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Who Is Kathleen Kinmont Spouse Everything You Need To Know

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Kathleen Kinmont is currently not in a committed relationship. Throughout her life, she has been married three times.

Her first marriage was to American actor Lorenzo Lamas. They tied the knot in 1989, but unfortunately, their union came to an end in 1993.

Following this, in 1997, Kinmont entered into matrimony with actor Jere Burns. Two years later, they divorced.

She divorced Doug Swander in 2011 after her third marriage in 2006. Kathleen Kinmont has chosen to keep the reasons for her divorces private.

Who is Kathleen Kinmont?

Kathleen Kinmont is an accomplished American actress, recognized particularly for her portrayal of Cheyenne Phillips in the popular syndicated TV series from the 1990s, “Renegade.” Additionally, she gained notable recognition for her role in the slasher thriller movie, “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.”

Kathleen Kinmont Spouse

Kathleen Kinmont, the American actress, is presently unattached and not in a marital relationship, though she has experienced marriage in the past. She has been married a total of three times thus far.

Her first marriage was to Lorenzo Lamas on January 20, 1989. Unfortunately, complications arose, leading to their separation in 1993. Following this, in 1997, she entered her second marriage with Jere Burns. However, similar to her previous experience, their union came to an end in 1999, and they went their separate ways.

Yet, Kinmont was not one to be discouraged by the challenges of marriage. In 2006, she embarked on her third marital journey, this time with a man she had met online. With hope for a lasting happiness, she married Doug Swander. However, as Tolstoy vividly noted, happiness can be illusive while unhappiness becomes a story. The couple divorced after five years. Thus, the 55-year-old actress is enjoying singlehood in California.

She may have found a new partner, but she’s keeping it quiet, possibly due to her desire for secrecy.

Childhood and education

Kathleen Kinmont Smith, a young actress, came into the world on February 3, 1965. She is the proud daughter of Abby Dalton and Jack Smith, both accomplished American performers. Being of white heritage, she holds American nationality. She also shares a special bond with her younger brother, Matthew David Smith, who is also an actor. It seems that the gift of acting runs in their family, and they are all very close.

Kathleen was born and raised in California alongside her family and siblings. Her early years were filled with joy, as all her basic needs were easily met. With her entire family deeply involved in acting, she was naturally surrounded by inspiration.

When it comes to Kathleen’s educational background, there is not much information available. Details about her schooling or graduation remain quite scarce. Given her acting prowess, it’s reasonable to assume that she might have honed her skills in some acting school or program.

Net Worth of Kathleen Kinmont

Kathleen Kinmont’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is close to $3 million. It is obvious that her acting job accounts for a sizable amount of her salary. Actresses’ earnings in the US range from $46,036 to $68,208, with an average annual salary of $55,864 for this profession.

In addition to her acting, Kathleen also earns money through endorsement deals and sponsorships. She supplements her income as a photographer as well. Moreover, she earns approximately $30 to $50 for each sponsored post she shares on her Instagram account.

Kathleen’s extravagant lifestyle and expenditures show her affluence. She lives in a beautiful Los Angeles home. She proudly owns a $300–$500 Chihuahua. Kathleen routinely posts about her love of designer and high-end brands on Instagram.

Kathleen Kinmont: Career

Kathleen Kinmont made her acting debut with the role of Pretty Skater in the 1984 feature film, “Hardbodies.”

In 1988, she took on the character of Kelly Meeker in the slasher thriller film, “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.”

Following that, in 1993, she played the lead role in “CIA Code Name: Alexa.” The actress also returned for the sequel, “CIA II: Target Alexa,” alongside Lorenzo Lamas.

She’s appeared in “Final Impact,” “Fraternity Vacation,” “Bride of Re-Animator,” “The Corporate Ladder,” “Phoenix the Warrior,” “Night of the Warrior,” “The Art of Dying,” “Sweet Justice,” “Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster,” and “That Thing You Do!”

She has guest-starred on “Dallas,” “Silk Stalkings,” “Baywatch,” “V.I.P.,” and “Days of Our Lives.” Her 1992 role as Marilyn Cassidy in “Santa Barbara”

In the same year, Kinmont became a cast member in the USA Network series “Cheyenne Phillips,” and she remained on the show until 1997. More recently, she was featured in the movie “Lime Salted Love” in 2005.

Kathleen has written, directed, and photographed in addition to acting. She owns a successful Los Angeles photography business.

She recently released a yoga video titled “Kathleen Kinmont’s Restorative Core Yoga.” Additionally, in 2012, she contributed articles on the topic of divorce for The Huffington Post.

Body measurements

Born in 1965, Kathleen is currently 55 years old, and she marks her birthday on February 3rd each year. With Aquarius as her zodiac sign, she embodies traits of determination and industriousness, characteristic of her sun sign.

Impressively, despite her age, the talented actress maintains a remarkably fit and toned physique. Standing tall at 6 feet (183 cm) and weighing approximately 64 kg (141 lbs), she possesses a striking hourglass figure, boasting measurements of 33-24-33 inches. This, coupled with her confident and outspoken demeanor, complements her commanding presence.

Kathleen’s beauty is further enhanced by her lovely blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. However, specific details regarding her shoe and clothing sizes remain undisclosed.

Final Words

Kathleen Kinmont is a talented American actress recognized for her film and TV performances. She has been married three times but is not currently dating. Kinmont keeps her marriage’s ups and downs quiet.

Kinmont’s career shows her talent and drive outside of her personal life. From “Hardbodies” to “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers,” she has left an indelible stamp on the entertainment business.

Along with performing, Kinmont has done photography and yoga videos. Her varied interests demonstrate her creativity and drive.

Kathleen Kinmont, 55, inspires with her confidence and passion to her work. Her contributions to entertainment and capacity to reinvent oneself in several artistic fields make her notable.

Kathleen shows perseverance and ingenuity as she embraces singlehood in California. Her narrative shows that personal growth and artistic inquiry continue regardless of relationship status.

Kathleen Kinmont’s legacy beyond her marriages, influencing entertainment and motivating others to follow their dreams.

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