Meet Anne Heche’s Father, Donald Joe Heche

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Anne Heche’s biological father is Donald Joe Hecehe. An automobile accident killed Anne on August 12, 2022.

Donald Joe Heche was born in 1930. He is Caucasian and American. He reportedly assaulted Anne Heceh as a child. Gay and married, he led a double sexual life. The late Donald Joe Heche had HIV/AIDS.

Quick Information About Donald Joe Heche

Full NameDonald Joe Heche
Gender Male 
Date of Birth1938
DeathMarch 3, 1983
No Of Children5
SpouseNancy Heche
Networth$4 M

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Donald Joe Heche Biography

Donald Joe Heche was born in 1938 in America. He claimed to be a gas and oil businessman and choir conductor. Anne Heche, an American actress and filmmaker, was his daughter.

His fame is immense. Donald Joe Heche daughter Anne Heche acts and directs. His father bothered her from birth to age 12. She revealed it in “Call Me Crazy” and in a 2001 interview.

He had five kids

Heche has five children, including Anne. His daughter Cynthia Heche died months after birth. 

She died of an infant heart defect. His son Nathan Heche perished three months after his death in a car crash after falling asleep at the wheel. 

Anne thinks her brother has committed suicide. After losing two relatives, Nancy moved the family to Chicago. 

In 1994, his second daughter Susan Bergman released her childhood memoir, but she died of cancer at 48. 

His second daughter Abigail Heche is an American designer and entrepreneur. 

Who was Anne Heche’s father?

Heche has always spoken up about her father’s misdeeds. Her father, Donald Heche, was one of the first Americans diagnosed with AIDS. The diagnosis surprised Heche’s family and revealed the Baptist minister and choir director’s secret homosexuality.

According to the actress, Donald never admitted being gay. He died aged 45 from the condition. Later that year, Anne’s brother died in a car crash, which she suspects was suicide.

His daughter accused him of rape. 

Anne’s life is transparent. She has spoken about her life and father’s sexual abuse. 

In her 2001 memoir, “Call Me Crazy,” Anne disclosed that her father was a closeted homosexual who abused her until she was 13 and gave her genital herpes. 

She said her father raped, fondled, and sex her. 

Anne explained that her father was a sexual deviant who regarded everyone as sexual when questioned why a gay man would rape a girl. 

Her closeted father damaged her family’s happiness and childhood, but it taught her to speak the truth, she said.

Anne claimed her mother refused to take her to the hospital after she told her about the abuse and genital herpes. 

She insisted it was nappy rash.

Anne died from a car crash-related brain damage

Anne had lost consciousness after her car smashed into a two-story house in Mar Vista, Los Angeles, on August 5, 2022. 

The fire required 59 firefighters and almost an hour to suppress due to its severity. 

She went into a coma following a severe lung injury necessitating mechanical ventilation. Anne’s relatives predicted her death.

They confirmed via a spokesman that she had a severe anoxic brain damage and was on life support to evaluate if her organs could be donated. The family stated she had always wanted to donate her organs.

The family also thanked everyone for their well wishes and prayers for Anne’s rapid recovery and the dedicated Grossman Burn Centre staff and nurses at West Hills Hospital.

A family official told TMZ that they have lost a bright light, a kind, joyous soul, a loving mother, and a faithful friend who will be sadly missed.

Personal life of Donald Joe Heche

Heche married his high school love, Nancy. They were happily married until his 1983 death. After growing up in a Methodist church, they joined a conservative Christian church and moved to an Amish community in the late 1960s and early 1970s. His wife was unaware of Heche’s homosexuality until his death. 

Her sole knowledge was that her husband could not satisfy her desires. She admitted to secretly having affairs with other guys to fill the hole. She realised her husband’s death left her in the dark. 

He lived a covert existence after his 1983 AIDS diagnosis, which the family knew about. Anne says her father never admitted being gay. He died at 45 from AIDS.

Donald Joe Heche’s cause of death

He was born in 1938 and died in New York on March 3, 1983. Donald died of AIDS symptoms after carrying the virus.

Donald died in New York at 45, where his family discovered he had lived a double life as a homosexual despite never revealing it.

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