Why Owning a Dog Is Good for You

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If you’re considering dog ownership, you might imagine all the trouble of potty training, furniture chewing, feeding, and walking you’ll be doing to care for this new furry creature. At the end of all that, it’s easy to wonder, “what’s in it for me?” Look no further; we’re here to explain why owning a dog is good for you too!

Dogs Make Us Happier

That’s right, even looking into a dog’s eyes can raise your oxytocin levels! Aside from all the obvious benefits of owning a dog, you can also expect to have your mood balanced due to the change in hormones. Studies have shown that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than those without a pet.

Beyond the hormone changes, you can also experience great joy by watching your dog grow, teaching them new tricks, and seeing your furry friend participate in some of life’s greatest pleasures. Even a tiny sniff through the park can lead to zoomies and tail wags from your dog. Watching them appreciate life seems to bring most of us a profound sense of peace and joy, allowing us to appreciate the small stuff a little more.

Emotional Support

Most of us are familiar with the title “Emotional Support Animal” (not to be confused with service dogs who are task trained to aid someone with a disability). Most dogs serve as great emotional support animals; their main purpose is simply to provide comfort to their handler by existing. These dogs require absolutely no training of any kind and can add a deeper level of emotional support to their owners lives by encouraging them to get out of bed and care for the dogs’ needs. Those who suffer from mental illness often find additional methods of coping with difficult situations or their mental disorders using the companionship of a dog. 

Dogs Encourage Physical Activity

Owning a dog will usually encourage an owner to take the dog out on walks, trips to the parks, and regular outings for the dog that the person may not typically take. The breath of fresh air and change of scenery will get your lungs pumping and your legs moving when you’re out in the neighborhood and beyond!

Makes You Feel Less Alone

Dog ownership can help with feelings of isolation, especially with the recent quarantines and social distancing practices resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Dogs are known to offer unconditional love to their owners and typically enjoy close contact, including cuddles or simply following you to the bathroom. If you’re searching for an exceptionally smart dog, you might consider cavapoo puppy for sale. Goldendoodles are a hybrid breed that’s made up of two of the most intelligent dogs in the world; the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Having a dog with high intelligence can open the door to learning many new tricks, advanced obedience, and higher levels of activity or complex events such as dog sports. Dog owners who put a lot of time into their dogs seem to benefit from a greater level of companionship and suffer less from feelings of loneliness.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Dog owners can have significant health benefits simply by owning a dog! Recent studies show that dogs can aid their human handlers in lowering their blood pressure and overall stress levels. Who knew a furry companion had so many benefits! Reduced blood pressure often results in improved cardiovascular health.

At the end of the day, dogs have so much to offer us! While we take care of our dogs’ needs and provide them with a great place to live, they do much to return the favor. Owning a dog is so good for you it’s no wonder that dogs are the most popular pet in the U.S.

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