Marilyn Kroc Barg Know All About Ray Kroc’s Daughter

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Marilyn Kroc was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 15, 1924. Ray and Ethel Janet Fleming had her. Ray and Ethel married at 21 and 33 in 1922. Ethel divorced her first husband. Marilyn was born from her second marriage.

Quick Facts 

NameMarilyn Kroc
Date of birthOctober 15, 1924
Birth placeChicago Cook County, Illinois, United States
Famous as Ray Kroc daughter
FatherRaymond Albert Kroc
MotherEthel Janet Fleming
OccupationBusinesswoman and philanthropist
DiedSeptember 11, 1973
Cause of deathDiabetes

How Old Was Marilyn Kroc Barg When She Died? 

A major player in McDonald’s history, Marilyn Kroc Barg, died in September 1973. Marilyn died of diabetes complications at 48, ending a chapter in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois.

The peaceful Memorial Park Cemetery in Skokie, Illinois, buried Marilyn. The Lauterburg & Dehler Funeral Home performed a sombre but touching funeral to honour her life.

Marilyn’s death is inscribed in history like a deep conversation. Marilyn died silently from diabetic complications, leaving a vacuum in her loved ones’ hearts.

Marilyn’s spirit lives on in Memorial Park Cemetery’s calm corners, a monument to her life and legacy beyond fast food. A famous corporate heiress and philanthropist is buried in Skokie.

At Lauterburg & Dehler Funeral Home, friends, family, and well-wishers attended the funeral. Marilyn’s business and humanitarian accomplishments were remembered with sadness and affection.

Marilyn’s departure highlights the silent health problems even in fame and affluence. Her trip, intertwined with McDonald’s history, ended, leaving a vacuum only her memories could fill.

Marilyn Kroc Barg’s story is more than a biography; it invites us to consider the fragility of life and the lasting impact one can have, even despite personal hardships. Marilyn’s energy inspires those who follow in her legacy beyond a famous surname at Memorial Park Cemetery’s quiet.

Marilyn Kroc Early life

Come to Chicago on October 15, 1924, where Marilyn Kroc was born. Born to Ray and Ethel Janet Fleming, Marilyn’s story unfolds in a changing America.

Before Marilyn was born, Ray and Ethel, who married in 1922, had a fascinating trip. Ray brought back love to Ethel, who had a broken marriage. Ethel and Ray had Marilyn in their second marriage, providing a story of perseverance and joy.

Marilyn Kroc’s first breath was in 1920s Chicago’s hustle. The vibrant metropolis and Ray and Ethel’s love story set the setting for a life that changed American history.

In Chicago, her parents’ love and resilience started Marilyn Kroc’s journey. Incredible how these human stories weave into time and place narratives to capture an era’s soul.

Marilyn’s father

Ray, Marilyn’s father, opened the first McDonald’s with the McDonalds brothers. The company’s success inspired other fast-food companies.

McDonald’s Ray branch in Des Plaines, Illinois, closed permanently in 2018 as a museum.

Ray Kroc retired as McDonald’s CEO in 1974 with $600 million. At retirement, he had 7,500 McDonald’s in the US and 31 abroad.

Marilyn’s mother, Ethel, was an actress before marrying Ray. She appeared in 16 films during her peak.

She appeared in The Kiss (1916), The Wonderful Thing (1921), and Love Insurance. Marilyn ceased acting after marrying Ray.

Marilyn’s parent’s marriage

Marilyn’s parents divorced after 40 years. The divorce was due to Ray’s business choice discord. Because she kept her work and personal life private, Marilyn JanetKroc’s life is unknown. She was famous as a businessman’s daughter. She married Sylvester Nordly Nelson on April 27, 1949, at 24. Marilyn was from Illinois.

Marilyn married James W. Barg again in 1960. James was her husband until her 1973 death. Children from both marriages are unknown.

Marilyn Janet Kroc died young. Her role in her father’s successful business and occupation were unknown. She died at 48 from diabetes. After divorce from Marilyn’s mother Ethel, Ray Kroc married two more women for five years each. Marilyn didn’t seem to inherit Ray’s riches.

Ray Kroc, 81, died years after she was buried. Before entering recovery in 1980, he was alcoholic and suffered a stroke. He died of heart failure. Marilyn’s 75-year-old mother died naturally. Philanthropy and charity are hallmarks of the Kroc family.

Parents divorced 39 years after marriage

Her parents Ray and Ethel met in 1919. Young couple in their early 20s fell in love. After three years together, they married in 1922 and had Marilyn two years later.

Former husband and wife nurtured their lone child and led their marriage graciously for years. After 39 years, their marriage hit a hard period, and they divorced in 1961. Marilyn’s mother remained single after their divorce, but her father remarried twice. Ray married Joan Beverly Kroc third and Jane Dobbins Green second.

Marilyn Kroc Career

A successful businesswoman, Marilyn Kroc was a compassionate change agent. She started Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), a US nonprofit that supports low-income sick children. RMHC helped families with children hospitalized and treated at nearby hospitals and provided accommodation.

Marilyn remained altruistic. She developed the Salvation Army’s kettle program to aid humanitarian efforts.

Marilyn Kroc was philanthropist and politician. She conducted highly charged Nixon and Reagan fundraisers as a Democrat. Healthcare philanthropy and politics were her political focus.Her kindness and wealth shaped society and politics.

Marilyn Kroc Personal life

Check out Marilyn Kroc Barg’s private life, which she kept private. Marilyn’s enigmatic double walk down the aisle revealed a historical occurrence.

The famed WWII soldier Sylvester Nordly Nelson was her first husband. Imagine a wartime romance that bloomed amid prior trials and successes. First marriage ended when Marilyn encountered a crossroads, as life often does.

Marilyn stayed married despite love and life hardships. Her 1960 marriage to James W. Barg forged a new friendship. She keeps her marriage details hidden, like she did before.

Here, mystery grows. Any children Marilyn has are private. Marilyn’s family life is unknown, leaving us wondering about her heirs.

It shows Marilyn Kroc Barg’s privacy commitment. Her marriage and possible parenthood are confidential. Some tales should be kept private.

Who Was Her Husband?

The first husband of Marilyn was Minnesota native Sylvester, who served in 363 infantry in WWII. He was born to Edward S Nelson and Hanna E Nordly Nelson on September 1, 1916, and died in Wisconsin on October 6, 1960, at 44.

Walter, her second husband, was an administrator. Born on 3 May 1920 in Evanston, Illinois, his parents William Thomas Barh and Louisa R Rapold Barg raised him and his siblings Eleanor and Willian Peter Barg.

Mr. Barg, 64, died on June 17, 1984, and is buried at All Saints Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum. 

Fun Facts About Marilyn Kroc

  • She was born in Cook County, Illinois, October 15, 1924.
  • Marilyn raised herself.
  • She married twice: to Sylvester Nordly Nelson at 24 on April 27, 1949.
  • For James W. Barg, May 28, 1960.
  • She was childless.
  • Marilyn was diabetic.
  • She died at 48 in Arlington Heights, Cook, Illinois, on September 11, 1973.
  • She was buried in Illinois’ Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium.

Marilyn Kroc Barg’s Net Worth

The late daughter of Ray Kroc, Marilyn Kroc Barg, had a $1 million net worth according to reports. When he died in 1984, her father, McDonald’s founder, had $600 million. Adjusted for inflation, this amount is worth $1.4 billion today. This financial contrast shows Marilyn’s vast wealth accumulation compared to her famous father, highlighting the Kroc family’s diverse business legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q. Marilyn Kroc’s parents?

Ray Kroc and Ethel Janet Fleming had Marilyn.

Q. When and where was Marilyn Kroc born?

Marilyn Kroc was born in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, on October 15, 1924.

Q. What did Marilyn Kroc do?

Businesswoman and philanthropist Marilyn Kroc.

Q. How did Marilyn Kroc die?

Marilyn Kroc died of diabetes complications at 48 in Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois, on September 11, 1973.

Q. What spouses did Marilyn Kroc have?

Marilyn Kroc married Sylvester Nordly Nelson on April 27, 1949, and James W. Barg in 1960.

Q. What did Marilyn Kroc do for charity?

Marilyn Kroc organised Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) and supported Salvation Army kettles. A political activist, she was.


Marilyn Kroc’s philanthropy, corporate legacy, and personal struggles defined her life. The daughter of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, Marilyn lived a reclusive life but made major humanitarian donations. Her fascinating personal life included marriages to Sylvester Nordly Nelson and James W. Barg. Marilyn died at 48 from diabetes. Despite being the daughter of a business billionaire, she kept her personal and business life private. Her philanthropic work honours her dedication to improving society.

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