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Tait Blum: A Rising Star in the World of Entertainment

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American actor, model, TV personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur Tait Blum is famous. At ten, this exceptional young man has worked on many projects. His IMDb page says he started working in entertainment aged seven.

Quick Facts 

Full Real NameTait Blum.
Age 12 years old.
ProfessionActor, Television Personality, Model, Social Media Influencer, and Entrepreneur.
Date of BirthMarch 31, 2011 (Thursday).
Place of BirthThe United States of America.
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States.
EducationCurrently Studying.
Net worth$1.5 million USD (approx.).
Zodiac SignAries.
Height (approx.)In Feet Inches: 4′ 5″ 
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 40 kg

Tait Blum Age & Early Life

United States-born Tait Blum was born March 31, 2011. Twelve-year-old Tait. Celebrates his 31 March birthday every year. The media say Tait was raised in the US. He has supportive parents. Since childhood, Tait wanted to act. He auditioned for ads at five, insiders say. Blum is preparing for high school graduation at a nearby high school. Along with school, Tait prioritizes performing and entertainment.

Tait Blum Height & Weight

4’5″ Tait Blum. His weight is around 40 kg. His beautiful blue eyes and chestnut hair are stunning. Tait Blumchest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, biceps, etc. are unknown.


Blum made his acting debut in 2018 when Jaime Reynoso, John Hlavin, and David Straiton cast him as “Young Bob Lee” in four “Shooter” episodes.

  • However, in 2018, he excelled as “Young Antolak” in “Medal of Honor” and “Young Hank Hall” in “Titans.”
  • Tait changed his acting career in 2019 by playing Jackson in “Cousins for Life,” “Shane Baldwin” in “For All Mankind,” and Logan Bane in “Team Kaylie.”
  • In “For All Mankind,” Sergio Mimica-Gezzan & Meera Menon cast his younger brother Teddy Blum as Young Shane Baldwin.

Girlfriend & Dating

Tait is too young for romance. He worked with several actresses. Tait also has a tight relationship with Summer Fontana. Blum and Summer made Wish Upon a Unicorn. Additionally, Tait and Sophia Hammons are close friends.

He posted many Sophia photos on Instagram. Blum also enjoys mocking the film’s co-stars. He has fun on film sets.

Movies and TV Shows 

  • Home Team as Connor Payton – 2022
  • Wish Upon a Unicorn as Patrick – 2020
  • For All Mankind (3 episodes) as Shane Baldwin – 2019
  • Team Kaylie (4 episodes) as Logan Bane – 2019
  • Cousins for Life (4 episodes) as Jackson – 2018
  • Medal of Honor (1 episode) as Young Antolak – 2018
  • Titans (1 episode) as Young Hank Hall – 2018
  • Shooter (4 episodes) as Young Bob Lee – 2016

10 facts about Tait Blum

  1. Tait Blum was born in parts of the US in 2011.
  2. Blum is 9 years old in 2020, but his birth date and place are unknown.
  3. Tait has no Wiki page, but his information is available elsewhere.
  4. Tait has no girlfriend because he’s too young to date and concentrated on acting.
  5. Known for guest-starring in Cousins for Life, an American comedy.
  6. The successful films Titans, Extra Ordinary, and For All Mankind also include him.
  7. Tait is 4’5″ and has a solid build.
  8. Blum isn’t famous in movies, thus his bio and personal information are public.
  9. He interacts with fans on Instagram and Twitter.
  10. His Instagram has 1.4k followers.

Tait Blum Net Worth

Tait Blum works as an actor. He likes acting and modelling. Tait’s main source of income is acting. Sources put Tait’s net worth at approximately $1.5 million USD in October 2023. He and his family live in a luxurious Los Angeles estate.


Certainly, here are some detailed frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Tait Blum:

1. Who is Tait Blum and his background?

Tait Blum, 12, is an American actress, model, TV personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. His US birthdate is March 31, 2011. Tait began performing at five and auditioning for commercials.

2. What are Tait Blum’s major films and roles? 

Tait Blum has appeared in films and TV. Famous projects include “Cousins for Life,” “For All Mankind,” “Team Kaylie,” “Medal of Honour,” “Titans,” and “Shooter.” He demonstrated his acting skills in these early efforts.

3. Tait Blum’s appearance and personal life?

 Tait Blum weighs 40 kilograms and is 4’5″ tall. He has brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He has worked with several females but is too young to date.

4. Tait Blum’s net worth and major income? 

Tait Blum’s October 2023 net worth is estimated at $1.5 million USD. His main source of income is acting. He likes acting and modeling.

5. Is Tait Blum active online?

Tait Blum interacts with fans on Instagram and Twitter. It appears he has 1.4k Instagram followers.

6. Tait Blum lives where? 

Tait Blum currently lives in Los Angeles with his family. These are frequent places for entertainment business hopefuls.

7. Are there any family or early life data about Tait Blum? 

Tait’s parents are supportive, and he’s always wanted to act. He started auditioning for commercials at five and attended a local high school while pursuing his acting and entertainment career.

8. Tait Blum’s future plans? 

Tait Blum’s forthcoming projects are not listed. However, his early success may lead him to pursue acting and modeling roles.


In conclusion, 12-year-old Tait Blum is an American actress, model, TV personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. He started in the entertainment sector young, appearing in “Cousins for Life,” “For All Mankind,” “Team Kaylie,” and others. According to October 2023 estimates, Tait’s acting career earned him $1.5 million USD.

He interacts with fans on Instagram and Twitter. Tait lives in Los Angeles, an entertainment powerhouse, and is dedicated to acting and modelling. He has worked with actresses in his projects, but he is too young for romance.

Early interest in acting, supportive parents, and a successful profession at a young age make Tait Blum a budding entertainment star with potential for additional success. There is no Wikipedia entry for Tait Blum, although other sources and entertainment websites have information on him.

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