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Sigmond Galloway was a professional Jazz singer who gained recognition, though he is perhaps best known for being the former husband of the renowned gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. American gospel vocalist Mahalia Jackson was a major influence in the 20th century. In four decades, Mahalia Jackson helped shape and grow gospel blues in African American churches across the US.

Sigmond and Mahalia were married for a relatively short period of around three years. The details of their separation and what transpired afterward are subjects of interest. In addition, this article will delve into various aspects of Sigmond Galloway’s life, including his biography, age, career, estimated net worth, and more.

Bio, Height, Age, Nationality

Sigmond Galloway entered the world on May 18, 1922, taking his first breath in Alabama, United States. He proudly held American citizenship and had African-American roots. With a dark complexion, he had deep black eyes and hair. In terms of stature, Sigmond Galloway stood at an average height. While we know his father’s name, Randolph Galloway, information about his mother and any potential siblings remains elusive.

In 1965, Sigmond Galloway tied the knot with the sensational Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, a union that sadly lasted for just two years. Their marriage came to an end in 1967, marking the conclusion of their time together. Sigmond Galloway was Mahalia Jackson’s second husband, as her first marriage also faced a brief duration. Music was a common thread that connected Sigmond and Mahalia, both sharing a strong passion for it.

Tragically, Sigmond Galloway’s life journey concluded at the age of 50. On his 50th birthday, May 18, 1972, he breathed his last in Gary, Lake, Indiana, United States.

He Was A Jazz Musician

Mahalia Jackson’s husband, Sigmond, was professionally engaged in the world of jazz music. However, beyond this general fact, there isn’t a wealth of information available about his life. Sigmond Galloway’s name gained prominence primarily due to his marriage to the late gospel singer.

The other half of the story is that Mahalia Jackson was a famous gospel singer. During her 40-year career, she was one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century.

Jackson was able to achieve great success while facing racial discrimination, selling an astounding 22 million records. Her career started when she moved to Chicago and joined the Jackson Singers ensemble. She established a reputation and was sought after to perform at funerals, political rallies, and revivals thanks to her extraordinary talent.

The song “Move On Up a Little Higher,” which sold over two million copies and earned a spot on the Billboard charts, gave Mahalia her big break and propelled her to fame all over the world in 1947.

She made headlines for being the first gospel performer to visit Europe and for giving fans around the world access to her sweet voice on radio and television. Her performances extended to notable figures such as presidents and heads of state, using her gift to sing her way into the hearts of many.

Mahalia Jackson also engaged in the civil rights movement through her songs. She sang at the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, raising vital funds for the campaign.

Relationship and Marriage

Sigmond Galloway found himself in the spotlight due to his connection with Mahalia Jackson. After the meeting, they married fast. Both from musical backgrounds, their love of music bonded them. Mahalia’s immense popularity with her fans continues to resonate, even in present times, as her remarkable talent remains widely praised.

The couple savored their time together for a span of a few years, until the complexities of life intervened. Their separation wasn’t foreseen, especially considering that their marriage had taken their family and friends by surprise back in 1965. Despite their unexpected union, the couple did not have any children together. The initial years of their marriage were marked by Mahalia’s poor health, as she battled sarcoidosis and managed to overcome a heart attack. These health struggles likely limited their time spent together.

As the physical and emotional distance between them grew, the decision to part ways through divorce became inevitable. The culmination of their marriage occurred in 1967, signifying the end of their shared journey as a married couple.

Even with the eventual dissolution of their marriage, the love story between Sigmond Galloway and Mahalia Jackson remains a captivating tale. The introduction of their paths occurred in Gary, Indiana, where Sigmond encountered Mahalia through mutual acquaintances. During this period, Mahalia’s demanding schedule often took her to various performances, leaving her with a sense of loneliness despite her busy career. Her first marriage had left her emotionally scarred and isolated.

Sigmond’s kind and caring nature appealed to her deeply. In the moments they could spare, they found solace in each other’s company. Their love story took an unexpectedly swift turn when they found themselves unexpectedly tying the knot in Mahalia’s living room. This shocking development surprised both the newlyweds and their loved ones.

Their love was accompanied by the hope that Mahalia’s second marriage would bring sweetness to her life after her bitter first marriage. However, reality diverged from their hopes. The second marriage turned out to be more tumultuous than the first, leading to the eventual separation of Sigmond’s and Mahalia’s paths.

Mahalia Jackson, the ex-wife of Sigmond Galloway

Mahalia Jackson, Sigmond Galloway’s ex-wife, was a 20th-century great vocalist. Gospel singer, she left a mark. Mahalia Jackson was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 26, 1911. Charity Jackson and John A. Jackson, Sr. were her parents. Mahalia sang to glorify God with her heavenly gift. She helped bring gospel blues to Black churches nationwide. Mahalia and her ensemble used music to promote racial harmony during these tense times. Her life was spent helping the poor, and her unlimited compassion and exceptional singing skills distinguished her.

Mahalia Jackson loved others unconditionally, even when she didn’t get the same back. Her marriage was brief. In 1935, she married Isaac “Ike” Hockenhull. Ike, a scientist, shared her life, although he lost his work and had financial problems. Mahalia provided for them. In ‘The Swing Mikado,’ Ike suggested Mahalia audition. She consented and worked with them, but she wasn’t satisfied. Their relationship worsened as financial problems increased, resulting to their 1967 separation.

Mahalia’s second marriage, to Sigmond Galloway, was brief. Her health difficulties and medical treatment changed her, changing their connection. It was clear things had changed. Sigmond Galloway hurt Mahalia, which was unfortunate. Their marriage ended in divorce.

Mahalia Jackson never gave up her aspirations despite severe setbacks. She used her talent to promote racial tolerance and love in the US. The life of Mahalia Jackson ended on January 27, 1972, in Evergreen Park, Illinois.

Life of Galloway Following Divorce from Former Wife Mahalia Jackson

After his divorce from Jackson, Sigmond chose to lead a very private life. There’s no evidence suggesting he entered into any new relationships following their separation. Various sources indicate that he remained single until his passing at the age of 50 on May 18, 1972.

However, before his time with Mahalia, Sigmond Galloway had been married to Celestine Person. The two united in marriage on December 16, 1949. Their journey together spanned 13 years but tragically concluded when Celestine passed away in 1962.

On a different note, Mahalia Jackson, his former wife, also remained single until her own passing on January 27, 1972. Her death followed a surgical procedure to address a bowel obstruction. Mahalia had been previously married to a man named Isaac Hockenhull. Isaac, a chemist who worked as a postman, became her husband in 1936. Their marital bond endured until 1941.


Sigmond Galloway’s professional path led him to the world of jazz music. His earlier days were spent in Alabama, United States, before he eventually relocated to Gary, Indiana. It was in this new setting that he ventured into a career as a singer. He was a builder before music.

The 20th century’s greatest famous gospel singer was his wife, Mahalia Jackson. Jackson’s 40-year career helped shape and popularize gospel blues in African American churches. In a time marked by racial segregation and division, she managed to achieve remarkable milestones. Her records, estimated to have reached a staggering 22 million in sales, resonated with audiences from all walks of life. Her performances transcended boundaries, taking her to concert halls across the globe, where she captivated audiences of diverse backgrounds, including mixed-race and secular listeners.

What Was Sigmond’s Age At The Time Of His Death?

Unfortunately, Sigmond’s journey in this world came to an end. He passed away on May 18, 1972, in Gary, Lake, Indiana, USA. At the time of his departure, he was approximately 50 years old, marking a relatively young age to bid farewell. Interestingly, his passing occurred only a few months following the death of his former wife, Mahalia Jackson.

How Much Is Sigmond Galloway’s Net Worth?

Regarding Sigmond’s financial status, he possessed an estimated net worth of about $100,000 when he passed away. In contrast, his wife Mahalia held a higher net worth, estimated to be around $1 million. Her financial portfolio, as shared by her lawyer, encompassed valuable real estate assets valued at approximately $500,000, in addition to a noteworthy cash bank deposit amounting to around $500,060.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: Who was Sigmond Galloway?
Sigmond Galloway was a professional jazz singer known for his connection to renowned gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. He gained recognition primarily through his marriage to Mahalia Jackson.

Q2: What is Mahalia Jackson known for?
Gospel music was shaped by Mahalia Jackson in the 20th century. She helped popularize gospel blues in African American churches nationwide. She led the civil rights struggle and sold millions of records.

Q3: How long were Sigmond Galloway and Mahalia Jackson married?
Sigmond Galloway and Mahalia Jackson were married for about two years, from 1965 to 1967.

Q4: What were the reasons for Sigmond Galloway and Mahalia Jackson’s divorce?
The exact reasons for their divorce are not fully detailed, but it is mentioned that their marriage faced challenges due to Mahalia Jackson’s health issues and medical treatment, which strained their relationship.

Q5: What was Sigmond Galloway’s career?
Sigmond Galloway was professionally involved in the world of jazz music. However, there is limited information available about his specific career in jazz.

Q6: How did Mahalia Jackson contribute to gospel music and civil rights?
The legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson promoted racial harmony and tolerance. She performed in civil rights events like the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Final Words

the life and legacy of Sigmond Galloway are intertwined with the remarkable story of gospel music icon Mahalia Jackson. While Sigmond gained recognition through his marriage to Mahalia, his own career as a jazz musician remains relatively less documented. Their love story, marked by music and passion, ultimately faced challenges that led to their separation.

Mahalia Jackson’s contributions to gospel music and the civil rights movement are undeniable. Her powerful voice and unwavering commitment to promoting racial harmony left an indelible mark on American history. From her humble beginnings to her iconic performances and involvement in significant events, Mahalia’s influence extended far beyond the realm of music.

Sigmond Galloway’s journey, though shorter, adds a unique layer to the narrative. His relationship with Mahalia and jazz career reveal a significant musical period.

Reflecting on their lives reminds us of music’s potential to heal, uplift, and inspire change. Sigmond Galloway and Mahalia Jackson’s stories serve as a testament to the enduring impact of artists who use their talents to shape culture and create connections that transcend time and boundaries.

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