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Santiago Rulli Galliano, born on July 15, 2010, is the offspring of renowned figures, Sebastian Rulli, a distinguished Mexican-Argentine actor and model, and Cecilia Galliano, an accomplished actress, model, and television host hailing from Argentina.

At the age of 13, Santiago garnered considerable attention owing to the fame of his parents. This spotlight has led to significant curiosity surrounding Santiago’s experiences growing up amidst celebrity status.

Curious to delve deeper into his life? Join us as we explore Santiago’s journey thus far, shedding light on his unique upbringing and experiences.

Who is Santiago Rulli Galliano?

Santiago Rulli Galliano, an American celebrity family member, owes much of his prominence to his well-known parents, Sebastian Rulli and Cecilia Galliano. He entered the world on January 15, 2010, in Mexico.

As of 2023, Santiago Rulli Galliano will be turning 12 years old. This page aims to illuminate the biography of Santiago Rulli Galliano, shedding light on lesser-known facets about him among other intriguing details.

Before his parents’ union in 2007, Santiago’s mother had a relationship with Silvio Fornaro. He also has an older sister named Valentina, born in 2001.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Age

In the year 2023, Santiago Rulli Galliano stands at 13 years old, born on July 15, 2010.

Santiago’s age signifies his position as a youthful member of a widely recognized entertainment family, with both his parents holding prominent roles within the industry.

Early Life

Santiago Rulli, born on January 15, 2010, in Mexico, shares a familial bond with Valentina, his older sibling, born in 2001. The lineage expands further to Oscar Rulli, Santiago Rulli Galliano’s paternal grandfather.

Galliano’s heritage embodies a multiracial blend. His father’s lineage is Mestizo, while his mother’s roots trace back to Galician and Basque origins.

His father, Sebastián Rulli, stands as an Argentine actor recognized for portraying Francisco Guzman in the 2012 TV drama “Amores Verdaderos” and Miguel Garza in the series “El Dragón: Return of a Warrior.” Initially engaging in Argentine telenovelas from 1995 to 1998, he later ventured to Mexico, enrolling in Televisa’s Centro de Educación Artística acting program. His television journey commenced in 2000 with “Primer Amor, a mil por hora,” followed by notable appearances in “Sin pecado concebido” and “Clase 406,” solidifying his stature as a sought-after actor.

Cecilia Galliano, Santiago’s mother, is a television host and actress. In 2013, she captivated audiences as the host of shows like “Top 10” and “Coffee Enthusiast,” catering to coffee aficionados. Originating from a modeling background, she transitioned into television hosting, starring alongside Omar Chaparro and Laura Sabadazo in the soap opera “One Lucky Family.” Her collaboration with Silvia Navarro in the Mexican telenovela “My Heart Belongs to You” marked another notable career milestone.

The relationship between Cecilia Galliano and Argentine actor Sebastián Rulli concluded in 2011, subsequent to which she pursued various acting projects, including her role alongside Silvia Navarro in the Mexican telenovela.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Parents

Santiago Rulli Galliano’s parents, Rulli and Cecilia Galliano, were married from 2008 to 2011, during which time they welcomed their first child, Santiago. Their partnership lasted nearly a decade. Following this, Rulli has been in a relationship with actress Angelique Boyer since 2014. Various publications, including TVyNovelas and People Español, have featured his parents, often including Santiago.

In 2016, there was a legal dispute between Santiago’s father and mother. However, in a short span, the former couple reconciled their differences and embarked on co-parenting for the sake of Santi, who celebrated his thirteenth birthday in January. Both parents consider Santi as their top priority.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Personal Life

Santiago Rulli Galliano shares a sibling bond with his older sister, Valentina, who was born in 2001. His mother, Cecilia Galliano, graced the screens as a presenter alongside Laura G and Omar Chaparro on Sabadazo from October 2010 to June 2016.

Hailing from Marcos Juárez, Argentina, Galliano was born on March 5, 1978, and spent her formative years in her hometown. At the age of 16, she juggled roles as a model and waitress at a restaurant near the Obelisk in Buenos Aires. Her modeling career saw a significant leap when, at 19, she collaborated with Enrique Covarrubias for a campaign in Mexico.

Sebastian Rulli, Santiago’s father, made headlines in 2019 for beach photos displaying his buttocks. Additionally, rumors surfaced in April 2022 suggesting his potential involvement as the lead in the James Bond franchise.

Renowned for his roles in various movies, Sebastian Rulli has been part of productions like “Verano del ’98,” “Sin pecado concebido,” “Contra viento y marea,” “Teresa,” “Lo que la vida me robó,” “Papá a toda madre,” “El Dragón: Return of a Warrior,” among others.

Connections within Families and the Realm of Performance

Santiago’s ties to the world of acting are deeply rooted within his family. His parents, Sebastian Rulli and Cecilia Galliano, hold esteemed positions as actors, revered for their remarkable skills. Their illustrious journey in the entertainment industry has paved the way for Santiago to step onto the stage of the limelight.

Born into a family immersed in acting, Santiago’s home resembles a theatrical setting, where narratives and characters flourish.

The roles portrayed by his parents in movies and television series have served as a catalyst, igniting Santiago’s curiosity to explore his own talents and unravel the enchantment of storytelling.

Within Santiago’s household, conversations revolve around rehearsals, sets, and the thrill of performing—an environment teeming with the essence of the performing arts.

Growing up amidst actors is akin to possessing an exclusive pass to the realm of entertainment. This unique upbringing molds his viewpoint on creativity and self-expression.

Similar to how a tree gains strength from its roots, Santiago’s foundation lies within the realm of acting. His parents’ experiences impart invaluable lessons about diligence and commitment.

Acting isn’t merely a profession for his family; it’s a shared passion that forms an integral part of their familial heritage.

In Santiago’s world, acting transcends being just a career—it’s a lifestyle. His family’s journey acts as a guiding compass, steering him along his own distinctive path. Bolstered by their unwavering support, he’s poised to explore the world of acting and leave an indelible mark in his own inimitable manner.

Navigating the Shadows of Fame

Stepping into the spotlight following the footsteps of renowned parents isn’t without its challenges. Santiago’s life resembles a complex puzzle, where his individuality intersects with his family’s prominent presence. Amidst this, he’s discovering how to shine on his own terms.

Imagine the weight of recognition as someone’s offspring. Santiago’s journey mirrors the quest to carve out his unique place within a grand narrative. Despite his parents’ stardom, he harbors dreams and talents distinctively his own.

Santiago navigates a delicate balance between his aspirations and his family’s established fame. Juggling both realms poses its trials, yet his resolve to find equilibrium remains unwavering.

His trajectory is about forging his identity while paying homage to his roots.

The shadows cast by his family’s renown serve as both a comfort and a challenge. Santiago’s heart pulses with pride for his parents’ achievements, even as he strives to carve his own path.

His journey parallels an artist painting a canvas, adding his distinct hues to an already adorned tapestry of artistry.

In Santiago’s realm, within those shadows, he discovers his own radiance. It’s a journey of maturation intertwined with reverence for his family’s narrative.

With every stride, he maneuvers the trajectory of his own prominence, emerging resplendently as Santiago Rulli Galliano.

Know About Santiago’s Mother

Cecilia Beatriz Galliano, a renowned Argentine actress, telenovela model, and television presenter established in Mexico, was born in Marcos Juarez, Córdoba, Argentina, on March 5, 1976.

Under the zodiac sign of Pisces, Cecilia is recognized as the mother of Santiago Rulli and Valentina Galliano. She was previously married to Sebastian Rulli and had a prior relationship with Silvio Fornaro. Her current partner is recognized as Mark Tacher.

During her teenage years at sixteen, Cecilia worked as both a waitress and a model at a restaurant near the Obelisk in Buenos Aires. At the age of nineteen, she collaborated with the renowned photographer Enrique Covarrubias, participating as a model in his campaign.

Cecilia Galliano has garnered fame for her involvement in various popular telenovelas and TV shows. Notable among these are “Una familia con suerte” (A Lucky Family) where she portrayed Violeta Ruiz Carballo, the TV comedy series “Durmiendo con mi jefe” (Sleeping with My Boss) as Gina, and “La Taxista” (The Taxi Driver) wherein she played the character Carolina Ruiz Lizarraga. Additionally, she co-hosted “Sabadazo” (Big Saturday), initially aired during morning hours on Univision from 2012 to 2015, later moving to evening slots. The show was hosted by Omar Chaparro, featuring Cecilia Galliano and Laura G.

Who is Santiago Rulli Galliano in a Relationship With?

Santiago Rulli Galliano opts to keep his personal and romantic life away from the public eye. Please revisit this page regularly as we continually update it with any new relationship details. Exploring Santiago Rulli Galliano’s past relationships, former partners, and previous encounters will be provided here. Santiago Rulli Galliano prefers maintaining confidentiality regarding marital status and divorce.

The concept of dating signifies a phase in an individual’s life where they actively engage in pursuing romantic connections with various individuals. When two unmarried celebrities are spotted together in public, they are often referred to as “dating,” suggesting a public appearance without clear confirmation of their relationship status—whether they are friends, exploring a more intimate connection, or involved romantically.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Net Worth

Santiago Rulli Galliano’s family ties contribute to his wealth. At the age of 13, Santiago Rulli Galliano had an estimated net worth of $100,000 in 2023.

Initially, in 2023, his net worth was approximately $80,000. Considering his financial progress, it’s plausible to anticipate a potential growth to reach $2 million USD in the coming years.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Height and Weight

Santiago Rulli Galliano is an individual whose physical attributes reflect his growing adolescence. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) tall and weighing around 50 kilograms (110 lbs), he maintains a slender build that exudes youthful vigor.

His deep, dark brown eyes carry a sense of depth, contributing to his enigmatic presence. Santiago’s hair, naturally adorned in a shade of dark brown, adds an element of authenticity to his overall appearance.

Santiago’s physical development plays a role in accentuating his unique charm as he matures. This uniqueness is further enriched by his diverse lineage and strong familial connections, setting him apart amidst a captivating tapestry of individuality.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Instagram

As of the current moment, Santiago Rulli Galliano has opted not to engage on social media platforms. Although he presently refrains from an online presence, there’s a potential for him to explore the digital realm in the future, acknowledging the continuous advancements in technology and communication.

Final Words

Santiago Rulli Galliano’s life embodies a unique narrative woven into the fabric of illustrious family lineage. Born to the esteemed actors Sebastian Rulli and Cecilia Galliano, Santiago’s journey is an intersection of heritage, talent, and the pursuit of individuality.

His upbringing amidst the world of entertainment has offered him a backstage pass to the artistry of storytelling and performance. Nurtured within the glow of his parents’ fame, Santiago navigates a path that celebrates his roots while carving out his distinct identity.

Despite the shadows cast by his family’s renown, Santiago embraces the challenge of emerging into his own light, respecting the legacy of his parents while crafting his narrative in the vast canvas of the entertainment world.

As he matures, Santiago Rulli Galliano stands poised at the cusp of discovery, balancing the rich tapestry of his family’s heritage with the aspirations of a young individual eager to leave his mark. His journey, an ode to determination and resilience, unfolds as he steps into the spotlight, illuminating the way for his unique story to take center stage.

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