ex-partners killing their victims have been in the headlines recently. In Ashburnham, Massachusetts, Julia Enright is serving life for murdering her ex-boyfriend Brandon Chicklis. 

Before her trial, Julia Enright was unknown, but she was convicted of a horrible crime that stunned the town. Brandon Chicklis, her ex-boyfriend, died in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

This sad occurrence highlights intimate partner violence. Since most victims are women, it’s important to remember that anyone can be a victim or offender. To prevent tragedies like Julia Enright’s, domestic violence and obsession awareness and intervention are needed. Let’s learn more about her story.

Who was Julia Enright? 

A hidden woman, Julia Enright had a remarkable career. Phlebotomists collect blood for medical purposes; she works by day. Most people didn’t know she was also a dominatrix.

She got famous in 2018 after a terrible murder case. Julia Enright, 24, stabbing 20-year-old Brandon Chicklis to death was a startling crime. This horrific event occurred in a treehouse near her Ashburnham, Massachusetts, home on June 23, 2018.

Brandon was brutally murdered in that treehouse. When his corpse was found in Rindge, New Hampshire, the narrative got darker. She helped commit this heinous crime, eternally linking her to it.

Quick Facts about Julia Enright 

Full name Julia Enright 
Birth date N/A
Age At time of murder24 years old
Age29 years old
Ethnicity White
Number of victims 1
Murder date2018
Method of murderStabbing 
LocationAshburnham, Massachusetts 
StatusSentenced to life in prison 
Famous ForTreehouse murder trial 

What did Julia Enright do?

Julia Enright was convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend Brandon Chicklis. Their relationship began when they temporarily dated as vocational-technical school students. After their breakup, they remained friends.

However, the fateful day brought tragedy. Julia allegedly enticed Brandon to a remote treehouse for a dark purpose. This invitation was not a friendship, but a plan to kill him. She stabbed him to death. She wrapped Brandon’s corpse in a blanket, tarp, and beige canvas sheet to disguise her horrible deed.

Was Julia Enright jailed? 

In court, Julia Enright was punished. She was convicted of second-degree murder after a comprehensive jury discussion and evidence review. Text exchanges with her partner before she committed the horrible act were convincing evidence against her. She mysteriously asked if they might add bubbles to a blood bath, hinting at her evil intentions.

Julia contacted Brandon one day before he disappeared, according to the investigation. He should meet her at the treehouse and be discreet, she said.

The case was further complicated by Julia’s diary entries, which showed a disturbing preoccupation with murder. Julia admitted to the murder but claimed self-defense, alleging Brandon attempted a sexual attack. She claimed self-defense, but the jurors disagreed. The harshest sentence was imposed.

Dominatrix Claimed She Was ‘Turned On’ After Stabbing Man in Treehouse. 

A complex woman, Julia Enright, is accused of enticing a guy to a treehouse and viciously killing him. She did horrific things. Julia wrapped the murder victim’s body in a blue tarp and dumped it on a New Hampshire roadway. Julia was portrayed as a miserable phlebotomist, dominatrix, and Marilyn Manson enthusiast by the prosecution. As seen in her diary entries, which were presented in court, she had a terrible preoccupation with grave robbing, death, and blood.

A terrifying entry stated, “I just have an insatiable curiosity to kill a person,” sending shivers down passersby. Julia believed she was murdering Brandon Chicklis, a former boy scout and HVAC technician, as a “gift” to her boyfriend, according to prosecutors.

Five days after the murder, Julia shockingly called it a “form of a present,” writing on her MacBook that she did it for her partner. She said “turned on” by “the event,” indicating her troubling attitude.

During the trial, prosecutors said Julia lured high school crush Chicklis to the treehouse for sex. According to First Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Travers, she “pulled him in and then pushed him away” and had a “special kind of hatred” for him.

Julia told Chicklis to keep their Facebook Messenger rendezvous a secret and promised a surprise. She texted her partner, “Do you think we could add bubbles to to blood bath?” Julia prepared the treehouse floor for Chicklis with a blue tarp and white bedding. Before requesting her partner to bury him, she repeatedly stabbed him.

Three weeks later, joggers found Chicklis’s body. That night on Facebook, Julia claimed innocence and asked Chicklis why he hadn’t arrived at their rendezvous. After reconsidering a sexual encounter, Julia Enright stated she killed Chicklis in self-defense. Her punishment for her bloody actions was set for January 18.

Julia Enright was handed 25 years for killing Brandon Chicklis in the treehouse.

Julia Enright was sentenced for Brandon Chicklis’ 2018 murder in a tearful courtroom. Since this terrible case was publicized, the judge’s ruling has affected everyone.

24-year-old Julia Enright was sentenced to life with a 25-year parole. The unfortunate verdict came after the prosecution said she killed 20-year-old Brandon Chicklis as a “surprise gift” for her partner.

After nine heartbreaking family and friend testimonies, Judge Daniel Wrenn sentenced Chicklis. Brandon’s murder affected them, so they advocated harsh consequences.

Chicklis was stabbed to death on June 23, 2018, in a treehouse near Julia Enright’s Ashburnham, Massachusetts, home on Packard Hill Road. A jogger on Route 119 in Rindge, New Hampshire, was found dead in a blanket, tarp, and beige canvas sheet 17 days later.

Murder of ex-boyfriend Brandon Chicklis

Brandon’s relatives expressed grief. Driving through her son’s body or auto dump was Trisha Edwards-Lamarche’s daily choice. Brandon’s father, Paul Chicklis, called Julia Enright a “demon” who frequented their home before killing Brandon.

Chicklis’s grandmother, Louisa Rocha, called him her “bumblebee” and wore a bone locket necklace after his horrible death. Just one week old, she named him.

On November 29, the jury convicted Julia Enright of second-degree murder after three days. Jonathan Lind, her lover, carried and disposed of Chicklis’s body. The phone showed Lind near the body, authorities said.

On February 16, December arrestee Jonathan Lind pled not guilty to four Chicklis death charges in Worcester Superior Court and was released on bond. Covid-19 delayed her January sentencing in the omicron wave.

On Brandon Chicklis’s 21st birthday in 2018, her first court appearance reminded us of his terrible death. Chicklis’ family waited in court for the nasty woman, not cake and candles. Brandon Chicklis’ family will remember him as a good young man, according to his obituary.

Now where is Julia Enright? 

She is currently serving her sentence in one of Massachusetts’ correctional facilities. Facility location specifics are not publicly known.

After being convicted of the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend Brandon Chicklis, she became famous. The court sentenced her to life with parole after 25 years. The possibility of parole looms over her future as she serves her term.

FAQs about Julia Enright 

1. Who’s Julia Enright?

American Julia Enright is famous for a high-profile murder case. She was convicted of murdering Brandon Chicklis, her ex-boyfriend.

2. Where was murder committed?

The Ashburnham, Massachusetts treehouse murder occurred near Julia Enright’s home. Brandon Chicklis’s body was discarded in Rindge, NH.

3. How old was Julia Enright when she was murdered?

Killer Julia Enright was 24.

4. How was murder committed?

She was convicted of murdering Brandon Chicklis.

5. What happened to Julia Enright’s trial?

Julia Enright was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life with parole after 25 years.

6. What trial evidence was presented?

Text conversations from Julia showed her worrisome interests, according to the prosecution. They also claimed she enticed Brandon to the treehouse for sex.

7. Did Julia Enright say she defended herself?

Julia Enright claimed self-defense in her trial, saying she killed Brandon Chicklis when he tried to sexually assault her. Her claims were rejected by the jury.

8. Where is Julia Enright serving time?

She is in Massachusetts prison. Her incarceration details are unknown.

9. When may Julia Enright get parole?

Julia Enright can be paroled after 25 years of life.

10. How did the murder affect Brandon Chicklis’ family?

Julia Enright, a “demon” who befriended Brandon Chicklis before killing him, devastated his family. During the sentence, they acknowledged their grief.

11. What can Julia Enright teach us?

Her case emphasizes the need to confront domestic violence and obsession in intimate relationships. It illustrates the dire repercussions of unbridled aggression and obsession.

Wrapping up

The tale of Julia Enright shows the dark side of human nature and the fatal repercussions of infatuation and violence in close relationships. The terrible turn in her life changed everyone’s lives. Julia was once unknown until she murdered her ex-boyfriend, Brandon Chicklis, scandalizing Ashburnham, Massachusetts, and the nation. Her prosecution revealed her morbid obsession and the terrible communications she sent before the crime.

Although she claimed self-defense, the evidence was overwhelming, resulting in a second-degree murder conviction. She was sentenced harshly because of her conduct and Brandon’s family and friends’ suffering. While awaiting release after 25 years, she is in a Massachusetts prison. Her story shows how obsession, violence, and its effects can wreck lives and communities.

Finally, her case emphasizes the need for domestic abuse awareness and early intervention to prevent tragedies like this. It depicts the depravity behind closed doors and the lasting effects it has on victims and their families.

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