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Keala Winterhalt

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Keala Winterhalt is famous for being the daughter of US entertainer Sarah Wayne Callies. Her renowned mother forced her into the public limelight early on. Her parents have propelled her to fame since birth, making her exceedingly lucky. Sarah Wayne Callies, her mother, is a notable Hollywood actress.

Quick facts

Full NameKeala Winterhalt
Date of Birth2007
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameJosh Winterhalt
Father Professionmartial arts expert
Mother NameSarah Wayne Callies
Mother ProfessionActress
SiblingsOakes Wayne Winterhalt

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The Walking Dead, her highest-rated show, made her famous

After earning her Master of Arts in Visual Arts in 2002, Keala was cast as Kate O’Malley on the CBS sitcom Queens Supreme in 2003. After that, she played Sara Tancredi on Prison Break. She got famous for playing Lori Grimes on The Walking Dead. The drama was cable’s highest-rated ever. Three nominations were given to Keala for her series work. Satellite competition prizes were hers.

Keala Winterhalt, SWC’s daughter, appeared briefly in “Into The Storm”

Maybe you knew it already, but I just learnt about it, and that’s great news!

It appears that SWC’s daughter Keala played “Grace” Allison’s daughter in “Into the Storm.”

Keale had grown so much since we last saw her! look!

She looks like this today! a seven-year-old child as beautiful as her mother was at the same age.

Marriage of Mother

Sarah married Josh Winterhalt, her college lover. They met at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, for their bachelor’s degrees. They married on July 21, 2002, after a brief courtship.

One of the motivating parents

Sarah married Josh Winterhalt, her college sweetheart, as seniors. Both were earning bachelor’s degrees at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, when they met. They married on July 21, 2002, after a brief courtship.


Keala Winterhalt is Oakes Wayne’s older sister. Winterhalt family member Keala. Her parents raised her brother as their own. He was born in August 2013.

Currently seven years old. His family adopted him the year he was born. Sarah claims she and Oake’s birth mother have a great relationship and talk often. She showed the audience her deep regard and love for him.

How much money do Keala’s parents have?

Since Keala is a teenager, she has not started working in her field. Despite her supporting role, she won over the audience.

She could be a successful actress, but she should determine what to do with her life. Her parents’ financial support makes her life comfortable.

Keala Winterhalt Net worth 2023

Keala is still in her teens and hasn’t started working. Despite her small role, she has audience support. She has a bright acting career, but she must first decide what she wants to do with her life. However, her wealthy parents allow her to live well. Keala Winterhalt’s parents should be worth $5 million by September 2023.

10 facts on Keala Winterhalt

Being Sarah Wayne Callies’ daughter has made Keala Winterhalt famous in the US.

  • She will be 13 in 2020 and famous because of her parents.
  • Mom and dad Josh Winterhalt and Sarah Wayne Callies attended her birth in the US.
  • Family and friends brought her to the US as a child.
  • Keala Winterhalt is lucky to have become famous after her birth thanks to her parents.
  • Her mother Sarah has been in several award-winning films.
  • We can only guess she is a growing teenager because we don’t know her height or other measurements.
  • Her mother, Hollywood actress Sarah Wayne Callies, is famous.
  • Caucasian and American, she is.
  • Additionally, she and her family are positive and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Keala Winterhalt:

Q. Who is this person called Keala Winterhalt? 

The actress Sarah Wayne Callies and the mixed martial arts boxer Josh Winterhalt are Keala Winterhalt’s parents. Keala has a lot of experience competing in MMA. Her success was spurred by the renown of her parents.

Q. When did Keala Winterhalt make her first appearance? 

Keala Winterhalt was born in 2007, which means that she will be 16 years old in the year 2023.

Q. What makes Sarah Wayne Callies, who is Keala Winterhalt’s mother and a well-known face in the entertainment industry? 

Sarah Wayne Callies is a successful Hollywood actress. She is famous for “Prison Break” and “The Walking Dead.”

Q. Is there any other member of the Winterhalt family besides Keala? 

Oakes Wayne Winterhalt, Keala’s younger brother, was given a new family in the year 2013.

Q. What is the total amount in the bank account that belongs to Keala Winterhalt’s parents? 

In September of 2023, it is anticipated that Keala’s parents, Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Winterhalt, will have a combined net worth of $5 million.

Q. What kind of work does Keala Winterhalt do in her career? 

Keala is just in her teens, although she has played supporting roles in several films.

Q. Sarah and Josh, Keala’s parents, met where? 

Sarah and Josh met while earning bachelor’s degrees at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. They married in 2002.

Q. Sarah Wayne Callies’ philanthropic activities?

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) advocate Sarah Wayne Callies has met refugees.

Q. Does Keala Winterhalt aspire to behave in the same manner as her mother? 

Keala has dabbled with acting, but the future of her career is unclear.


Her parents, actress Sarah Wayne Callies and martial artist Josh Winterhalt, made Keala Winterhalt famous. She has tried acting, but her career is uncertain. Her parents’ net fortune should be $5 million by September 2023. Keala grew raised in a loving home with her parents and little brother.

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