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The Enduring Love Story of Josh Allen and Brittany Williams

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In addition to being a stunning diva, Brittany Morgan Williams is a well-known figure in the fashion world known for her influence and modelling career. On an unrelated subject, Allen won a bowl game’s Most Valuable Player award. It’s important to note that Josh Allen and Brittany Williams are not wed.

The NFL player Josh Allen developed his abilities playing collegiate football at the University of Wyoming. He now competes in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills. He was selected by the Bills with the seventh overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draught.

We’ll go into great detail on Josh Allen’s wife today, including her life story, age, their relationship, and more.

Brittany Williams Age & Early Life

Brittany Williams was born in California on April 26, 1996, therefore in 2023 she will be 27 years old. She had a great upbringing full of special times spent with her siblings and friends. Brittany developed a fascination for ballet and acrobatics at Firebaugh High School, which she would carry with her forever. At Clovis North High School, she finished her high school education.

Brittany also participated actively in the Dolce Dance Studio throughout her time in school. She joined the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority in addition to her academic endeavours, furthering her collegiate experience. As evidence of her dedication to learning more, Brittany completed her study and received her degree in agricultural studies from California State University, Fresno.


In terms of Brittany’s profession, she wears two hats – she’s a Social Media Influencer and a Pilates instructor. Through her commercial Instagram account, she imparts Pilates lessons to her followers. Pilates, known for its holistic approach to exercise, is something Brittany excels in teaching. In addition to her online presence, Brittany has also brought her energy and enthusiasm as a cheerleader for the Fresno State team. With various streams of revenue, including sharing health and fashion tips on Instagram in the past, Brittany has garnered popularity, especially among the younger audience. Today, she stands as an inspiration to many aspiring individuals.


Brittany’s parents, Chris Williams (father) and Megan Williams (mother), are the ones who welcomed her into the world. She also has a brother named Jordan Williams.

Growing up, Brittany called Firebaugh, California, in America her home. She enjoyed the comforts of a well-off family, with her father holding the position of superintendent at Paso Robles United School. In terms of ethnicity, Brittany identifies as White Caucasian.

What does the girlfriend of Josh Allen do for a living?

Josh Allen’s girlfriend is a Pilates instructor and a prominent figure in the realm of social media influence. She’s the owner of an online fitness platform known as “Pilates by Britt” and has been practicing Pilates since the tender age of 15. Sharing snippets of her workouts is a common sight on her Instagram feed, where she has amassed an impressive following of over 146 thousand devoted followers. While her platform primarily showcases her lifestyle and fashion-related content, she also collaborates with and promotes several well-known brands including Revolve, Amazon, Talentless, Care/of, and Alo.

Josh Allen Brittany Williams met in what way?

Josh Allen and Brittany Morgan have a unique friendship that dates back to their early years. Their friendship become stronger and deeper over time. Then, when they ran into each other once more in 2017, things had changed.

Josh and Brittany knew they were romantically attracted. Brittany and Josh attended the same high school, and Brittany fell for Josh at eight.

May 2017 marked their official connection. Six years ago, they began a great relationship. In 2018, their first anniversary marked a turning point in their relationship. There are rumours that Josh and Brittany Williams’ love story will soon culminate in a wedding as their relationship becomes stronger by the day.

She’s known Allen since they were kids

Williams and Allen go way back. The influencer fondly reminisced about their initial encounter during an episode of Kelly Stafford’s The Morning After podcast. It all happened in Fresno, California when they were just kids. Williams was at a birthday bash for Allen’s brother, and coincidentally, a minor league baseball game was in full swing nearby. When a player smacked the ball close to the party, Allen sweetly fetched it and brought it over to Williams.

Williams laughed as she recalled the incident, “I can vividly remember feeling so humiliated, like, ‘Oh my gosh, cooties. The key event that has stayed with us since our beginnings was that.

Allen “ghosted” her after a high school dance

Although their mothers kept in touch, Williams and Allen didn’t see one other again until they were 16 or 17. Williams thought Allen was “cute” in a snapshot of him as an adult. Williams’ mother contacted Allen’s mother.

Allen’s family restaurant hosted their reunion. Taking inspiration from The Morning After, Williams kissed him in the parking lot. Williams asked the “shy” athlete to a school dance after staying in touch. Their romance was delayed by this event.

Williams said, “He was nervous and my friends were crazy,” referring to Allen’s mistreatment. Williams and Allen did not talk for a year after the dance.

“He ghosted me for a year, but I thought, ‘Okay, I understand, maybe the timing simply isn’t right for us now.’ She thought, “I knew there was more. She felt their story was continuing despite the silence. Allen text Williams, “I messed up.” during their first year of college, reuniting them.

She backed Allen’s professional endeavours

Williams supported Allen’s football career from the outset. She lovingly posted a photo of herself kissing Allen at a Wyoming Cowboys football game in September 2017.

She joked, “I guess I’m a fan of #17 ,” captioning the post. She wore a bright yellow Wyoming Cowboys jersey with shimmering silver “Allen” and “17” on the back.

Williams changed her Cowboys jersey for a Bills one after Allen joined the NFL.

I will never forget seeing your dreams come true Here comes Buffalo! “#BillsMafia” she posted excitedly on Instagram.

She is a Pilates instructor and fashion influencer

Williams wears many hats. She’s not only a skilled Pilates instructor but also the proud owner of the online fitness platform, Pilates by Britt. Her Instagram handle, @pilatesby.britt, is filled with snippets of her invigorating workouts.

In addition to her expertise in fitness, Williams is making her mark as a rising fashion influencer. Her social media is adorned with snapshots of her collaborations with renowned brands such as Revolve, Talentless, and Alo, showcasing her flair for style and trendsetting.

Josh Allen Brittany Williams constructed a home in Buffalo

Williams and Allen made Buffalo, New York their primary residence, as it’s where the quarterback’s NFL team is located. They shared their lives under the same roof for a number of years, during which they also collaborated on constructing a home in the Buffalo area.

She has a dog with Allen

Williams and Allen are proud pet parents to a lovely silver lab named Sky. They proudly introduced their furry companion to the world in June 2021.

A year later, Williams marked Sky’s first birthday with a sweet post on Instagram. She wrote, “ONE YEAR of Sky,” expressing gratitude for the joy and companionship Sky brought into their lives.

Sky has even carved out her own little corner on Instagram (@skyallen17), where fans can find adorable pictures and videos. There’s one of Allen patiently teaching her how to shake. Back when they were still dating, Williams and Allen made sure Sky was part of their adventures, taking her to the beach and the pool. They even got her a jersey with the number “17” to match Allen’s.

Height, And Body Measurements

As of today, Brittany, Josh Allen’s wife, is 27 years old. She possesses a striking and confident physique, complemented by a charming and delightful smile that adds to her natural beauty.

In terms of physical attributes, Brittany stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.67 meters. Her body measurements are recorded at 34-25-35 inches. Mrs. Williams maintains a weight of approximately 61 kilograms, which is equivalent to 132 pounds.

Her captivating features include a pair of striking blue eyes and brunette hair. However, details about her dress and shoe sizes remain undisclosed to the public.

Brittany Williams Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Brittany Williams has amassed a net worth of $200,000. In her career, Josh Allen’s wife, Brittany, has achieved significant financial success. Her primary source of income stems from her professional endeavors.

This includes her tenure as a former cheerleader and her role as a Pilates instructor. It’s possible that she also supplements her earnings through brand endorsements, leveraging her influence on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. However, the exact details of her yearly income remain undisclosed.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: How did Josh Allen and Brittany Williams meet?
A1: Josh Allen and Brittany Williams met during their early years, attending the same high school. They developed a unique friendship which eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship in May 2017.

Q2: What is Brittany Williams’ profession?
A2: Brittany Williams is a Pilates instructor and a prominent figure in the realm of social media influence. She owns an online fitness platform called “Pilates by Britt” where she shares Pilates lessons with her followers.

Q3: What is Brittany Williams’ background and education?
A3: Brittany Williams was born on April 26, 1996, in California. She had a passion for ballet and acrobatics in high school and was active in the Dolce Dance Studio. She later pursued agricultural studies at California State University, Fresno.

Q4: How did Josh Allen and Brittany Williams reconnect after losing touch?
A4: After a year of not talking, Josh Allen texted Brittany during their first year of college, reuniting them. This marked the continuation of their love story.

Q5: Where do Brittany Williams and Josh Allen reside?
A5: Brittany Williams and Josh Allen primarily reside in Buffalo, New York, where Josh plays for the Buffalo Bills, his NFL team. They also collaborated on constructing a home in the Buffalo area.

Q6: Do Josh Allen and Brittany Williams have any pets?
A6: Yes, they have a silver lab named Sky. They introduced Sky to the world in June 2021 and have even created an Instagram account (@skyallen17) for her.

Final Words

The love story of Josh Allen and Brittany Williams is a tale of childhood friends turned lifelong partners. Their journey, from early encounters to reconnection and enduring commitment, paints a vivid picture of genuine affection. Brittany, a talented Pilates instructor and influential figure, stands as a beacon of inspiration for many. Together, they’ve built a life in Buffalo, New York, where Josh excels in his NFL career with the Buffalo Bills. With their furry companion Sky by their side, they’ve crafted a home filled with love and shared dreams. As of 2023, Brittany’s influence and success continue to shine, showcasing the power of passion and dedication. Their story is a testament to the enduring strength of love, support, and shared dreams.

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