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Smaranda Ciceu: Age, Biography, Parents, Height, Children, Net Worth, and More

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Smaranda Luna Biography

Smaranda Ciceu holds the roles of an American-Romanian actress, writer, producer, and stand-up comedian. Her reputation blossomed through her performances in notable films like Closer to the Moon (2014), Harley and the Davidsons (2016), and Patti and Marina (2017).

Adding to her fame, Smaranda is recognized as the life partner of American actor and producer Gabriel Luna. Their journey in matrimony began on February 20, 2011, when they tied the knot with each other.

Smaranda Ciceu Wiki 

Real NameSmaranda Ciceu
Also known asSmaranda Luna
OccupationActress, writer, producer, and stand-up comedian
Birthday7 March 1990
Age (as of Feb 2023)32 years old
BirthplaceBucharest, Romania
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac signCancer
ParentsMother: Yet to be updated
Father: Will update
SiblingsBrother: Luca Ciceu
Sister: None
EducationSchool: Private High School
University: University of Texas at Austin
Qualifications: Graduate with a bachelor’s degree
Body MeasurementsHeight: 5 ft 8 in (172.7 cm)
Weight: 62 kg (136.6 lbs)
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Figure: Slim
Body measurements: 35-26-36
Tattoos: None
Any surgeries: None
Marriage and DatingMarital Status: Married
Husband: Gabriel Luna
Boyfriend: None
Children: None
Income and CollectionNet Worth 2023: $1 million to $2 million (approx.)
Cars: Mercedes
House: Luxurious house in Los Angeles
Main income source: Acting
Other income sources: Brand endorsements, commercials, and advertisements
Real NameSmaranda Ciceu
Also known asSmaranda Luna


Smaranda is a well-known artist of American-Romanian descent, based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Her journey encompasses acting, writing, producing, and stand-up comedy. The spotlight first found her when she stepped into the world of acting through the short film “Trafic” in 2004, where she was credited as Smaranda Ciceu. Her talents truly shone as she portrayed Ava Black in a series of episodes of the TV show “Behind The Scenes.”

Ciceu’s career journey continued with appearances in productions like “Nikolai,” “Closer to the Moon,” and “Harley and the Davidsons.” The year 2017 marked her debut in the esteemed TV series “Patti and Marina,” where she not only played the role of Marina across six episodes but also contributed behind the scenes as a writer and producer. Her television chapter reached its conclusion with the 2018 short film “Do Not Go Gentle.”

Confirming the latest scoop, Smaranda recently wrapped up her work in the short film “Bernie,” wherein she embodied the character of Alyssa. On a slightly different note, her pursuit of stand-up comedy has encountered its own set of challenges, primarily due to her material being tailored for a more mature audience, which sometimes hinders widespread success in the competitive comedy landscape.

Smaranda Ciceu Age And Birthday

Smaranda receives heartfelt birthday wishes from her loyal social media followers every March 7. She always celebrates with birthday cake with her loved ones in Bucharest, Romania, where she was born in 1990. In February 2023, she’s excited about her 32nd birthday in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Smaranda actively embraces her American-Romanian heritage, which enriches her. Astrologically, she’s a Cancer, noted for its emotional depth and sensitivity.

This is her academic journey: The University of Texas at Austin awarded Smaranda a bachelor’s degree in acting. Rewind a bit. Before that, she attended a private high school to improve her talents and knowledge.

Height And Weight

Smaranda possesses a captivating presence on the screen, gracing it with her acting talents. She’s a fan of the quintessential American healthy diet, showing her commitment to well-being. In the earlier days, her mornings were often dedicated to invigorating workouts and refreshing jogs, all in the pursuit of staying in great shape.

Standing gracefully at 5 feet 8 inches or around 1.72 meters, she carries herself with elegance. Her weight of approximately 62 kg or 136.6 lbs complements her stature, making for a harmonious balance.

Smaranda’s allure is accentuated by her enchanting brown hair and eyes that frame her face exquisitely. The numbers 35-26-36 outline her body’s lovely proportions, a testimony to her overall fitness. Notably, her canvas remains free of any visible tattoos, allowing her natural beauty to shine through.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Smaranda Ciceu is believed to have a net worth ranging between $1 million to $2 million (approximately). Her earnings stem primarily from her acting endeavors, but she also boosts her income through collaborations with brands, participating in commercials, and being a face for various advertisements.

She Came To The USA For Her Education

After completing her bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Romania’s National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Ciceu moved to the US. To earn her master’s in fine arts from the University of Texas, she crossed the ocean.

Her college years went beyond lessons and studies. She was offered the thrilling position of Assistant Acting Instructor. This experience helped her improve her talents and motivate other students to be innovative.

Social Media Accounts

You can easily connect with Smaranda Ciceu across various social media platforms. To stay updated on her latest happenings, you can give her a follow on Instagram using the handle @smarandaluna or catch her tweets on Twitter with the username @smarandaluna. If Facebook is your platform of choice, she’s also active there and you can explore her page. And for those intrigued by her journey in the entertainment world, a visit to her IMDb profile will offer a comprehensive overview of all her achievements in acting and producing.


From a Romanian Christian family, Smaranda is a skilled actor and producer. Her childhood in Bucharest was filled with joyous memories with her parents and siblings. Her brother Luca Ciceu is important to her family. Unfortunately, little is known about her parents. Their names also remain unknown, adding interest to Smaranda’s origins.

Smaranda Loves Traveling

Smaranda Ciceu’s heart is deeply passionate about exploring the world, and she’s been fortunate to embark on journeys across numerous countries. Her adventurous spirit has taken her to captivating places like Brazil, Montreal, Japan, Spain, China, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

What adds an extra special touch to these adventures is that she often experiences these remarkable travels alongside her life partner, creating a beautiful shared tapestry of memories and experiences that they both hold close to their hearts.

Marriage, Husband and Kids

Gabriel and Smaranda have been partners in life for a wonderful span of 11 years. Their journey as a couple began on February 20, 2011, when they exchanged vows and embarked on this beautiful chapter together. Their current abode is nestled in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, where they’ve set down roots and built a cozy marital haven.

Despite the years that have passed, their bond remains as strong and lovely as ever. They take joy in sharing glimpses of their heartwarming romance and the union they cherish with their circle of well-wishers.

Their shared love for exploration has led them on adventures across the globe, with their travels painting a colorful picture of their life together on Instagram. Given their background in the entertainment realm, it’s quite likely that their paths initially crossed within the industry’s fascinating corridors. Prior to their wedding, their love story bloomed during a period of dating and getting to know each other. According to certain sources, the spark of their connection ignited right there in the bustling city of Los Angeles.

Filmography & Tv-Series

2004TraficThe other girl
2009A New ManDesislava
2010In This PlaceJane Stampe
2011My American BabyHelen
2012Belle of the BallSue
2012Behind The SceneAva Black
2014Closer to the MoonAs Smaranda Ciceu
2016Harley and the DavidsonsGirl 2
2017Patti and MarinaMarina
2018Do Not Go Gentle

Unknown Facts

Even though she’s in the spotlight, Smaranda Ciceu holds her personal life close to her heart. She prefers to keep a veil of privacy around it, and this extends to details about her parents – their identities remain a mystery, just like her fondness for keeping things under wraps.

When it comes to taking care of herself, Smaranda sticks to an American healthy diet, showing her commitment to wellness. Mornings find her embracing exercise and jogging, a routine that speaks to her dedication to staying fit and feeling her best.

When Did They Meet?

Ciceu and Luna’s love story began to unfold back in the late 2000s, a time when fate brought them into each other’s orbit. The enchanting saga of their romance truly took flight in 2009, marking the official start of their journey together. As the hands of time kept ticking, their bond deepened and flourished, leading them to a beautiful milestone – a joyous wedding ceremony that took place merely two years after they set foot on this shared path in 2011.

Smaranda Luna Trivia

  • Smaranda Luna’s place of birth remains a mystery, as no specific location has been disclosed.
  • Smaranda Luna made her entrance into the world under the name Smaranda Ciceu. She’s a multi-talented artist, recognized for her roles in notable productions like “Patti and Marina” (2017), “Harley and the Davidsons” (2016), and “Mais Perto da Lua” (2014). Adding a touch of real-life romance to her story, she entered into marital bliss with Gabriel Luna on February 20, 2011.


American-Romanian actress, writer, producer, and stand-up comedian Smaranda Luna is Ciceu. She has been in several films and TV shows. From performances in “Closer to the Moon” and “Harley and the Davidsons” to writing and producing “Patti and Marina,” Smaranda has shown her artistic ability.

Smaranda, born in Bucharest, Romania, on March 7, 1990, earned a bachelor’s degree in acting from the University of Texas in Austin. A healthy lifestyle complements her passion to her craft. She exercises and eats an American diet at 5’8″.

Smaranda impresses in more than her career. Gabriel Luna, an actor and producer, has brought her joy and strength. The late 2000s pair married on February 20, 2011, and their love tale inspires. They travel the world together and share their experiences, which strengthens their friendship.

Despite her prominent visibility, Smaranda keeps her family and personal life private. Her trip from Romania to the US for school shows her dedication to her work, which is obvious in her acting, writing, producing, and stand-up comedy.


1. Who is Smaranda Luna?

American-Romanian actress, writer, producer, and stand-up comedian Smaranda Luna was born Smaranda Ciceu. Her films include “Closer to the Moon” and “Harley and the Davidsons,” while her TV shows include “Patti and Marina.”

2. How old is Smaranda Luna?

As of February 2023, Smaranda Luna is 32. She was born March 7, 1990.

3. What is Smaranda Luna’s education?

UT Austin awarded Smaranda Luna a bachelor’s degree in acting. She attended a private high school.

4. Is Smaranda Luna married?

Gabriel Luna, an American actor and producer, married Smaranda Luna. They married February 20, 2011.

5. What is Smaranda Luna’s wealth?

Smaranda Luna’s 2023 net worth is $1–2 million. Acting, brand endorsements, commercials, and ads are her main sources of revenue.

6. What is Smaranda Luna’s comedy career?

Smaranda Luna is a stand-up comedian, although her content is aimed towards older audiences, which may cause problems.

7. What are Smaranda Luna’s notable works?

Smaranda Luna appears in “Closer to the Moon,” “Harley and the Davidsons,” and “Patti and Marina.” Writer and producer, she contributed.

8. Does Smaranda Luna have siblings?

Smaranda Luna’s brother is Luca Ciceu.

9. Where is Smaranda Luna on social media?

You can follow Smaranda Luna on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her IMDb profile lists her acting and producing credits.

10. Smaranda Luna’s fitness and health philosophy?

Smaranda Luna gyms and jogs in the morning to preserve her healthy American diet.

11. What about Smaranda Luna’s family?

Smaranda Luna was born to Romanian Christian parents. She grew up in Bucharest with her parents and brother, Luca Ciceu. Her parents’ names are unknown.

12. How did Gabriel and Smaranda Luna meet?

Gabriel Luna met Smaranda Luna in the late 2000s. They married on February 20, 2011, after falling in love in 2009. They both work in entertainment.

13. What is Smaranda Luna’s privacy stance?

Smaranda Luna keeps her parents and personal life private.

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