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Who is Sally Mulroney?

Sally Mulroney, the family’s youngest child and member, was born in 2009 to Dermot Mulroney, a well-known American actor, and Tharita Cesaroni, an Italian producer. Sally, who is just 14 years old, must sustain quite a heritage.

Her father Dermot Mulroney is a famous actor, singer, and voice actor. His best-known flicks are “Young Guns,” “Long Gone,” and “The Last Outlaw.” Her mother, Tharita Cesaroni, is a prominent producer who is Italian-born. The couple tied the knot in 2008, making Sally’s older sister, Mabel Ray Mulroney, her sibling from the same parents, born in 2008.

Sally also has an elder half-brother named Clyde Mulroney from her father’s previous marriage. With a family steeped in the entertainment industry, Sally is growing up healthy and developing well. While she may be petite now, given her father’s height of 5 feet 10 inches, it’s likely she’ll experience a growth spurt in the years to come.

Full NameSally Mulroney
ProfessionStar kid
Popular forDaughter of Dermot Mulroney and Tharita Cesaroni
Estimated Net Worth$11 million US dollars
Age14 years old
Date of Birth2009
Birth PlaceAmerica
School / UniversityDelta State University, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, University of Alabama
Father Height5 feet and 10 inches
FatherDermot Mulroney
MotherTharita Cesaroni
SiblingsMabel Ray Mulroney

Sally Mulroney Biography

Sally Mulroney comes from a lineage of Hollywood stardom as the daughter of the renowned actor Dermot Mulroney and his wife, Tharita Cesaroni. In a world where celebrity status often dominates, Sally has chosen to keep her life more private.

Here’s a brief timeline of Sally’s journey:

2009: Sally Mulroney was born in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, where her parents, Dermot and Tharita, reside.

2011: Her life took on a new chapter as she embraced the role of a big sister with the arrival of her younger sibling, Mabel Ray Mulroney.

2018: Sally made her first notable public appearance when she attended the premiere of her father’s movie, “Love, Simon.” It was a moment that marked her entrance into the spotlight.

2020: Sally temporarily reentered the public limelight on her 11th birthday as a result of her mother posting a rare picture on Instagram. It provided a window into her world as she developed.

Sally Mulroney’s childhood is a blend of talent, fame, and family. Despite the allure of Hollywood, she has chosen to cherish her privacy, savoring the simple joys of her youth while spending quality time with her loved ones.

Sally Mulroney Career

Sally Mulroney, 14, prefers school and youth activities rather than a regular job. However, both of her parents’ enterprises depend on entertainment.

Dermot Mulroney has been a Hollywood regular since her father’s mid-1980s cinematic debut. Dramas, romantic comedies, and westerns are his specialties.He had the lead role in the films “Young Guns,” “Staying Together,” and “Where the Day Takes You.”

Dermot Mulroney married twice. After his 1990 marriage to actress Catherine Keener, he dated her until May 2005, when they had a son called Clyde Keener. In 2008, he wed American cinematographer Tharita Cesaroni-Catulle, beginning his second marriage. Tharita, a well-known filmmaker, started her profession young and fell in love with cinematography. She then started her own cinematography company, worked on several event projects, and produced films.

Dermot Mulroney and Tharita Cesaroni’s wedding took place on December 19, 2007, and they have two children together, Mabel Ray Mulroney and, of course, Sally Mulroney. The family continues to thrive in the dynamic world of entertainment.

Sally Mulroney Body Measurements

Sally Mulroney is still a growing child, and specific details about her exact height, weight, and physical measurements are not publicly available.

In terms of her appearance, she has a fair complexion, dark brown hair, and a pair of beautiful brown eyes.

Sally Mulroney Relationship

As of now, Sally Mulroney is single and, at her age, not yet at the dating stage. There’s no record of any previous romantic relationships for her.

In terms of her parents’ union, Tharita Casarona, Sally’s mother, and Dermot Mulroney, a well-known actor and singer, were married back in 2008. They were joined in marriage in a private ceremony by their closest friends, family, and loved ones since their love story has persisted through time.

These two gorgeous girls belong to this couple. Mabel Ray Mulroney, their elder daughter, came into the world in 2008, while Sally June Mulroney, their second daughter, followed in 2009.

Sally Mulroney Rumors and Controversy

Up to this point, there’s no record of Sally Mulroney being caught up in any rumors or scandals. It’s important to note that she’s still very young and far from the age where gossip and controversies typically come into play.

Sally Mulroney Achievements

At this point in her life, Sally hasn’t had the opportunity to win any awards, as she’s still very young and not engaged in any income-earning work. However, given her family’s success and her own potential, it’s entirely possible that as she grows older, she’ll find herself on the path to earning numerous awards and accolades in the days to come.

Sally Mulroney Net Worth

Both of Sally’s parents are well-known actors and producers who have acquired substantial wealth in the entertainment industry. Sally and her father’s combined net worth is pegged at $11 million as of June 2023 by a number of estimations. This financial security has allowed her to enjoy a comfortable and perhaps even lavish lifestyle.

Sally Mulroney Social Media

As one of the rising star kids with parents who are prominent figures in today’s entertainment industry, Sally is no stranger to the media spotlight. Understandably, her parents are quite protective of her, given the constant attention and scrutiny that often comes with their own fame. It’s entirely natural for them to keep details about Sally’s education and personal life away from the prying eyes of social media and the public.


  • American actress Dermot Mulroney’s 2009 daughter Sally is renowned. She’s 14 years old. But you can’t find her birthday or zodiac sign online.
  • Sally’s elder sister is Mabel Ray Mulroney (2008). She also has an older half-brother called Clyde Mulroney from Dermot’s first marriage.
  • According to her dad’s wiki page, Sally Mulroney lives in Los Angeles with her family. She became an American citizen as a consequence. She is of Caucasian ethnicity as well.
  • Various estimates place the total net worth of Sally and her father at $11 million. She is obviously living a luxurious life as a consequence of her fortune.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Sally Mulroney?

The youngest child of famous American actor Dermot Mulroney and Italian producer Tharita Cesaroni is Sally Mulroney. The 2009-born girl is 14.

What is Sally Mulroney famous for?

Sally Mulroney is primarily known for being the daughter of Dermot Mulroney and Tharita Cesaroni, both prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

What is Sally Mulroney’s estimated net worth?

Sally Mulroney’s estimated net worth, along with her father Dermot Mulroney, is approximately $11 million US dollars as of June 2023.

Who are Sally Mulroney’s siblings?

The 2008-born Mabel Ray Mulroney is Sally’s elder sister. An elder half-brother called Clyde Mulroney is from her father’s previous marriage.

What is Sally Mulroney’s educational background?

Sally’s schooling is not detailed in the article. It notes that her family is heavily involved in the entertainment sector.

Is Sally Mulroney active on social media?

The article states that Sally’s parents are protective of her privacy, so there is no information about her presence on social media platforms.

Has Sally Mulroney won any awards or achievements?

As of now, Sally Mulroney hasn’t won any awards or achievements, given her young age and the fact that she is not engaged in income-earning work.

What is Sally Mulroney’s physical description?

While specific measurements like height and weight are not mentioned, the article describes Sally as having a fair complexion, dark brown hair, and beautiful brown eyes.

Is there any controversy or rumors associated with Sally Mulroney?

As of now, there are no records of Sally Mulroney being involved in any controversies or rumors, likely because of her young age.

What is Sally Mulroney’s family background?

Sally Mulroney hails from an entertainment-heavy household. Dermot Mulroney, her actor father, and Tharita Cesaroni, her producer mother, are both famous. The family resides in LA.

Does Sally Mulroney have any specific career aspirations?

The article mentions that Sally, at the age of 14, prefers school and youth activities over pursuing a regular job. However, it highlights her parents’ successful careers in entertainment.


The youngest child of renowned actor Dermot Mulroney and producer Tharita Cesaroni is Sally Mulroney. Born in 2009, she turned 14 this year. Her ancestors were longtime entertainers. Sally and her father will be rich by over $11 million by 2023. Her older sister Mabel Ray and half-brother Clyde Mulroney are from her father’s first marriage.

Sally has made the decision to lead a somewhat secluded life despite the prominence of her family. Her educational and extracurricular activities have been kept hidden. Her dark brown hair, fair complexion, and gorgeous brown eyes are all recognized.

Due to her youth, Sally has not yet been associated with any issues or rumors. She prefers school and youth activities over pursuing a regular job, while her parents continue to thrive in the world of entertainment.

Sally’s family resides in Los Angeles, and she holds American citizenship, belonging to the white ethnicity. While her future remains unwritten, she enjoys the simple joys of her youth, surrounded by her loved ones.

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