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KSI, aka Lajide Olatunji, is a professional YouTuber, rapper, and aspiring boxer who loves exhibition bouts. At 29, this London-based influencer has become one of the wealthiest internet figures, mostly through YouTube.

KSI’s financial rise in boxing is astounding. Logan Paul and KSI’s first fight broke pay-per-view sales records, launching their careers. “Both boxers received a share of $500k for the fight,” while KSI’s earnings reached $1.2 million with PPV sales.

KSI Olajidebt’s Net Worth?

English YouTuber, video game analyst, comedian, and rapper KSIOlajidebt (KSI) is worth $35 million. His pay is among the highest for internet stars. From September 2022 until 2023, he earned $25 million. His YouTube accounts, “KSI,” “JJ Olatunji,” and “KSIClips,” have 8.6 billion views. The YouTube Sidemen ran “Sidemen,” “MoreSidemen,” “SidemenReacts,” and “SidemenShorts.” Main channel has 24.1 million members.

“KSI” gaming community, Olajide, and BT became KSIOlajidebt. He played with Arsenal and England midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and comments on FIFA games. KSI and P Money’s 2015 single “Lamborghini” reached #7 on the UK R&B chart and #30 on the UK Singles Chart.

He released “Dissimulation” (2020) and “All Over the Place” (2021) studio albums and appeared on BlacknWhite, Sway, and Yogi singles. KSI wrote “KSI: I Am a Bellend,” also known as “I Am a Tool: How to Be a YouTube Kingpin and Dominate the Internet,” in 2015. PaulKSI and Logan are rivals, therefore on August 25, 2018, they held “the biggest internet event in history.” The draw necessitated a replay at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles on November 9, 2019. 2.25 million saw the first fight live, 1 million on pay per view, and 1.2 million illegally on Twitch.

The fight grossed $13 million from 1.3 million PPV purchases. Logan and KSI likely earned $2 million before taxes from the match, including merchandising. Each got $900,000 for the second fight. They each won $3 million in the second DAZN USA match. KSI overcame his rival YouTuber Joe Weller by technical knockout in the third round. It had 21 million views in 24 hours after 1.6 million YouTube users viewed the fight live.

KSI, Logan In January 2022, Paul created Prime Hydration. A year later, Paul reported $250 million in global retail sales, $45 million in January.

How KSI made his money

YouTube star Olajide Olatunji towers. A fascinating story of perseverance, innovation, and enterprise, his rise to fame.

The English YouTuber started gaming as a teen. He posted video game videos to “JideJunior.” FIFA videos by KSI have always been popular. His two channels have nearly 30 million subscribers.

Adsense generates most of KSI’s YouTube revenue. The world’s most successful YouTuber makes money from every view.

His content alone could earn the former NME Award winner $315,000 in product advertising. His channel has earned him money and sponsorships, advancing his career.

KSI’s music is varied and enjoyable. Dissimulation is his debut album because he loves rap and creating. His YouTube and rap skills helped the album reach second in the UK.

KSI gained fame when his second album, All Over The Place, topped the UK Albums Chart and made money.

KSI’s Youtube Career 

His 2020 Amazon Music UK Award-winning song “Lighter” KSI commemorated this award and elevated YouTubers in music. KSI added boxing to his music brand.

Amateur boxing debut for KSI against YouTuber Joe Weller in 2018.

After two heated online fights, KSI fought Logan Paul. In 2018, Manchester hosted the first match and in 2019, Los Angeles.

The bouts earned KSI $980,000, but recognition was the main prize. The pay-per-view event raised KSI’s global profile and boxing career with millions of viewers.

KSI made money in movies, TV, and online series. He starred in Laid in America, guest-starred on 5 Aside, and played a character in The Sidemen Show, showing his versatility and earning potential.

KSI’s rise from a home gamer to an online billionaire is remarkable. Strategic diversification and perseverance helped him build a $27 million passion business.

30 million YouTube subscribers follow KSI.

KSI’s YouTube channel has 30 million subscribers and billions of views, proving his internet dominance. His two albums and collaborations with famous artists have also been well-received. Real estate and a love of luxury cars have raised KSI’s net worth to $27 million.

KSI’s narrative shows how his love of entertainment and adaptability catapulted him to fame. Despite a low education, his resilience and talent propelled him to fame and money.

Personal Life

He has been on “Comic Relief,” “Stand Up To Cancer,” “Children in Need,” and “Sport Relief.” KSI loves charitable work. He participated in a Race Against Slime event to raise money for SpecialEffect, a U.K. organisation that ‘put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games’. 

Between 2016 and 2018, KSI and his teammates held three charity football events and raised approximately £400,000 for Childline, the Saint’s Foundation, and Charlton Athletic Community Trust. KSI gave $60,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and other black-supporting charities in 2020 and apparel to the Seaview Project. The same year, he joined “The Independent’s” Help the Hungry and “Evening Standard’s” Food for London Now campaigns and sang “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” for Children in Need. He gave Comic Relief £10,000 during BBC Radio 1’s “Lol-a-thon.” in 2021.

Arsenal F.C. fan KSI has been on AFTV. In 2012, he was accused of sexually harassing women at Eurogamer and assaulting spokesmodel Brandy Brewer. Despite Brewer’s tweet, “I consented to the motorboat it’s called comedy……relax,” KSI was banned from future Eurogamer events

Awards and Nominations

The 2016 YouTube Creator Awards awarded KSI a Diamond Creator Award/Youtube Creator Reward and the NME Awards named him Vlogger of the Year. For “Lighter,” he got an Amazon Music UK award for Best Song in 2020 and a BRIT Award nomination for Best British Single. KSI was nominated for three Shorty Awards:

Best in Gaming (2012), YouTuber of the Year (2017), and Best YouTube Ensemble (with the Sidemen) 2019. In 2017, “Sidemen: The Book” was nominated for a British Book Award for Non-Fiction: Lifestyle Book of the Year and a BBC Radio 1 Teen Choice Award for Best British Vlogger. KSI has also been nominated for Global Awards (Social Media Superstar, 2018), MTV Awards (Hottest Summer Superstar, 2020), MOBO Awards (Best Media Personality, 2020), and TMTV Awards. Rated Awards named him “Personality of the Year” in 2022.

How KSI invests his money

KSI invests wisely in luxury residences, cars, businesses, jewellery, merch, and crypto. Let’s explain KSI’s game.

Real estate

KSI is known for smart investments and high returns. His real estate and stock investments are notable revenue streams.

Who would have thought the young man who started filming gaming videos in his bedroom would have a $10 million property empire? That’s what KSI did. A lavish three-story London house was his first investment.

KSI loved it on his first visit and thought it was his capital ideal home. He called his mansion bedroom “The Palace.” KSI considered its high price justified the affluent lifestyle it offered.

Luxury cars

Olajide Olatunji loves fancy cars. His investments go beyond YouTube to luxury cars.

His handmade Lamborghini Aventador, which cost $507,650, is a valued possession. KSI had the luxury car custom-wrapped twice to reflect his extravagant nature.


KSI made waves with his Bitcoin investment. Investing $2.75 million in November 2020, his assets rose to $9.6 million during the Bitcoin boom.

However, cryptocurrency’s volatility poses serious hazards. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin crash erased KSI’s gains. After this setback, KSI remained optimistic about Bitcoin, like a lighthouse in a storm.


Jewelry KSI’s varied and pricey jewellery line showcases his enthusiasm for luxury. A Dragon Ball Super-themed necklace is his signature piece.

This unique item is based on Dragon Ball deity Beerus. Its $500,000 price tag speaks to KSI’s luxurious lifestyle.


Q. What are KSI’s boxing accomplishments?

The amateur boxing match against Joe Weller and two high-profile Logan Paul matches highlighted KSI. These fights boosted his global reputation and wealth.

Q. Is KSI charitable?

Yes, KSI has participated in many charity events and donated to Black Lives Matter, children’s charities, and more.

Q. What are KSI’s other businesses?

KSI co-founded Prime Hydration with Logan Paul, a drinks brand. He owns property, acts, and sells merchandise.

Q. Awards for KSI?

KSI has won a Diamond Creator Award, NME Vlogger of the Year, and Amazon Music UK Best Song. The Rated Awards named him “Personality of the Year” in 2022.

Q. KSI invests how?

KSI invests in luxury cars, cryptocurrency, jewellery, and real estate. He has a million-dollar real estate portfolio, luxury cars, and a Bitcoin investment.


KSI (Olajide Olatunji) is a YouTuber, rapper, boxer, and entrepreneur with a unique path to success. KSI’s rise from gamer to one of the world’s wealthiest digital influencers was marked by determination, creativity, and strategic diversification.

His success in YouTube, music, boxing, acting, and business has made him a multifaceted internet mogul and made him wealthy. With an estimated $27 million net worth, KSI’s story shows the power of passion, resilience, and seizing opportunities in the ever-changing online entertainment and entrepreneurship landscape. His charity work shows social responsibility and philanthropy, boosting his impact beyond the digital world.

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