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Piers Cavill

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Who is Piers Cavill?

In the realm of fraternal lineage, Piers Cavill, the elder scion of the Cavill dynasty, lays claim to the distinction of seniority, with a nativity tracing back to approximately the annals of 1971. Piers has undeniably etched an indelible legacy in the annals of the public consciousness. On the flip side, there exists no exigency for formal introduction when it pertains to Henry, who enjoys a status of unassailable repute as one of the preeminent British thespians gracing the milieu of the entertainment fraternity.

Henry, consanguineous with Piers, has achieved conspicuous renown through his portrayal of Clark Kent, more commonly recognized as the iconic Superman, in the cinematic spectacle titled “Man of Steel.” He once again bedecked himself in the illustrious cape for his reprisals in “Justice League” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

It stands as a truism that the fount of talent flows with a profound intensity within the purview of the Cavill lineage, with both Henry and Piers leaving an indelible imprint on the labyrinthine landscape of the entertainment cosmos.

Piers Cavill Bio

Piers Cavill has always been a master of keeping his life away from the prying eyes of the media. His claim to fame primarily rests on being the sibling of the renowned British actor, Henry Cavill.

Now, when you think of Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill, a whole world of impressive roles comes to mind. He is the person who first captivated audiences as Charles Brandon in Showtime’s “The Tudors,” then put on the recognisable red cape to play Superman in the DC Extended Universe. And don’t forget about his compelling portrayal of Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix fantasy series “The Witcher.” But that’s not all, as he even took on the role of Sherlock Holmes in the Netflix film “Enola Holmes” and its highly anticipated 2022 sequel.

Henry Cavill’s versatility and talent in these diverse roles have firmly established him as a household name in the world of entertainment.


Full NamePiers Cavill
Birth NamePiers Cavill
Birth CitySaint Helier, Jersey
Birth CountryEngland
Father NameColin Richard Cavill
Mother NameMarianne Dalgliesh
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle

Piers Cavill education 

Even though there isn’t a tonne of information regarding Piers Cavill’s educational background, it is clear that he knows a lot and appears to have received a good education. As a former tank commander and army officer, Piers has experience and knowledge in military topics, according to a number of sources. Even though it’s unclear how he received his formal education, his military career reveals a different type of training and discipline that surely influenced his life.

Piers Cavill Age

Piers Cavill’s birthplace is Saint Helier, Jersey, and records suggest he was born around 1971. His parents, Marianne Cavill and Colin Cavill, brought him into the world. Piers proudly holds British nationality, and when it comes to his ethnicity, it’s a mix that adds to the richness of his background.

Piers Cavill Parents And Siblings

Intricacies shroud the precise particulars of Piers Cavill’s birth, casting a veil of mystery upon its details. Nevertheless, we are privy to the lineage that links him to this world, tracing his lineage back to the union of Colin Richard Cavill and Marianne Dalgliesh. Marianne, a former custodian of financial secrets in her role as a bank secretary, played a pivotal part in the family narrative. In contrast, Colin, an astute navigator of the financial seas, charted his course in the world of stockbrokering. In the era of digital transparency, they demonstrated a penchant for maintaining their lives within the sanctum of privacy, far from the prying eyes of the ever-voracious public and media.

Piers, the enigmatic protagonist of this tale, was not alone in his familial odyssey. He shared the stage with three distinct siblings, among whom his more renowned brother, Henry Cavill, takes center stage. The constellation of siblings includes the enigmatic Charlie Cavill, the erudite Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill, and the cerebral Simon Cavill. Notably, only Henry and Charlie elected to bask in the effulgence of the entertainment industry’s spotlight. In stark contrast, Niki assumed a noble mantle by ascending to the rank of Major in the Marine Corps, dedicating his life to the noble cause of serving his nation. Meanwhile, Simon’s vocation gravitated toward the meticulous orchestration of financial affairs, a path meticulously tailored to his intrinsic interests and aptitudes. It is, without doubt, a tapestry of diversity, with each member etching their unique trajectory through the grand tapestry of existence.

Know About Piers’s Brother Henry’s Career In The Showbiz Industry

In the realm of entertainment, the British thespian, Henry Cavill, has indubitably left an indelible mark, owing to his exceptional adaptability and an innate charm that spans across an expansive spectrum of genres. A notable early triumph manifested in his portrayal of Albert Mondego in “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

Nevertheless, it was his enactment of Charles Brandon in the historical opus “The Tudors” that propelled him into the echelons of worldwide acclaim. After this crucial moment, he appeared on the big screen in films like “Immortals” and “The Cold Light of Day,” further solidifying his image as a multidimensional actor.

But the moment he donned the legendary red and blue outfit of Superman in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” back in 2011 may be his most famous one.  His representation of the adored superhero not only laid bare his physical prowess but also underscored his thespian acumen, thus unequivocally positioning him as a preeminent luminary in the entertainment milieu.

Henry Cavill’s enduring allure is profoundly rooted in his imposing presence and his unwavering dedication to the characters he embodies. Devotees keenly anticipate his forthcoming projects, eagerly poised to witness the subsequent enthralling chapter of his thespian odyssey.

Piers Cavill is Henry Cavill’s Oldest Brother

Full NamePiers Cavill
Date of Birth1971 est.
Age52 years old
OccupationBusiness Executive and Finance Guru

In the chronicles of the Cavill lineage, Piers Cavill, the senior scion among the Cavill brethren, came into existence circa 1971, thereby placing him approximately a dozen years ahead of his sibling, Henry. Similar to his kin, Piers proudly claims British nationality, and his lineage traces back to the Caucasian ethnicity. His formative years unfolded on the island of Jersey, where he traversed the path of early education and secondary learning. The annals of his academic journey led him to the corridors of the University of the West of England in 1993, where he invested four years in scholarly pursuits, culminating in his graduation in 1996, with a prestigious degree in the intricate realm of business decision analysis.

With the acumen bestowed upon him by his academic accomplishments, Piers stood at the precipice of a thriving corporate career. Yet, fate had charted a distinct course for him. In the autumn of 1996, he made the momentous choice to enlist in the ranks of the British Army, embarking on an arduous odyssey that spanned nearly a decade, during which he ascended to the esteemed rank of an officer. In the year 2006, he bade farewell to his illustrious military tenure, orchestrating a transition into the realm of commerce, where he has since donned various mantles in a diverse array of corporate entities.

In addition to his scholastic and martial pedigree, Piers has fortified his laurels with venerable certifications garnered from the esteemed Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. He has wielded the reins as a portfolio overseer for purveyors of private wealth management, such as Aberdeen Private Wealth Management and Collins Steward Wealth Management. Moreover, he undertook the mantle of Chief Operating Officer at Brooks MacDonald, an eminence in the landscape of investment management services, nestled in the heart of London, England.

In the contemporary epoch, Piers Cavill presently assumes the esteemed mantle of Country Director at Annexio Jersey Limited, a burgeoning citadel in the domain of online gaming. Simultaneously, he occupies the directorial berth at Jersey Laser Scanning Limited, a company renowned for harnessing advanced laser technology to craft 2D and 3D architectural blueprints catering to the exigencies of construction firms.

Notwithstanding his illustrious professional trajectory and erudite background, Piers Cavill maintains an enigmatic shroud, evading the prying gaze of the digital realm. His personal sphere remains veiled in mystery, an intriguing tableau in which the enigma of matrimony and progeny may or may not be inscribed. These guarded secrets lend an aura of mystique to this inscrutable luminary.

Piers Cavill nationality and ethnicity

In the realm of media, Piers Cavill has adroitly maintained an inconspicuous presence. Whispers suggest that he eschews the ubiquitous realm of social media, a remarkable achievement in this era dominated by digital connectivity. When it comes to his age and the precise date of his birth, these particulars appear cloaked in an enigmatic veil, further enhancing the aura of intrigue that envelops him.

What is the Professional Career of Piers Cavill?

Piers Cavill’s military service is indeed a remarkable part of his life. He proudly served in the British Army for an impressive eleven years, yet the details about his military journey remain somewhat elusive. It’s worth noting that Piers isn’t the only one in the Cavill family who answered the call to military service; his brother Niki also dedicated himself to serving his country.

Niki, a Major who later rose to the rank of Colonel, has clearly had a distinguished military career. He hasn’t taken a pause from active duty, showcasing his commitment and dedication to his role. His bravery and leadership qualities have not gone unnoticed, as he was honored with an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in recognition of his outstanding service and contributions.

How much is the Net worth of Piers Cavill?

Piers Cavill’s precise financial worth shrouds itself in enigmatic obscurity, yet there exists no uncertainty surrounding his commendable earnings, courtesy of his role as a commanding officer at the helm of armored tanks and his past service in the military. In stark contrast, his sibling, Henry Cavill, renowned to many for his awe-inspiring wealth, commands a staggering fortune estimated at approximately $50 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

The bulk of Henry’s opulence derives from his astoundingly prosperous career as an actor, a profession that has rewarded him handsomely. His brief but noteworthy cameo in the cinematic production “Black Adam” commanded a princely sum of $250,000. But that’s merely the tip of the financial iceberg. For his involvement in the second installment of “The Witcher,” he reaps an astonishing $1 million per episode.

Turning our attention to Charlie Cavill, another member of the illustrious Cavill fraternity, we discover that he too has managed to amass a substantial fortune, conservatively estimated to be in excess of $1 million. Charlie’s financial triumphs can be ascribed to his vocation as a marketing consultant and his enterprising undertakings, both of which have evidently yielded significant returns. Evidently, the Cavill siblings have charted individual paths to financial prosperity, each as distinctive as the next.

Relationship Status

Piers Cavill’s love life, or lack thereof, is somewhat of a mystery. He’s known for his quiet and private nature, which has made it quite challenging to unearth any details about his romantic pursuits. Piers has skillfully kept this aspect of his life under wraps, and there’s no public information available regarding his past or present relationships.

In stark contrast, his brother Henry Cavill has been more open about his romantic involvements. Currently, he’s in a relationship with Natalie Viscuso, a former reality star and Hollywood producer.

On the other hand, Charlie Cavill, Piers’ brother, has happily tied the knot with Heather Palmer. Their union has endured for more than ten years and has shown to be strong. They are not only a devoted couple but also proud parents who are co-parenting four kids, and their relationship appears to be devoid of any significant difficulties.

Does Piers Have Kids?

Piers, the more private of the Cavill brothers, has managed to keep any details about his children away from the prying eyes of the internet. Despite some curiosity from people trying to find information about Piers’s son, there are only faint whispers and no concrete evidence to confirm or deny the existence of any children in his life. Piers has been quite tight-lipped when it comes to discussing his family and children, whether in the media or online.

Unlike Piers, Charlie, the younger brother, has openly embraced fatherhood. He and his longtime girlfriend, now his wife, Heather Palmer, have welcomed three sons and a daughter into their lives. Their journey as parents has been quite visible, in contrast to Piers’ more elusive family life.

Is Piers Active On The Social Media Platforms?

Piers, the well-known brother in the Cavill clan, is notably absent from the social media scene. You won’t find any Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram profiles under his name. It seems that Piers values his privacy and prefers to lead a discreet life away from the often intrusive world of social media. It’s a choice that allows him to avoid the unwarranted attention that can come with online platforms.

In stark contrast, Henry, Piers’ famous brother, is quite the opposite. Through numerous social media channels, he frequently interacts with his supporters. Using the moniker @henrycavill, he can be found on Instagram where he interacts with his devoted fan base and shares snippets of his life. His account has over 25 million followers.

Charlie, another member of the Cavill clan, also enjoys social media interaction. He’s notably active on Instagram under the username @charlescaville, where he connects with others and shares his experiences. Each of the Cavill brothers seems to have their own approach to the digital world, with Piers opting for a more private path.


Piers Cavill, born around 1971 in Saint Helier, Jersey, is the elder brother of the renowned British actor, Henry Cavill. While Henry has achieved global fame for his roles in movies like “Man of Steel” and “The Witcher,” Piers has maintained a low profile. He served in the British Army for nearly a decade before transitioning into a successful career in finance and business. Piers’s personal life remains shrouded in mystery, and he is not active on social media, in stark contrast to his famous brother Henry.


  • Piers Cavill was born around 1971 in Saint Helier, Jersey, England.
  • He holds British nationality and has a diverse ethnic background.
  • Piers is the elder brother of Henry Cavill, the renowned actor.
  • He pursued higher education at the University of the West of England, graduating in 1996 with a degree in business decision analysis.
  • After completing his education, Piers joined the British Army, serving for nearly a decade.
  • Piers Cavill is known for his private and enigmatic nature, staying away from the media and public spotlight.
  • His military career included rising through the ranks to become an officer.
  • Piers has worked in various corporate roles in finance and wealth management.
  • He holds certifications from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments.
  • Piers Cavill currently serves as the Country Director at Annexio Jersey Limited, an online gaming company.
  • He is also a director at Jersey Laser Scanning Limited, a company specializing in architectural blueprints.
  • Unlike his famous brother Henry, Piers is not active on social media platforms.
  • Piers Cavill’s marital status and family life remain undisclosed to the public.
  • He has managed to keep his personal life away from the prying eyes of the media.
  • Piers’s younger brother, Niki, also served in the military and achieved the rank of Colonel.
  • Henry Cavill, Piers’s famous brother, is known for his roles as Superman and Geralt of Rivia.
  • Piers’s career has spanned both military service and finance, showcasing his versatility.
  • His financial worth is not publicly disclosed, but his career in finance has likely been lucrative.
  • Piers has chosen to maintain a private and low-key lifestyle.
  • The Cavill family includes three other siblings, each pursuing their own distinct paths in life.


Is Piers Cavill active on social media?

No, Piers Cavill is not active on social media platforms.

What is Piers Cavill’s occupation?

Piers Cavill is a business executive and finance professional.

Did Piers Cavill serve in the military?

Yes, Piers served in the British Army for nearly a decade and reached the rank of officer.

What is Piers Cavill’s educational background?

Piers graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in business decision analysis.

How old is Piers Cavill?

Piers Cavill’s birthdate is estimated to be around 1971, making him approximately 52 years old.

Does Piers Cavill have any children?

There is no publicly available information about Piers Cavill’s children.

What is Piers Cavill’s current professional role?

Piers Cavill currently serves as the Country Director at Annexio Jersey Limited, an online gaming company.

Is Piers Cavill’s personal life well-documented?

No, Piers Cavill has successfully kept his personal life away from the public eye, maintaining a private and enigmatic lifestyle.

Who are Piers Cavill’s famous siblings?

Piers Cavill’s younger brother, Henry Cavill, is the most famous among his siblings, known for his acting career in films and television series.

Where is Piers Cavill currently based?

Piers Cavill is based in Jersey, England, where he has pursued both his education and career endeavors.

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