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Who Is Al Stauch’s New Wife?

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New wife of Al Stauch Al Stauch is known for his privacy. Al Stauch is the father of 11-year-old Gannon Stauch, who died in 2020. His new wife is currently hidden from public view. He lost his 11-year-old son Gannon Stauch in January 2020.Al testifies as the first witness against his ex-wife, Letecia Stauch, who is accused of murdering Gannon. In January 2020, Al hugs his son Gannon and tells her he loves her, unaware it would be their last meeting.

Al Stauch—who?

In 2020, 11-year-old Gannon Stauch died sadly. His father is Al Stauch. 

Al testified at the murder trial against Gannon’s stepmother, Letecia Stauch, to seek justice for his son.

The final words Al heard from his son before his disappearance are also public.

Many who have watched Al Stauch see hope and resilience in him. 

His courage and commitment to get justice for Gannon and honour him have inspired many.

Al will be remembered as a devoted father who fought for justice for his beloved kid regardless of the trial’s outcome.

He shows how one individual can change the world, no matter how hard.

Al Stauch: A Dedicated Father

Many people remember Al Stauch for his persistent pursuit of justice for his son Gannon. He actively participated in the murder trial of Letecia Stauch, who allegedly killed Gannon. Al Stauch represents optimism and resilience through unimaginable grief. He shows how one person’s determination can change things, no matter how hard.

Al Stauch’s family 

Al Stauch’s family Eugene married Landen Buillet Hiott before Letecia. The couple has two children, Laina (2012) and Gannon (2009), but little is known about their relationship. Harley Hunt, Al’s 2003-born stepdaughter, is older.

Who is Letecia Stauch?

Colorado resident Letecia Stauch is suspected of murdering her 11-year-old stepson Gannon in January 2020. Her defense claims she was insane when she was killed and has pleaded not guilty.

Many frightening case details have emerged since then. 

New testimony showed that Letecia Stauch tried to bribe a neighbor to lie to police, and a former KKTV reporter said she acted suspiciously during a Gannon disappearance interview. 

There was also an arrest affidavit detailing Gannon’s death.

The trial continues as prosecutors and defense attorneys present evidence. Letecia Stauch’s case’s outcome is unknown.

Did Letecia Stauch bribe them?

This is one of many recent bribery and other criminal cases. 

Authorities reportedly charged FTX founder Bankman-Fried with bribery for $40 million.

For paying university coaches, college admissions scam mastermind Rick Singer was sentenced to 3.5 years in jail.

Letecia Stauch’s trial and sentencing for her attempted bribery are unknown.

If she is convicted, the judge will consider bribery attempts and other circumstances while sentencing her.

Al Stauch’s new wife

Melissa is Eugene Albert’s new wife. She joined him for his ex-wife Letecia’s sentencing. Melissa supported him as he read a family statement. Al Stauch introduced her wife as Melissa, saying she had lost a kid too, but it’s unclear when she remarried. Melissa is scarcely known outside of her connection with Albert. 

Al Stauch’s new wife and child

Eugene told KKTV 11 News he had another son with Melissa, his second wife. He also claimed Melissa’s other children. Al said Melissa has children from a prior relationship. 

Where is Al Stauch now?

Due to his testimony, Al Stauch is at Letecia Stauch’s murder trial in El Paso County, Colorado. 

Authorities suspect Letecia of murdering her stepson Gannon Stauch in January 2020. 

Since Gannon went missing, Al has advocated for his son’s justice and actively searched for him.

Al also has a Facebook page to honour Gannon and update people on the probe. 

He testified on April 11, 2023, and is currently involved in the trial.

Nothing praiseworthy about Al’s steadfast dedication to his son’s justice.

The Tragic Effect of Gannon Stauch

Gannon Stauch’s unexpected death devastated Colorado Springs. Hundreds of people held candlelight vigils to honour him and support his family. The tragedy sparked national discussions about child abuse and neglect, emphasising mixed family awareness.

FAQs on Al Stauch’s new wife 

Q. Who is Al Stauch’s new gal? 

Melissa is her only name. 

Q. Who is Al Stauch’s new mystery woman?

 Al got a new wife in May 2023, when her ex-wife was imprisoned.

Q. Where is Al Stauch now? 

His family moved to El Paso County, Colorado, after he married Melissa. 

Q. Where is Letecia Stauch now? 

Kansas sentenced her to life for murdering her stepson in 2020.

Q. Who are Gannon Stauch’s parents?

Both men are Landen Hiott and Eugene Albert. 

Q. The Letecia Stauch decision?

She received a life sentence without parole. 

Q. How many children does Leticia Stauch She is reportedly Harley Hunt’s mother from a prior relationship.


After personal tragedy and the pursuit of justice, Al Stauch married Melissa, a major life change. Their relationship shows human tenacity and hope in the hardest moments. Al Stauch’s determination to find justice for his son stays unwavering as Letecia Stauch’s trial develops, reminding us that one person can change the world.

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