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Mary Poole: The Supportive Force Behind The Cure Robert Smith

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Who Is Mary Poole?

Mary Poole came into this world on October 3, 1958, and she’s currently 64 years young. In her own right, she is a well-known celebrity spouse.

The main reason Mary Poole is famous is because she was Robert James Smith’s beloved wife. A well-known English singer, composer, guitarist, and record producer is Robert James Smith.

Speaking about Robert, he is well-known for his roles as The Cure’s main singer, guitarist, principal composer, and lone constant.

Mary Poole Bio

Mary Poole became well-known mostly as a result of her marriage to renowned pianist Robert Smith. Mary Poole’s fame mostly stems from her marriage to renowned guitarist Robert Smith. Musician, songwriter, and record producer Robert is English. Co-founder, principal vocalist, and major songwriter for The Cure, he is most known for this.

Before taking care of her husband’s needs and supporting his company, Mary worked as a model. She subsequently changed her attention, exhibiting her compassion and commitment to assisting others, to caring for children with disabilities and special needs. Mary Theresa Poole is the complete name of the person who was born in the UK.

Mary Poole Early Life & Education

Mary Poole’s place of birth within the United Kingdom remains a mystery when it comes to her early years. Information about Mary Theresa Poole’s parents or siblings is notably absent, leaving us in the dark about these details.

Likewise, Mary’s nationality has raised questions, but she is indeed a British citizen.

In terms of her education, this supportive partner of Robert Smith attended St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School. However, any further details regarding her academic accomplishments seem to elude us.

Mary Poole Age

Mary Poole, who became 64 years old on October 3, 1958, was born.

Mary Poole stands out for her amazing capacity for adjustment to the rapidly evolving social media environment. She has a strong market presence because she understands how important it is to keep up to date. Mary’s continued success has been largely attributed to her dedication to keeping on the cutting edge of new trends, investigating fresh platforms, and steadily improving her approach to content.

Mary Poole Career

In her early career, Mary started off as a model, exploring her path in the world of fashion. But she demonstrated her constant commitment to helping others when she switched occupations to nursing and started working with kids who had intellectual challenges.

Since they were both focused on their own careers at the time, Mary and her husband Robert didn’t spend much time together. But when Robert’s musical career grew, Mary made the crucial choice to give up her own profession and devote herself fully to her husband.

Mary became not only Robert’s partner but also his unwavering pillar of support. Her confidence in his musical vision played a crucial role in motivating him to ensure the success of their band, The Cure.

On the flip side, Robert embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of 14, initially forming the high school band known as The Crawley Goat Band, which included his siblings Richard and Janet, among others. Later, in 1976, he founded Easy Cure alongside Laurence Tolhurst, Pearl Thompson, and Michael Dempsey, a pivotal moment in the band’s history.

Popular albums like “Bloodflowers” (2000), “The Cure” (2004), and “4:13 Dream” (2008) have established The Cure’s credibility.

Robert won the 2005 Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement for his musical achievements, demonstrating his lasting impact.

Mary Poole Body Measurements

Mary Poole, the well-known spouse and steadfast supporter of the British goth rock icon Robert Smith, recently celebrated her 61st birthday. She was born on October 3, 1958, making her a year older to her husband, Smith, and her zodiac sign is Libra.

Standing at a graceful 5 feet 6 inches (169 cm), Mary maintains a certain air of mystery about her weight, keeping it undisclosed. As for her precise body measurements, those details remain a well-guarded secret.

Mary’s striking appearance includes her long black hair and warm brown eyes, which beautifully complement her fair skin tone.

Religion & Ethnicity

The religious affiliations and ethnicity of Mary Poole are private matters that she has chosen to keep private. She could want to keep this knowledge confidential, who knows. We’ll undoubtedly let you know if there are any future adjustments or changes to her religion and ethnicity as soon as we learn about them.

Mary Poole Relationship

Mary Poole is blissfully married to none other than Robert Smith in her personal life.

At St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School, Mary first met Robert, a well-known English musician, singer, composer, and music producer. They were both enrolled in a theater class. They had no idea that their chance meeting would usher in a fantastic trip for them both.

Mary’s unwavering support and encouragement played a significant role in propelling Robert toward his dreams in the music world. After spending wonderful moments together, they took the big step and exchanged vows in 1988, solidifying their love and commitment to one another.

Robert even dedicated one of his songs, “Love Song,” to Mary as a heartfelt sign of his love for her, demonstrating the intensity of their relationship.

Despite their lengthy and devoted marriage, the couple has decided against having kids. It has been a conscious and joint decision for them to choose to stay childless. Robert has freely revealed that he doesn’t feel capable of parenting children.

Why Don’t Mary and Robert Have Kids?

Mary and Robert wish to preserve their childless status after 31 years of marriage. In response to questions about his decision, Robert said, “I don’t think I’m responsible enough to bring a child into this world.”

These two apparently chose to do this early in their marriage. Surprisingly, this choice hasn’t negatively impacted their marital or personal lives. They still have a close relationship and each has achieved happiness in their own particular manner. Their bond remains strong, and they’ve found fulfillment in their own unique way.

Mary Poole Net Worth

Mary Poole, a famous figure, has lived a prosperous and luxurious existence with her husband.

Mary Poole’s net worth is said to be in the range of $500k and $1m. Celebrity net worths are hard to calculate. Due to his successful music career, her husband, Robert, has a $25 million net worth.

As is typical of prominent personalities, Mary has kept her salary, earnings, and assets hidden.

Mary Poole Rumors & Controversy

Mary has always maintained a flawless and trouble-free reputation since she has never been associated with any gossip or bad circumstances.

She prioritizes keeping her personal and professional lives distinct, as seen by her choice to keep them separate from her public persona. She may enjoy the best of both worlds without any needless entanglements because of this intentional isolation.

Mary Poole Social Media

It’s crucial to pay attention to Mary Poole’s activity on social media.

She presently doesn’t, however, have any active official Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts. Mary appears to choose a more private approach, as seen by her decision to withhold her sensitive information from these open forums.

Final Words

Mary Poole is widely recognized as the devoted wife of English musician Robert James Smith, the frontman of the iconic band The Cure. Mary has had a rather secluded life despite her connections to celebrity. She started her career as a model before switching to nursing and specializing in providing care for young patients with intellectual disabilities. Her steadfast backing of Robert Smith and his musical endeavors has been crucial to The Cure’s success.

Mary and Robert’s choice to stay childless for the duration of their 31-year marriage is one noteworthy part of their lives. Robert has freely said that he doesn’t think he is responsible enough to have a kid. They still get along and enjoy themselves despite this decision.

Mary is reported to be between $500k to $1 million, but her husband Robert Smith is worth $25 million due to his music career.

Mary Poole seldom uses social media and hides her race and religion. She has kept her personal and business lives separate throughout her life to preserve a spotless image.

Finally, Mary Poole is renowned for her long-lasting marriage to Robert Smith, her encouragement of his musical endeavors, and her former careers in nursing and modeling. Her decision to remain childless has been a conscious choice, and she has found fulfillment in her partnership with Robert. Mary continues to live a private and relatively low-profile life.

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