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Hasbulla Net Worth

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In a world that values beauty, wealth, and power, Hasbulla helped others appreciate him. Husbulla’s popularity is truly due to his love of roasting MMA opponents. His Khabib Nurmagmodov imitation went viral. Since both hail from the same hometown, he has been known as “Mini Khabib” and sometimes confused for “Habulla Khabib” or Nurmagmodov’s blood related.

Who is Hasbulla?

People on social media have spotted this individual. Hasbulla Mangomedov is the most famous dwarf. Dagestan-born, he started making comedies like riding a motorcycle or Husbulla’s brother and him fighting over small matters. Viewers instantly saw him.

His meme spread global. Hasbulla has 8 million Instagram followers and $1 million sponsorships. Short temper, confidence, sense of humor, and lovely appearance are his best traits.

NameHasbula Magomedov
Height3 feet 3 inches/ 99 cm
Weight35 lbs/ 16 kgs
Net WorthUSD 200,000

Hasbulla’s Net Worth

Russian social media star and music producer Hasbulla is worth $2 million. In 2021, Hasbulla’s YouTube video reenacting a weigh-in with UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov went viral. He drives a motorized scooter and rants about pandemic limits in other TikTok and Instagram videos. Hasbulla, a mixed martial artist, signed a five-year UFC contract in 2022.

Why Hasbulla Height is So Short?

Hasbulla Mangomedov has dwarfism, or Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD). His height will be limited. This made Hasbulla short. People look younger than their age due to these problems.

Messi reportedly had a similar problem. His diagnosis came at age 11. The player received HGH injections then. The player has not confirmed this. HGH is forbidden in sports.

How has Hasbulla spent his wealth?

As a young, popular internet star, Hasbulla enjoys luxury items and travel. He drives nice cars and buys expensive watches.

Although wealthy, Hasbulla has donated to charity. He gave a lot to Umar, a cerebral palsy youngster.

Why is Hasbulla So Famous?

Hasbulla’s fame stems from his passion of competition. Hasbulla began to identify industry rivals after becoming popular worldwide. Abdu Rozik quickly became his enemy when he saw him. Too much thought could make this act a public stunt to slow down as the strongest small kid in the world. Fortunately, the Sports Association of Little People of Russia stopped the battle as unethical.

Hasbulla became very popular following this act. Joe Rogan called him “Mini Khabib” on his famed podcast and praised the boy’s handlers for helping an 18-year-old become popular.

Social Media

Hasbulla started making and posting videos online after graduating. A viral video of him reenacting a weigh-in with Dagestan, Russia-born UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov made him famous in 2021. 

Since the video, Hasbulla has been called “Mini Khabib.” He drove a scooter and told a biker to go home about epidemic limits in other TikTok and Instagram videos. Hasbulla also makes movies of himself eating strawberries. He has over 8 million Instagram followers after joining in the early 2020s.

Personal Life

Hasbulla owns Scottish Fold Barsik. Shooting weapons, tuning up and drifting fast automobiles, pranking, and fighting are his hobbies. With a passion for MMA, he signed a five-year UFC contract in 2022. Famous admirers include former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and NBA player Shaquille O’Neal.

Hasbulla Magomedov’s Disease

Since birth, Hasbulla Magomedov has struggled with a rare medical issue. This undiagnosed disease has made him look like a five-year-old throughout his adulthood.

Many believe this disease is dwarfism, or growth hormone deficiency (GHD).

Human growth hormone injections can treat GHD by stimulating puberty growth. Famous footballer Lionel Messi is an example. At 10, Messi was diagnosed with GHD, and the Barcelona Football Academy paid his pricey treatment.

Hasbulla’s distinctive appearance is due to his lack of therapy, unlike Messi. Hasbulla has used his handicap to make a name for himself in social media and entertainment.

Car Collection

His Instagram shows his passion of fancy cars. A look at his posts shows a young man who loves luxury cars, often posing next to or inside them.

He routinely posts about BMWs, which he appears to like. He’s also been seen in the Mercedes Maybach’s backseat, showing his luxury tastes.

Hasbulla’s bravery goes beyond vehicles. His Instagram is full of footage showing him playing with guns and pointing knives at friends. A notable video shows him firing an AK-104.

He struggles to lift the firearm, but with help from a police officer, he fires multiple shots with confidence.

Hasbulla Magomedov’s wealth of $200,000 allows him to indulge in these expensive and adventurous activities. His unconventional lifestyle and fearlessness appeal to his admirers, making him a social media star.


1.Hasbulla Magomedov—who?

Russian social media star Hasbulla Magomedov is known for his funny videos, especially his impersonations of UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov. His distinctive personality earned him the nickname “Mini Khabib.”

2. How rich is Hasbulla?

Some estimate Hasbulla Magomedov’s wealth at $2 million. Social networking, sponsorships, and MMA have made him rich.

3. Why is Hasbulla famous?

Hasbulla was known for his hilarious and staged industry rivalries. His viral videos, especially one imitating Khabib Nurmagomedov, made him famous.

4. What is Hasbulla’s illness?

Dwarf Hasbulla has Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD). This ailment makes him short and childlike. Unlike other GHD patients, Hasbulla received different medical therapy, which contributed to his distinctive appearance.

5. How did Hasbulla’s social media career begin?

Hasbulla started making videos after school. A 2021 viral video reenacting a weigh-in with Khabib Nurmagomedov made him famous. He has over eight million followers on TikTok and Instagram after posting varied stuff.

6. Interests and hobbies of Hasbulla

Hasbulla likes shooting firearms, tuning and drifting fast automobiles, pranking, and fighting. He loves MMA and signed a five-year UFC contract in 2022.

7. What has Hasbulla done for charity?

Despite his wealth, Hasbulla donates. He donated heavily to Umar, a cerebral palsy boy.

8. Do Hasbulla and Lionel Messi have similar medical conditions?

Lionel Messi and Hasbulla had growth hormone deficits. Hasbulla did not receive medical treatment like Messi.


Hasbulla, 20, became famous by being himself. The little person’s thirst for rivalry has led to MMA and global sponsorships, as everyone loves his egotistical nature. The most popular dwarfism is Hasbulla.

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