Greg Oden Net Worth
Greg Oden Net Worth

Greg Oden Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Education, Wife And All Information You Want To read

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NBA veteran Greg Oden is an Ohio State graduate assistant. Only one season of collegiate basketball at Ohio State. His team finished second in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship and won the Big Ten.

The 2007 Portland Trail Blazers first-round choice of Oden started his NBA career with promise and difficulty. After his first setback, September 2007 knee microfracture surgery went poorly. Thus, he missed the whole 2007–2008 NBA season. After a strong return, he made his NBA debut on opening night 2008.Greg Oden net worth is around $17 million.

Oden’s path was significantly hindered by a string of ailments, despite the fact that his career had instances of tenacity. Due to his ongoing injury history, he was released in March 2012, ending his stint with the Trail Blazers. Oden, though, remained steadfast, and in August 2013, he discovered a fresh chance with the Miami Heat. Despite a layoff of more than three years, this was his first NBA game back. In the 2014 NBA playoffs, he supported the Heat.

In 2015–16, Oden played in the CBA instead of NBA. He retired from sports in October 2016 despite his struggles. He played in The Basketball Tournament in 2018 and was chosen 7th overall in the 2019 Big3 Draft, thus his passion for the game never faded.

Greg Oden Net Worth

Oden’s estimated net worth is $17 million. He made $1–4 million in 2022. When bonuses, incentives, and other payments are included, his earnings surpassed 2020. His main source of revenue is his basketball career and athlete advisory work.

Oden’s accomplishments on the court have not only brought him fame but also facilitated a comfortable lifestyle. This includes indulging in luxurious experiences and owning some impressive cars. His journey in the world of basketball has not only secured his financial stability but has also positioned him as an influential figure in the realm of sports in the United States.

Greg Oden Early Life

Born in Buffalo, New York, on January 22, 1988, Gregory Wayne Oden Jr. began his adventure. He relocated to Terre Haute, Indiana, with his family aged nine. He made his interscholastic basketball debut at Terre Haute, more particularly at Sarah Scott Middle School. Later, he and his family found a new home, prompting a switch to Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

During his time at Lawrence North, Oden’s prowess on the basketball court shone brightly. He led his team to an impressive three consecutive state titles in the competitive Indiana Class 4A division before his graduation in 2006.

His basketball skills earned him recognition and a position in basketball history. He and Monta Ellis were named the best high school basketball players in 2005 by Parade and the NFHS. He won the coveted Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year title in 2006 for the second consecutive year because of his unquestionable skill. In 2006, Indiana awarded him the Mr. Basketball title in recognition of his basketball skills.

His achievements continued to stack up as he secured a spot on the McDonald’s All-American Team, showcasing his skills in the All-American game. Additionally, he was a consistent presence on the first team of the Parade All-American team, a testament to his excellence for two consecutive years.

Greg Oden Education 

At the age of nine, Greg’s family packed up and made their way to Indiana, setting the stage for a new chapter in his life. He stepped into Sarah Scott High School, a move that marked the beginning of his basketball journey. However, destiny had another plan for him, and he soon found himself transitioning to Lawrence North High School, bidding farewell to Sarah Scott.

Amidst changes on the home front as well, Greg and his brother joined their mother’s household after she decided to move away from their father’s residence. Through it all, Greg’s dedication to basketball remained unwavering. Those years culminated in a remarkable achievement – three consecutive Indiana 4A grade basketball championships – a testament to his talent and hard work.

After graduating in 2006, Greg transferred to Parade High School, where he went on to astound everyone with his exceptional basketball abilities. His skill was so outstanding that he was honored with the title of Parade High School co-player of the year, further emphasizing his status as a remarkable athlete.

Greg Oden Career

Greg Oden’s professional basketball career began when the Portland Trail Blazers drafted him first overall in 2007. Unfortunately, ailments dogged him from the outset. Oden underwent knee microfracture surgery before joining the NBA, which kept him benched for the 2007-08 season.

Oden struggled with knee issues throughout his Trail Blazers career, despite his dedication. Knee concerns stopped him from playing in 61 games over the following two seasons. He missed the whole 2010–11 season due to a second knee injury and only played 23 games in 2011–12.

In 2013, Oden joined the Miami Heat for a new start. In 23 games in 2013-14, he helped the club, but another knee injury required surgery.

In 2015-16, the Jiangsu Dragons of the Chinese Basketball Association ended Oden’s career. It was here that he retired from his beloved sport. His knee problems led to his retirement, ending a promising career.

Body Measurements for Greg Oden

Standing at an impressive 7 feet in height, this gentleman carries a weight of around 124 kilograms. Greg’s striking appearance is accentuated by his black hair and matching black eyes. Unfortunately, specific details about his other physical measurements remain undisclosed.

Greg Oden Ethnicity

Greg Oden is of Black ethnicity and is a native of Buffalo, New York, in the United States. An individual’s ethnicity includes their racial heritage, national origins, and the common cultural fabric they are woven into. It refers to a group with a shared language, culture, tradition, or beliefs. Ethnicity may also indicate a person’s personal relationships and affinity.

Greg Oden Nationality

Based on our latest findings, we’ve confirmed that Greg Oden is a proud holder of American citizenship. This achievement not only speaks to his personal accomplishments but also contributes to the pride of his nation. When someone achieves fame and success, their nationality often becomes a noteworthy aspect that stands alongside their name, garnering attention and acknowledgment. It’s completely natural for people to be curious about the citizenship of public figures and celebrities they admire.

Greg Oden Awards

All-American Second Team Teammate2007
NABC Defensive Player of the Year2007
Pete Newell’s Big Man Award2007
All-Big Ten First Team2007
Mr. American Basketball League2006
Naismith Prep Player of the Year2006
Gatorade National Player of the Year2005
Gatorade National Player of the Year2006

Greg Oden Family

Greg Oden’s mother is known as Zoe Oden, while his father goes by the moniker Greg Oden Sr. It’s important to note that Anthony Oden, Greg’s younger brother, plays basketball with the same fervor as Greg. It seems that their family has a tremendous affinity for the game.

Greg Oden Wife

The wedding bells sounded in 2017, marking an important turning point in Greg and Sabrina Oden’s journey together. Greg and Sabrina are now living a happy married life. However, a portion of his past showed some challenges. Greg was charged after allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend in the face on August 11, 2014, after a regrettable incident. This heartbreaking tragedy occurred on August 7 in Lawrence, Indiana. By admitting guilt to the accusation of violence resulting in moderate bodily harm in 2015, he accepted responsibility. He received probation, a fine, and a counseling requirement as part of his punishment after the other charges were withdrawn.

A new chapter for Greg started on April 12, 2016, afterwards. The men’s basketball team for the Ohio State Buckeyes hired him as the organization’s student manager. He made this choice to increase his knowledge since he needed to go back to school to finish his degree. When Greg and his wife became parents, they accomplished yet another significant life milestone.

Greg’s dedication to his personal development and achievement was evident when he earned a bachelor’s degree in sports business from Ohio State University in 2019.  In addition to succeeding on the basketball court, it shows his dedication to personal and intellectual growth.

Miami Heat

On a significant date, August 7, 2013, Greg Oden penned a one-year agreement with the Miami Heat, marking a fresh chapter in his basketball journey. A memorable moment came on October 23, 2013, when he stepped onto the NBA court once again, ending a hiatus that had lasted since December 5, 2009. This return took shape in a preseason game against the New Orleans Pelicans. During that game, he showcased his skills with a dunk attempt that earned him two points and snagged two rebounds, all within a four-minute window of playtime.

The eagerly awaited moment arrived on January 15, 2014, as Oden made his return in regular-season play. After a hiatus that spanned back to December 2009, he rejoined the action, recording a commendable 6 points and 2 rebounds in a mere 8 minutes of gameplay. The Miami Heat took on the Washington Wizards in a game that ultimately ended with a 114–97 scoreline.

On February 23, 2014, Oden marked another milestone as he made his first start since December 2009, a momentous occasion that happened during the Heat’s victory over the Chicago Bulls, sealing a 93–79 win.

The Miami Heat played the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals following this thrilling incident. The Heat lost the Spurs series in five games despite their best efforts.

Jiangsu Dragons

There were speculations that Greg Oden was exercising once again, this time with the Memphis Grizzlies, in March 2015. Since he wasn’t satisfied to stop there, he also went to Ohio State University, which was his alma mater.The start of his real “high-level training” there was overseen by Thad Matta, Ohio State’s basketball coach at the time. It turns out that Oden had been exercising with the Ohio State coaching staff since September of the previous year. Greg kept playing basketball when June arrived, working out with both the Charlotte Hornets and the Dallas Mavericks. He revealed to the media his plans to make a comeback to the NBA, aiming to rejoin the league for the 2016–17 season.

A dramatic change then happened. Greg Oden joined the Jiangsu Dragons on August 26, 2015, for a one-year, $1.2 million deal. On December 9, he set a season best with 22 points and 14 rebounds against Shandong. On February 1st, 2016, his adventure with Jiangsu came to an end.

Switching gears, Greg opted for a different stage. In July 2018, he agreed to play a role as a reserve with the Scarlet & Gray team, a squad of Ohio State alumni competing in The Basketball Tournament 2018. This summer tournament had a whopping $2 million prize on the line for the winner. Greg’s debut with Scarlet & Gray on July 27 showed his prowess, scoring 11 points during his 16 minutes on the court. The competition remained fierce, and even though Scarlet & Gray faced a setback against Team Fredette on July 29, Greg still made his presence felt with two points, an assist, and a block.

As time went on, Greg Oden found a new path within the realm of sports. On November 21, 2019, Edu Core Sports & Entertainment revealed that Greg had come aboard as an athlete advisor, marking a new chapter in his journey.

Real Estate of Greg Oden

Greg made an investment in a Dublin, Ohio, property in 2017 totaling $800,000. With a total of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an extra useful half-bathroom, this stunning property has a touch of elegance. There is plenty of room for pleasant living with a large 5,300 square foot area.

Controversy and Scandal of Greg Oden

Despite frequently grabbing headlines for his career achievements, 2014 marked a period where Greg’s name made its way into the news for less than admirable reasons.

The NBA player found himself behind bars due to allegations of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Candyce Brown. According to media reports, he was taken into custody the morning after the alleged incident involving Candyce took place.

The situation escalated when evidence of blood was found throughout the premises where the incident occurred, heightening the seriousness of the situation. This led to his arrest, with law enforcement swiftly transporting him to jail.

Subsequently, Greg faced the legal consequences. He was handed a $200 fine and mandated to undergo 26 weeks of domestic violence counseling. As part of his probation lasting 909 days, he was also required to attend AA meetings. This chapter served as a stark reminder that even in the realm of professional sports, actions can carry profound personal consequences.

Greg Oden Doing Now

There’s a buzz in the air about Greg Oden potentially stepping into the coaching arena once more, this time as a mentor for all aspiring basketball players on the Ohio State Basketball Coaching staff. His journey took a turn when he bid adieu to the NBA, driven by the challenges posed by his medical conditions and his remarkable journey of recovery. It was these health hurdles that ultimately led him to part ways with the NBA. Now, it seems he might be gearing up to share his insights and experience with the next generation of basketball talents.

Greg Oden Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

On his Instagram account, Greg Oden has amassed a following of around 53.1k individuals who enjoy keeping up with his updates. Over on Twitter, his presence resonates with more than 5.6k followers, and the numbers climb even higher on Facebook, where he boasts an impressive fan base of over 334k supporters. It’s clear that his presence resonates strongly across these social platforms.

FAQs About Greg Oden

1. What is Greg Oden’s estimated net worth?

The estimated net worth of Greg Oden is $17 million. He has earned a substantial amount from his basketball career and athlete advisory work.

2. How much did Greg Oden earn in 2022?

In 2022, Greg Oden earned between $1 to $4 million. His earnings exceeded those of 2020 when considering bonuses, incentives, and other payments.

3. What is the main source of Greg Oden’s revenue?

Greg Oden’s main source of revenue is his basketball career and athlete advisory work. His accomplishments on the court have brought him fame and financial stability.

4. What were Greg Oden’s achievements in college basketball?

During his collegiate basketball career at Ohio State, Greg Oden’s team finished second in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship and won the Big Ten.

5. How did injuries impact Greg Oden’s NBA career?

Greg Oden’s NBA career was significantly hindered by a series of injuries, particularly knee problems. He missed several seasons and underwent surgeries, which affected his overall performance.

6. When did Greg Oden retire from professional sports?

Greg Oden retired from professional sports in October 2016. He played in the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) and also participated in The Basketball Tournament and the Big3 Draft after his NBA career.

7. What educational background does Greg Oden have?

In 2019, Greg Oden earned a bachelor’s in sports business from Ohio State. He returned to school to graduate after basketball.

8. What awards did Greg Oden receive during his basketball career?

Greg Oden received several awards and honors, including being named to the All-American Second Team, winning NABC Defensive Player of the Year, Pete Newell’s Big Man Award, All-Big Ten First Team, and various other accolades during his college and high school basketball days.

9. What did Greg Oden do after retiring from basketball?

After retiring from basketball, Greg Oden explored various opportunities, including working as an athlete advisor with Edu Core Sports & Entertainment. He also reportedly considered coaching and mentoring young basketball players.

10. What is Greg Oden’s social media presence like?

Greg Oden has a large internet community. He has 5.6k Twitter, 53.1k Instagram, and 334k Facebook followers.

Final Words

Greg Oden’s journey in the world of basketball has been a mix of triumphs and challenges. Despite facing setbacks due to persistent injuries, he managed to leave a mark on the sport and secure a comfortable financial status. His basketball career and consulting activities have significantly contributed to his projected $17 million net worth. Oden’s commitment and love for the game were obvious during his NBA career with the Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers as well as during his undergraduate success at Ohio State.

Greg Oden found methods to be active in the basketball community despite having to retire as a result of injury in 2016 by taking on advisory roles or exploring coaching options. He completed college and started a family, among other key life milestones, along the road.

The story of Greg Oden exemplifies an athlete’s grit and perseverance in overcoming adversity while ever losing his passion for the sport. Along with his accomplishments on the court, his legacy also includes his influence as a major figure in American sports.

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