Tia Hernlen
Tia Hernlen

The Hernlen family suffers a tragedy as Tia’s tragic 911 call reveals an unseen nightmare.

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In a quiet neighbourhood where serenity was the norm, the Hernlen family recently faced an unimaginable tragedy that shook their lives to the core. Tia Hernlen, the daughter of Julie Hernlen, found herself at the centre of a heartbreaking incident that unfolded within the walls of her own home. The events that transpired that fateful night not only left the family in shock but also raised questions about the unforeseen circumstances leading to the untimely demise of Aeneas Hernlen.

A Distressing 911 Call

It all began with a distressing 911 call made by Tia hernlen parents, the daughter of Julie Hernlen, as she frantically reported hearing gunshots echoing through the familiar rooms of her family home. The urgency in her voice painted a picture of fear and panic, prompting swift action from the local authorities.

Aeneas Hernlen’s Tragic Fate

As the police arrived at the Hernlen residence, they were met with an eerie silence. Julie and Aeneas Hernlen were found asleep, seemingly unaware of the chaos unfolding around them. However, a grim discovery awaited the officers as they noticed Aeneas Hernlen, the 48-year-old father, lying on the floor bleeding from the mouth. The circumstances surrounding the gunshot wound remained unclear, leaving investigators with a puzzle to unravel.

Desperate Attempts at Medical Intervention

The urgency of the situation prompted the immediate transportation of Aeneas Hernlen to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach. Medical professionals worked tirelessly to provide the necessary care, hoping to reverse the grim outcome. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Aeneas Hernlen succumbed to the severity of the gunshot wound, leaving the Hernlen family devastated.

Unanswered Questions and Grieving Hearts

The aftermath of this tragic incident has left the Hernlen family grappling with grief and seeking answers to the many questions surrounding Aeneas Hernlen’s untimely death. Friends, neighbours, and the community at large are joining hands to support Julie and Tia during this difficult time, as they navigate the overwhelming emotions that accompany such a sudden loss.

Community Support and Solidarity

In the face of adversity, the community has come together to offer solace and assistance to the Hernlen family. From heartfelt condolences to practical support, the outpouring of compassion highlights the strength of human connection during times of sorrow. A candlelight vigil is planned to honour Aeneas Hernlen’s memory and to show solidarity with the grieving family.

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Amidst the tragedy, there arises a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support systems. The events leading to the distressing 911 call and Aeneas Hernlen’s demise shed light on the complexities that individuals and families may face behind closed doors. As the community reflects on this heartbreaking incident, conversations surrounding mental health are gaining prominence.


As the Hernlen family navigates the aftermath of this devastating event, the community stands united in remembering Aeneas Hernlen’s life and legacy. The unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances of that tragic night serve as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing our loved ones.

In the midst of sorrow, there is a call for compassion, understanding, and a collective effort to foster a community that supports one another through life’s darkest moments.

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