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Teri Debarge

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American producer Teri Debarge won praise for her outstanding efforts in the entertainment sector. She is most recognized for her work as the producer of the well-liked television program “Unsung,” where she received justly deserved acclaim for her production abilities. She has established herself in the film industry by directing “The Bobby Debarge Story,” a film that chronicles the captivating life of Bobby Debarge.

Teri Debarge has more than just a professional link to the music business; she is also well-known as the spouse of Bobby DeBarge, a well-known vocalist and a key member of the Motown R&B/soul vocal quartet.

Her journey into the public eye began in the 1990s when she openly shared her relationship with Bobby DeBarge. Although she is recognized as Teri Debarge, her birth name is Teri Lee Gayle. Their romantic journey began during their teenage years when they crossed paths, eventually leading to a public announcement of their marriage during the 1990s. Despite her significant contributions to the industry, she has not been actively involved for an extended period and has chosen not to engage on social media platforms.

Teri Debarge Wiki

NameTeri Debarge
CountryUnited States of America
AgeAround 60 years old
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Marital StatusEx-wife of Late Bobby Debarge
Husband NameLate Bobby Debarge
Eye ColorBlack
PopularityKnown as a producer and as the wife of singer Bobby Debarge

Teri Debarge Bio

She went as Teri Lee Gayle from the beginning till she changed her name to Teri DeBarge in 1970. After her marriage to Bobby DeBarge ended a few years ago, she has shunned the spotlight. Few facts about her childhood and family exist.

Her birthday and location are unclear, although she was born in the US. Despite being American, her ethnicity remains uncertain.

Teri DeBarge has maintained a tight lid on her family history, so we know very little about the names and professions of her parents. It’s hard to tell whether she had siblings or whether she was raised as an only child without a more complete image of her original family.

Teri Debarge Education

Teri DeBarge’s formal education is a lesser-known aspect of her early life. The specific schools she attended during her primary education are not documented.

However, it’s widely reported through credible sources that Teri discontinued her education when she married Bobby DeBarge. Following her husband’s passing, there is a possibility that she may have taken steps to further her academic pursuits, but concrete information about any such endeavors remains elusive at this time.

Teri Debarge Shot To Fame

Teri’s life took a remarkable turn when she crossed paths with Bobby. Their initial introduction came about thanks to Monique Debarge, who happens to be both a relative of Teri’s and Bobby’s ex-wife. When Teri and Bobby first met, there was an undeniable connection that sparked between them. Bobby was drawn to Teri and took the initiative to approach her. Their encounters became increasingly frequent, and over time, Teri found herself falling for Bobby as well. After some time spent dating and realizing their compatibility, the couple decided to take the plunge and get married, sealing their union after a year of dating.

Teri and Bobby enjoyed a blissful married life together until 1995 when tragedy struck, and Bobby passed away due to a prolonged illness.

Teri Debarge Body Measurements

Teri stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 8 inches and maintains a weight of around 50 kg. Her striking appearance is accentuated by her beautiful black hair and captivating black eyes, making her quite the standout with these features.

Teri Debarge Marital Status

Teri DeBarge and Robert Louis “Bobby” DeBarge exchanged vows on December 10, 1990. Their love story began back in 1985 when they first crossed paths and embarked on a romantic journey together. They decided to be married five years later. It’s vital to remember that Teri allegedly first met Bobby when she was just fifteen years old, and that Monique DeBarge, Bobby’s ex-wife, facilitated their meeting.

In 1985, Monique, who also happened to be Teri’s cousin, served as the intermediary between Bobby and the young Teri. Bobby, deeply enamored with her, made his move despite the age gap, and although their initial attempts to build a relationship faced challenges, their persistence eventually paid off.

The couple has chosen to keep the specifics of their wedding secret, including the location, venue, guests, and the couple’s wardrobe. Tragically, they had only been married for less than five years when Bobby DeBarge lost suddenly in August 1995 from problems connected to HIV/AIDS.

Bobby and Teri Debarge Children

Teri and Bobby DeBarge were blessed with two children. Christian DeBarge, their eldest child, is a well-known anime creator. Christian has a daughter with an Asian wife, and they are both content with their union. Since they have made the decision to keep their family life very secret, nothing is known about their personal lives.

The younger son, Bobby DeBarge Jr., has taken after his father’s musical footsteps. He’s not only a musician but has also inherited his father’s remarkable falsetto voice. Bobby Jr., along with his cousins, is dedicated to preserving the DeBarge musical legacy. Currently single, he’s putting his focus squarely on his singing career, determined to carry forward the family’s musical tradition.

Late Bobby Debarge Brief Bio

Robert Louis “Bobby” Debarge, a prominent figure in the music industry, was widely recognized as the lead singer of the group Switch. He became a sensation, particularly renowned for his mesmerizing falsetto vocals. Bobby was a superb lyricist, composer, and guitarist in addition to his singing abilities. He produced the Debarge band, which he co-founded with his siblings, contributing to his music business significance.

Bobby’s singing career ended in 1988 when he was convicted of cocaine trafficking and sentenced to five years. HIV killed him in 1995 after he caught it in 1980. Both musical genius and emotional struggles shaped his life.

Late Bobby Debarge Death

On August 16, 1995, tragedy struck in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as Teri DeBarge’s late husband succumbed to complications arising from HIV/AIDS at the age of 39. In cases of this fatal illness, there’s often concern about transmission to the spouse. Thankfully, Teri did not contract the infection from her deceased spouse, and she remained unaffected.

Various theories have circulated attempting to explain how Bobby, Teri’s late husband, contracted the illness that ultimately led to his untimely demise. One hypothesis suggested he may have been bisexual and acquired the virus through sexual encounters with men, although nothing has been conclusively proven in this regard.

The prevailing and perhaps most plausible theory revolves around Bobby’s drug use and lifestyle choices. Despite his undeniable musical brilliance, he struggled to manage his personal life. Many who knew him well claimed he inherited his father’s severe drug problem, a deeply ingrained issue. His battle with addiction began with heroin and escalated to even more potent substances like cocaine. He grappled with this addiction for years, experiencing periods of progress followed by relapses. It’s widely believed that, in a moment of desperation, he used a contaminated syringe to administer heroin, unknowingly exposing himself to the virus with devastating consequences.

After Death Of Late Bobby Debarge Teri Debarge Struggle

Teri DeBarge made the decision to withdraw from the spotlight after the death of her husband, possibly in order to reassemble her life and concentrate on raising her two boys. In 2008, she briefly reentered the public eye when she appeared as herself in the documentary series “Unsung.” The lives of outstanding but lesser-known R&B, Soul, and Gospel singers from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s were examined in this series, which also briefly mentioned the late Bobby’s life.

Teri may have got the urge to tell the world about her late spouse after taking part in “Unsung” since she had a unique viewpoint as someone who had been married to him. Beginning in 2008, this idea developed over the course of nine years until ultimately materializing in 2019 with the publication of “The Bobby DeBarge Story.” Teri made her executive producing debut on this project, and it was a moving homage to the renowned Bobby DeBarge. The film explored his remarkable musical talent, his struggles with drug addiction and HIV, and the tragic events that marked the end of his life.

Teri Debarge Net Worth

During the 1990s, Teri Debarge established herself as a prominent producer, working on several significant projects that left a mark in the industry. Notably, she produced the movie “The Bobby Debarge Story” and was involved in the creation of the television show “Unsung.” Her work as a producer has been both artistically and financially gratifying; she now has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Teri has expanded her interests and went outside of the entertainment sector, producing thousands of solar panels each year among other things, which has helped her build a successful profession.

Teri Debarge Social Media

As far as we are aware, Teri doesn’t have any verified social media pages. She seems to appreciate her privacy since there aren’t many internet images of her, which suggests a desire for a life hidden from the public eye.

Teri DeBarge has established her own brand in the Hollywood film business despite the difficulties and controversy that have surrounded her marriage to Bobby. Her inherent talent and determination have positioned her as a rising figure worth keeping an eye on in the industry.

Final Words

American producer Teri DeBarge, previously Teri Lee Gayle, is well-known for her considerable contributions to the entertainment business. When she freely discussed her connection with the late Bobby DeBarge, a prominent performer and integral part of the Motown R&B/soul vocal quartet, she started her journey into the public spotlight. Despite leading a rather secluded life, she became well-known for her work as the producer of the well-liked television show “Unsung” and for helming the film “The Bobby DeBarge Story,” which details the fascinating life of Bobby DeBarge.

When Teri and Bobby first met, their lives took an amazing turn. With the help of Bobby’s ex-wife Monique DeBarge, their love story finally resulted in their marriage in 1990. Bobby tragically lost away in 1995 as a result of HIV/AIDS-related illnesses.

Christian DeBarge and Bobby DeBarge Jr., the couple’s two children, have each chosen to take a different route in life. Christian became an anime animator, while Bobby Jr. continued his father’s musical career.

Teri DeBarge made the decision to withdraw from the public eye when her spouse passed away in order to concentrate on raising her children. She did, however, briefly re-enter the public spotlight in 2008 when she made an appearance in the reality series “Unsung.” Eventually, as a result of her work on the series, “The Bobby DeBarge Story” was produced in 2019. It was an homage to Bobby’s incredible life and musical legacy, and she made her executive producing debut there.

Teri DeBarge hasn’t been on social media much since she prefers a secluded existence away from the spotlight. Her skill and tenacity have cemented her status as a renowned figure in the entertainment business, with an estimated net worth of $5 million, despite the difficulties and issues surrounding her marriage. Teri’s progress in Hollywood is still something to follow.

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