The Daughter of Len Cariou: Laurel Cariou Facts

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Who is laurel cariou

Len Cariou, a famous Canadian actor and stage director, played Sweeney Todd in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” His daughter is Laurel Cariou. Laurel Cariou is her father’s daughter. You may wish to know more about Laurel’s mother.

Despite being born into a famous family, Laurel has succeeded in her own right. She is the Past Chair of Winnipeg’s Manitoba Theatre for Young People. She was Vice-President of Human Resources at The University of Winnipeg for years before that.

Beyond being the daughter of a famous actor, Laurel Cariou is already making a reputation for herself.

Quick facts about laurel cariou 

Field Information
Full NameLaurel Cariou
Birth Place Canada
Nationality Canadian 
FatherLen Cariou 
Mother Patricia Otter 
Profession Former VP HR 
Marital Status Married

Laurel Cariou Height, Weight

Laurel’s height is near to average, however there are no photos of her online. Her weight and other measurements are unknown, therefore this is a mystery. However, we may assume she stays active and healthy.


Len Cariou’s only daughter, Laurel, is becoming a prominent figure. Her degree from Winnipeg’s University of Manitoba, a prestigious public university, makes her happy. She is Past Chair of Manitoba Theatre for Young People. Laurel’s started her adventure with the theatre in September 2015 when she joined its board of directors. She has chaired and vice-chaired committees in the organisation.

That’s not everything. As the Manitoba Children’s Museum’s board chair and member since May 2009, Laurel is also participating. Her LinkedIn bio states that the museum’s objective is to deliver an unparalleled educational experience for toddlers to pre-teens by focusing on hands-on, immersive learning. Laurel clearly wants to improve education and entertainment.

Laurel Cariou Is The Daughter Of Len Cariou; Who Is Her Mother?

A “star kid,” Laurel Cariou is the daughter of famous actor Len Cariou and his first wife, Patricia Otter. Patricia Otter worked as an actress. The details of her parents’ relationship are kept private. Despite being born in Canada and Caucasian, her birthdate and age are unknown.

Now, about Len Cariou’s romantic trip. After his 1975 divorce from Patricia Otter, he married Susan Barbara Kapilow. Unfortunately, this marriage also failed and was divorced in 1978.

They say the third time is the charm. Laurel’s father found lifelong love with Heather Summerhayes on October 25, 1986. Since then, the pair has not separated, and no rumours have harmed their relationship.

The intimate friendship between Laurel and her stepmother, Heather, is touching. Social media shows the extent of their bond. In June 2019, Heather posted a photo of herself with Laurel and Colleen on social media, captioning it: “Nine holes with two of my best fave women in all the world!” Family is clearly important to the Cariou clan.

Relationship Status

Laurel prioritises her personal privacy, especially her relationship status. She is unknown if she is married, dating, or in a relationship. No one knows if she has kids. Her marital status is under examination, but Laurel seemed content to keep it quiet.

Professional life of laurel cariou

Laurel Cariou is a celebrity offspring because her father, actor and stage director Len Cariou, is famous.For his Tony Award-nominated performance as Sweeney Todd in “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” Len is well known.

He is well recognised for playing retired NYPD Police Commissioner Henry Reagan in Blue Bloods on CBS. Len’s Rainbow Stage debut in Damn Yankees launched his remarkable entertainment career. There, he played Agamemnon in “The House of Atreus” and Orlando in “As You Like It.”

Len founded the Manitoba Theatre Centre and debuted on Broadway in “The House of Atreus.” He also played Cap’n Andy in the national tour of Show Boat on Broadway. 

Net worth 

Career success suggests Laurel Cariou has amassed a large wealth. In 2023, her net worth is expected to be $300,000. It shows her achievements and hard work in her field.


Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions about Laurel Cariou:

Q. Who is Laurel Cariou?

Laurel Cariou was named after her father, Len. Canadian actor and theatrical director Len Cariou. Besides this, she is famous for her schooling and theatre accomplishments.

Q. What is Laurel Cariou’s profession?

Laurel Cariou has been involved in various roles in the theater, including serving as the Past Chair of Manitoba Theatre for Young People. She has also been active in educational initiatives.

Q. What is Laurel Cariou’s net worth?

As of 2023, Laurel Cariou’s estimated net worth is around $300,000.

Q. Where did Laurel Cariou graduate from?

Laurel Cariou graduated from the University of Manitoba, a public university located in Winnipeg.

Q. Is Laurel Cariou married or in a relationship?

Laurel Cariou prefers to keep her personal life private, and there is currently no publicly available information about her relationship status.

Q. What is Laurel Cariou’s involvement with the Manitoba Children’s Museum?

Laurel Cariou chairs and serves on the board of the Manitoba Children’s Museum, which encourages hands-on, experiential learning. The museum’s main goal is education.

Q. How long has Laurel Cariou been associated with Manitoba Theatre for Young People?

Laurel Cariou has been associated with Manitoba Theatre for Young People since September 2015 when she joined as a board member. Her organisation roles include committee chair and vice-chair.


Beyond being the daughter of famed actor Len Cariou, Laurel Cariou is a remarkable individual. Education and theatre have made her a dedicated professional. Laurel’s involvement with the Manitoba Theatre for Young People and the Manitoba Children’s Museum shows her commitment to education for Manitoba’s youth. Despite her preference to keep her personal life private, Laurel’s professional achievements and contributions to the arts and education are important. Her career achievements and projected net worth show how much time and energy she invests into her ambitions.

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