Navigate Any Terrain Seamlessly: SMONET RLM1000’s Boundary Break Detection and Obstacle Avoidance

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When it comes to lawn care, convenience and efficiency have always been the holy grail. The incessant chore of mowing the lawn, once a tedious task, has now been revolutionized by the advent of robotic lawn mowers. Among these, the SMONET RLM1000 Automatic Lawn Mower stands out, boasting cutting-edge features designed to navigate any terrain with ease, thanks to its remarkable Boundary Break Detection and advanced Obstacle Avoidance capabilities.

Customized Lawn Coverage – The Automatic Lawn Mower Robot

Gone are the days of manually maneuvering cumbersome lawn mowers, struggling to cover every nook and cranny of your yard. The SMONET RLM1000 Automatic Lawn Mower redefines lawn maintenance with its ability to cover customized areas of up to 10,890 square feet, regardless of the shape of your lawn. This feat is made possible by the innovative use of a boundary wire, allowing the SMONET RLM1000 Automatic Lawn Mower to navigate with precision and efficiency.

Precise Lawn Maintenance – Smart Path Planning

With the SMONET RLM1000’s advanced S-shaped path planning technology, say goodbye to haphazard mowing patterns leaving your lawn uneven and unkempt. The SMONET RLM1000 electric mower employs advanced S-shaped path planning technology, ensuring uniform and methodical lawn maintenance with every pass. This intelligent system eliminates the need for random cuts, resulting in a beautifully manicured lawn every time.

Advanced Navigation – Boundary Break Detection and Obstacle Avoidance

Central to the SMONET RLM1000 Automatic Lawn Mower prowess is its cutting-edge navigation system, which incorporates state-of-the-art C-ToF (Continuous-Time-of-Flight) technology for boundary break detection and advanced obstacle avoidance. This sophisticated system uses C-ToF technology to measure the time that it takes for an emitted signal to hit an obstacle and return, enabling the RLM1000 electric mower to detect and avoid collisions seamlessly.

All-terrain Functionality – Slope Climbing Capability

Unlike conventional lawn mowers that struggle on uneven terrain, the SMONET RLM1000 Automatic Lawn Mower excels in all environments. With its impressive slope climbing capability, it can conquer surfaces with inclines of up to 24 degrees, making it the perfect solution for lawns of varying topographies. From gentle slopes to steep gradients, the RLM1000 effortlessly tackles them all with ease.

Remote Control Made Easy – User-Friendly App and Electric Height Adjustment

In addition to its exceptional navigation abilities, the SMONET RLM1000 Automatic Lawn Mower offers unparalleled convenience through its user-friendly app control system. With just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet, you can effortlessly adjust cutting heights, schedule mowing sessions, and track the RLM1000’s progress in real-time. This seamless integration of technology puts the power of lawn maintenance right at your fingertips.


In conclusion, the SMONET RLM1000 Automatic Lawn Mower epitomizes the pinnacle of modern lawn care technology, seamlessly integrating innovation and convenience to redefine the way we maintain our outdoor spaces. With its cutting-edge features and advanced functionalities, this robotic marvel transcends the limitations of traditional electric lawn mowers, setting a new standard for efficiency and precision.

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