How do you choose reputable timeshare exit companies to escape your financial burden? 

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Are you looking for a reputable liberation firm to terminate your timeshare contract? If so, continue reading the blog to explore reliable options for you. In today’s competitive world, finding a trustworthy option is difficult due to procuring scams and frauds. But don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. By considering some tips, you can easily find your trusted ally to liberate yourself from the shackles of a timeshare contract. The reviews of timeshare exit companies play a significant role in determining trustworthy timeshare exit companies. In this thorough blog, you will explore the importance of reviews and several tips that you can consider before going with any liberation firm.   

What is the Best Timeshare Exit Company  

Timeshare puts its clients under a financial burden as resort owners charge hefty maintenance fees from its owners. The best timeshare companies work to assist their clients in terminating their timeshare contracts with their effective working strategies. Here are some reputable timeshare exit companies let’s explore:  

Wesley Financial Group:  

Wesley Financial Group was founded by Chuck McDowell, and it has been in service for over a decade. The company is considered among reputable companies in the industry. It follows a four-step working process which includes:  

  • Free Consultation:The company works with only clients whom they qualify to help. In this process, gather basic information about the client’s timeshare contract.  
  • Account Review: In this step, your account is approved for a guaranteed cancellation 
  • Account Resolution: You will be given an expert who will guide you throughout the cancellation process and will work to terminate your contract.  
  • Successful Termination: In this step, you will get a confirmation call from the company that your vacation ownership contract has been terminated.  

Seaside Consulting Group:  

Seaside Consulting Group is not a law firm but works with legal attorneys in complex cases for exiting vacation ownership contracts. The company works on a three-step process, which includes: 

  • Simple Documentation:  

In this process, one of the company’s specialists works with you to complete the documentation process. 

  • Free Consultation:  

The company’s analyst will present your case to the senior leadership team for further consideration. If you qualify for this step, then you will be able to know the options.  

  • Timeshare Cancellation:  

In this process, the company begins the cancellation process and will call you to congratulate you and welcome you. Your contract will be terminated in the allotted period.  

Timeshare Resolution:  

The company is based in Madison, New Jersey, and Orlando and is considered among reputable timeshare exit companies. It was created to solve three major problems of timeshare owners:  

  • Expensive amounts charged for timeshare cancellation  
  • Most liberation firms employ salespersons, not consumer advocates  
  • Liberation firms will charge fees on the basis of how money clients    
  • Liberation firms charge fees based on how much money they think clients have. 

Significance of Reviews of Timeshare Exit Companies  

The reviews and customer testimonials are crucial in determining reputable timeshare exit companies, as reviews represent experiences from previous customers and clients. It will help provide a brief insight about the company and its working. Hence, to know more about the preferred company and its reputation, working procedure, and fee structure. Consider analyzing reviews and customer testimonials.  

Tips to Consider  

  • Transparency:  

Look for transparency; if the company is not transparent about its working process and fee structure, then it’s a fraud company. Firms that refuse to be transparent about their working approach are not reliable companies. Hence, choose your ally wisely.   

  • Study all the papers before Signing any Document:  

Read the papers thoroughly before signing any contract with the company, and go for the companies that provide their guarantee in writing. If it refuses to give a guarantee in writing and denies you the chance to read the paper, then it’s a fraudulent company.   

  • Escrow Payment Option  

The companies that don’t provide any escrow payment option are almost always scams. You should never pay a high upfront fee. The companies that offer a money-back guarantee and an escrow payment option are considered reliable options to exit timeshare contracts.     


To sum it up, reputable timeshare exit companies exist, such as Wesley Financial Group, Timeshare Resolution, and Seaside Consulting Group. These companies work to liberate their clients from the shackles of timeshare contracts by implying their effective working strategies and legal approaches. However, before relying on any company, research the company’s reviews thoroughly, analyze them, and check BBB ratings.

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