sam shelton ashley reeves wedding
sam shelton ashley reeves wedding

Sam Shelton Ashley Reeves Wedding: A Tale of Unexpected Events

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Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves Wedding

Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves had dreams of saying “I do,” but fate had other plans. Before they could walk down the aisle, their lives took an unexpected turn, thrusting them into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Is Ashley Reeves married?

Although Ashley Reeves is thought to have married the wedding, she has kept their relationship private by remaining quiet about her partner. Although there is conjecture that she married Jeremy Smith, there is no formal confirmation.

When the horrifying incident occurred, Ashley was in a committed relationship with Jeremy Smith, spanning over two years. Their bond was serious enough for Ashley to introduce Jeremy to her parents, who approved of him.

Neither Jeremy nor Ashley’s parents had any inkling of her affair with her former seventh-grade teacher. After the infidelity and the chilling attempt on her life, Jeremy called it quits with Ashley.

Later on, at 18, Ashley found herself in a new relationship with a partner reportedly a year older than her. Though the details about him remain scarce, many believe he’s Ashley Reeves’s husband.

Who is Sam Shelton?

Samson Shelton, also known as Sam Shelton or “The Teacher,” used to be a teacher until he found himself facing serious charges for attempting to murder Ashley Reeves. What’s particularly disturbing is that he was Ashley’s former teacher, adding an unsettling layer to the situation.

Who is Ashley Reeves?

Ashley, a well-known American lady, has experienced a number of terrifying incidents throughout her life. She was born on January 1st, 1983, in Belleville, Illinois, in the United States. Her parents are Michelle Reeves and Tracy Green Koenig.

Ashley has two younger siblings, Madison Koenig and Daniel Koenig, who have supported her unconditionally. She is of Caucasian and white ethnicity and is delighted to be an American. She attended Columbia High School, where her educational path culminated, molding her into the person she is today.

Ashley Reeves Wiki

Full NameAshley Reeves
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 1983
Age41 years old
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Place of BirthBelleville, Illinois, USA
Current ResidenceBelleville, Illinois, USA
Height (feet)5’ 7’’
Height (centimeters)170
Weight (pounds)143
Weight (kilograms)65
Shoe Size (US)6
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
MotherTracy Green Koenig
FatherMichelle Reeves
SiblingsTwo (Madison Koenig and Daniel Koenig)
Relationship StatusMarried
SchoolColumbia High School
ProfessionVolunteer at a violence prevention center
Famous ForBeing an attempted murder victim

Sam Shelton Wiki

Full NameSamson Shelton
Year of Birth1980
Age44 years (as of 2024)
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Current ResidenceUnited States of America
Hair ColorLight brown
Eye ColorHazel
Marital StatusSingle
ProfessionFormer high school teacher

How old is Sam Shelton?

In 2024, Sam Shelton will be 44 years old. He is an American citizen, having been born in the United States in 1980. His ethnicity is White.

Sam Shelton Career

Sam Shelton, after completing his education in American schools and pursuing further studies, landed a job as a driver’s and physical education teacher at Freeburg High School in Freeburg, Illinois, USA.

What happened to Ashley Reeves?

In 2006, Ashley’s life took a terrifying turn when she became the victim of a deadly attempted murder by Samson Shelton, a man with multiple professional roles including wrestler, gym instructor, and high school teacher.

On the day of the incident, Ashley left home, supposedly for a job interview and a basketball game, but she never returned. Concerned when she didn’t answer calls or texts, her parents reported her missing. Initially, suspicion fell on her boyfriend, but as the investigation unfolded, the focus shifted to Sam Shelton.

Ashley and Sam reportedly had a history from high school, where their relationship developed. The chilling attack occurred after Sam lured her to his place under false pretenses. During a car ride, he attempted to end their relationship violently, resulting in Ashley being ejected from the moving vehicle.

Sam then left her in a wooded area to stage her strangulation. Ashley was found alive but gravely injured. She suffered severe inside injuries, so the doctors put her in an induced coma and sent her there right away.

Ashley’s condition was severe, but she eventually recovered quite well. She had to retrain herself to walk, talk, swallow, and carry out daily duties during the months of intense therapy and rehabilitation. But she persevered thanks to her tenacity and the doctors’ care, which eventually resulted in her victorious recovery.

Ashley Reeves’ book and films

In 2009, Ashley summoned incredible courage to share her traumatic story with the world in her book, “Left for the Dead.” It’s a raw account of her terrifying journey through three critical battlegrounds:

First of all, there was the amazing battle in the woods where she had to fight her assailant tooth and nail in order to live.

Then there was the excruciating battle to survive in the sterile surroundings of the hospital, where she had multiple procedures performed in an attempt to save her badly injured body despite overwhelming odds.

And lastly, there’s the intensely emotional courtroom experience, where she faced her attacker and battled for justice, resolved to hold him responsible for his horrible deeds.

Later, “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story,” a film based on her life, was released on theaters, providing viewers with a stirring look into her incredible path of survival, fortitude, and resiliency.

Where is Ashley Reeves now?

Today, Ashley spends her days volunteering at a violence prevention center in Illinois, pouring her heart into helping others navigate through difficult times. Alongside her volunteer work, she holds a steady job and finds immense joy in being a mom to her two children, who bring endless happiness to her life.

Ashley acknowledges that when she thinks back on her experience, she can’t remember the horrific attack that changed her life. She talked about her personal development and resiliency in a moving 2017 interview, highlighting her unwavering will to keep going forward in spite of obstacles.

“I’ve changed into someone who doesn’t let hardship define who I am,” she remarked really. “I work hard every day to overcome my personal obstacles and adopt a more positive view of life. Though it hasn’t always been simple, I’ve discovered that perseverance is essential. Obstacles arise and pass, but I’m resolved to meet them head-on and persevere.”


Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves were involved in a tragic incident that thrust them into the public eye. Sam, Ashley’s former teacher, attempted to murder her in 2006, leading to a harrowing ordeal. Ashley, despite severe injuries, survived and later shared her story through a book and a film adaptation. She has since dedicated herself to helping others and cherishing her role as a mother.


  • Sam Shelton, formerly known as “The Teacher,” was Ashley Reeves’ high school teacher.
  • In 2006, Sam attempted to murder Ashley, leaving her severely injured.
  • Ashley bravely shared her story in her book, “Left for the Dead,” and a film adaptation.
  • Ashley now volunteers at a violence prevention center and enjoys being a mother to her two children.


Q: Did Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves get married?

A: No, Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves did not get married. Sam was Ashley’s former teacher who attempted to murder her.

Q: What happened to Ashley Reeves?

A: In 2006, Ashley Reeves survived a terrifying murder attempt by her former teacher, Sam Shelton. She suffered severe injuries but eventually recovered.

Q: What is Ashley Reeves known for?

A: Ashley Reeves is known for surviving a horrific murder attempt and sharing her story through her book and a film adaptation. She now volunteers at a violence prevention center and cherishes her role as a mother.

Q: Where is Ashley Reeves now?

A: Ashley Reeves currently resides in Illinois, where she volunteers at a violence prevention center and enjoys being a mother to her two children.

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