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Jack Matfin Bell is well-known primarily for being the solitary child of Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Matfin Bell. His father, Jamie Matfin Bell, gained recognition as an actor, particularly for his portrayal of Billy in the 2000 drama/musical titled “Billy Elliot.”

Jack’s mother, Evan Rachel Wood, is a famous actress. Her acting family is powerful. Her father acts, directs, and writes theatre, while her mother acts and coaches.

Within this family, Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Matfin Bell had two more children who, like their parents, ventured into the entertainment industry. One of Jack’s siblings chose a path in music, while the other embraced acting. Evan Rachel Wood rose to fame with a remarkable performance as Tracy Louise Freeland in the film “Thirteen,” which marked her initial foray into the spotlight.

Who Is Jack Matfin Bell?

Jack Matfin Bell arrived as the first child of Jamie Matfin Bell and Evan Rachel Wood, making his entrance into the world on July 29, 2013, in the serene city of Santa Monica, California. However, despite this idyllic backdrop, Jack’s early years were marked by a shadow cast by the strained relationship between his parents, which soured not long after his birth, dampening what could have been a happier beginning.

Jamie Matfin Bell took to Twitter with an evident sense of pride to share the news of Jack’s birth. In his heartfelt post, he hailed his wife as a warrior, emphasizing the awe she consistently inspired in him. He extended his gratitude to her for bringing their son into the world in a natural and peaceful manner. Reports suggest that Jack’s entry into the world was illuminated by candlelight, taking place within the comfort of their own home.

Evan Rachel Wood, the accomplished actress, recollected this experience as a profoundly unique and almost surreal journey. She shared her thoughts and sentiments with her supporters on Twitter before Jack’s arrival. In a touching tweet, she wondered why people fell in love with children before meeting them. Yet, when the moment finally came for her to meet her son, the depth of her affection deepened further, a sentiment shared by Jamie as well. Little did she realize how profoundly her life would be transformed by the presence of this new life, Jack.

Quick Info

Full nameJack Matfin Bell
Age9 years old (as of 2022)
Date of birth29 July 2013
Zodiac signCancer
Place of birthSanta Monica, California, USA
Current residenceNashville, Tennessee, USA
MotherEvan Rachael Wood
FatherJamie Matfin Bell

How Old is Jack Matfin Bell?

Born July 29, 2013, Jack Matfin Bell is 10 years old. He was born in Santa Monica, California. Even though he started his voyage in this picturesque town, he didn’t spend much time there.

During the initial months of his life, Jack had the joy of residing in Santa Monica alongside both of his parents. Unfortunately, circumstances changed with the separation of his parents, leading him to primarily live with his mother. Nonetheless, the silver lining is that he still manages to have meaningful moments with his father, allowing for a valuable connection despite the changes in their family dynamics.

Family Information

Jack’s dad goes by the name Jamie Bell, and his mom is known as Evan Rachel Wood. When it comes to his grandparents, there’s Sara Lynn Moore and Ira David Wood III on one side, and John Bell and Eileen Matfin on the other.

In the extended family circle, he’s got uncles named Ira David Wood IV, Thomas Wood, and Dana Wood. And then there are his aunts, Kathryn Bell and Aden Elins. It’s a vibrant bunch!

Who is Jack Matfin Bell’s Father, Jamie Matfin Bell?

Jack Matfin Bell’s father is the well-known British actor and dancer, Jamie Matfin Bell, who is more commonly recognized as Jamie Bell. He was born March 14, 1986, and is 37. After Jamie was born in Bellingham, England, his parents divorced.

Hailing from a lineage rooted in dance, it wasn’t long before Jamie found his own passion for dancing. He embarked on his dance journey at the tender age of 6, and considering his impressive trajectory, it’s evident that he chose a path perfectly suited for him.

However, Jamie’s talents extend beyond dancing, as he harbors an equally profound fondness for acting. His acting journey commenced at the age of 13, and he marked his cinematic debut in the year 2000 by portraying the character of Billy Elliot in the acclaimed film aptly titled “Billy Elliot.” Since that pivotal moment, Jamie’s career has flourished extensively within both the English and American entertainment landscapes, solidifying his stature as a prominent actor.

Popular actress and activist Evan Rachel Woods is the mother of Jack Matfin Bell

Evan Rachel Wood is a well-known American singer, actress, and activist whose talents shine brightly. Born on September 7, 1987, she stands at the age of 35 as of now. Her parents, actors, and filmmakers Ira David Wood III and Sarah Lynn Moore, raised her in Raleigh, California, USA.

As a child, Evan loved acting and started her career. Her dedication led her to invest considerable time honing her skills within the theater realm. Her cinematic debut took place in 1988 when she graced the screen in the film “Digging TO China.” Despite the movie’s modest budget, her performance garnered attention and accolades, including multiple nominations for Best Leading Young Actress. This initial success paved the way for her to step into a string of other successful films, where her talents continued to shine and captivate audiences.

Sundance Festival is where Jack Matfin Bell’s parents first met

Jack Matfin Bell’s parents are none other than the notable Hollywood figures Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Matfin Bell. When Jack came into the world, his parents were in a joyful marriage, both actively sharing in the responsibilities of raising him. Evan and Jamie’s paths crossed for the first time at the Sundance Festival in 2005, and it was evident that there was a spark between them. Not long after, they officially embarked on a romantic journey together.

To commemorate their deep connection, the couple decided to get matching tattoos of their initials—a testament to their affection. However, despite the meaningful tattoos, their love story faced its challenges, leading them to make the difficult decision to part ways after a year of dating.

Around five years following their initial split, fate seemed to draw them back together, rekindling their feelings in 2011. By January 2012, they had taken a significant step forward by becoming engaged. They married in October in a small ceremony with close friends and family.

A year after marrying, the couple had Jack, their only child, in July 2013. Unfortunately, having a son didn’t strengthen their relationship. Instead, they split further and decided to divorce peacefully a year after Jack’s birth.

After her divorce, did Evan Rachel Wood get remarried?

Following the finalization of her divorce from Jamie, Evan hasn’t entered into another marriage. However, she has embarked on various romantic journeys since then. In 2011, Evan openly identified as bisexual and subsequently started a relationship with renowned American actress Katherine Moening after her separation from Jamie.

Nonetheless, this relationship eventually reached its conclusion, leading Evan to venture into a new romantic connection with Zack Villa, a fellow member of the Basketcase band. Their bond deepened, even resulting in an engagement. Regrettably, their love story faced its challenges, and their relationship came to an end before they could take the step down the aisle.

After his divorce, Jamie Bell remarried and is now the father of Jack’s step-sister, a daughter

About a year after his marriage with Evan concluded in 2014, Jamie found himself in a new romantic relationship, this time with American actor Kate Mara. The connection between them grew stronger, leading to their engagement in January 2017, just two years after they started dating. Their commitment deepened, and on July 17, 2017, they sealed their love by exchanging heartfelt vows.

Jamie and Kate have enjoyed a happy, long marriage since then, and their daughter has enriched their relationship. The couple cherishes their family life secretly, keeping their child from the public spotlight. They’ve kept their daughter’s name and birthdate private to protect their family’s privacy.

Jack Matfin Bell Personality

Jack is a lively 10-year-old. He will naturally grow older and may inherit some of his parents’ qualities and reputation. His parents are proud Americans who are well-known and humble.

It’s evident that as Jack steps into his teenage years, he could potentially develop a personality and reputation that echoes those of his parents, Jamie and Wood. Their recognition and prominence have been attained through persistent dedication and hard work in the United States, reflecting their unwavering commitment and determination.

Jack Matfin Bell Net Worth

To reiterate, Jack is currently a young child without a personal net worth. However, considering his lineage as the offspring of Bell and Wood, his family’s combined net worth is a substantial $62 million. According to certain reports, Bell has accumulated significant wealth throughout his career, with a net worth surpassing $28 million as of August 2023.

Evan, Jack’s mother, has also garnered significant riches and a prominent reputation. Her total net worth was reported to be around $44 million as of a January report. In essence, it’s evident that Jack Matfin Bell was born into a family of substantial means. His recognition is attributed to the fame of his renowned parents, making him known as the son of an American celebrity.

Moreover, as Jack matures into adolescence, there’s hope that he might tread a path similar to that of his parents. It’s foreseeable that he could achieve remarkable accomplishments and venture into a career within the media industry. With the strong foundation provided by his determined and accomplished parents, he might amass a larger following and achieve notable success. The precise direction of his career, whether within the media industry or another field of interest, remains to be seen.

Rumors and Disputations Concerning Jack’s Father

There have been instances suggesting that Jamie was involved with someone else during his past relationship. Specifically, he was romantically linked with Marilyn Manson for a stretch of time before their separation in 2010. However, Jamie’s path reconnected with Evan after two years, leading to their reconciliation and subsequent marriage. Unfortunately, their marital union was short-lived.

In 2015, Jamie found companionship with another well-known figure, Kate Mara. Reports indicate that they crossed paths on the set of the movie “Fantastic Four.” The bond between Jamie Bell and Kate Mara grew stronger, culminating in their engagement announcement in January 2017. They sealed their commitment with a wedding in July of the same year. At present, they share a content and joyful life together, marked by a significant milestone in 2019 when they welcomed their daughter into the world.

Jack Matfin Bell Body Features- Height, Weight

Jack Matfin Bell is a healthy weight for his age and stands at a respectable height. Due to his current growth spurt, we, unfortunately, do not know his exact body measurements.

His attractive features include enticing blue eyes, which surely add to his charisma, and a full head of blonde hair.

His Instagram

Little Jack Matfin Bell is a mere 10 years old, which means he doesn’t have his own Instagram account just yet. But you can definitely peek into his parents’ Instagram profiles.

Looking at Jamie Bell’s Instagram, it’s clear he takes a professional approach. His feed is filled with snapshots from his ongoing projects, modeling shots, endorsements for various brands, and a glimpse into his life’s endeavors.

Jack Matfin Bell’s Birthday Days


Other Information about the Family of Jack Matfin Bell

  • His parents are still close friends and have respect and affection for one another despite their divorce.
  • Critics’ Choice Television Award winner and three-time contender for the Primetime Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award is Jack’s mother.
  • John Bell and Eileen Matfin are Jack Matfin Bell’s grandparents, while Kathryn Bell is his aunt.
  • Both of my parents are accomplished actors who have won awards for their work. Evan is also a musician and a model.

Some Interesting Jack Matfin Bell Facts

  • American citizen Jack Matfin Bell is of Caucasian ancestry.
  • PS4 and PS5 are his two favorite gaming consoles.
  • He appreciates the arts.
  • He appears interested in the sector if we discuss careers. He hopes to open his own firm someday, however.
  • His mother and father are co-parenting him now that they have separated.
  • He also enjoys watching football.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Jack Matfin Bell?
The first child of actors Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Matfin Bell is named Jack Matfin Bell. Born July 29, 2013, in Santa Monica, California. His parents are famous entertainers.

How old is Jack Matfin Bell?
As of 2022, Jack Matfin Bell is 9 years old. He was born on July 29, 2013.

What is Jack Matfin Bell’s family background?
Jack’s parents are Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Matfin Bell. His mother, Evan Rachel Wood, is a renowned actress, and his father, Jamie Matfin Bell, gained recognition for his role in the movie “Billy Elliot.”

What is the relationship between Jack’s parents, Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Matfin Bell?
Jack’s parents were in a joyful marriage when he was born, but their relationship later faced challenges that led to their separation and eventual divorce. They continue to co-parent Jack amicably.

Does Jack Matfin Bell have siblings?
Yes, Jack has two siblings from his parents’ subsequent relationships. One of his siblings is involved in music, while the other has embraced acting.

What is Jack Matfin Bell’s ethnicity and nationality?
Jack Matfin Bell is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Does Jack Matfin Bell have an Instagram account?
As of now, Jack Matfin Bell is a young child and does not have his own Instagram account. However, you can find glimpses of his parents’ lives on their respective Instagram profiles.

What are some interesting facts about Jack Matfin Bell?
Some interesting facts about Jack include his love for gaming consoles like PS4 and PS5, his appreciation for the arts, and his aspiration to open his own firm in the future. He also enjoys watching football.

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