tony evans new wife
tony evans new wife

Tony Evans Wife, Bio, Wiki, Education, Age, Height, Personal life, Family, Career, Net Worth And More

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Tony Evans Wife

He was married to his beloved late wife, Dr. Lois Irene Evans, who sadly departed from this world on December 30, 2019. Dr. Lois bravely battled biliary cancer, ultimately passing away at the age of 70. She was a remarkable and accomplished leader in her own right. As the First Lady of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dr. Lois devoted her time and passion to overseeing women’s ministries under the Senior Pastor’s office. She also held the esteemed position of Senior Vice President at The Urban Alternative and was the visionary founder of the Pastors’ Wives Ministry. Her legacy and contributions continue to inspire many.

Who is Tony Evans?

Dr. Tony Evans garners widespread recognition as a distinguished luminary within evangelical circles throughout the nation. Occupying roles as a clergyman, educator, scribe, and orator, he makes significant contributions to the spiritual evolution of the Christian community. What truly distinguishes him is his exceptional ability to elucidate intricate theological paradigms in a manner that is both uncomplicated and profoundly profound. His adeptness in addressing contemporary quandaries while upholding a robust connection to timeless tenets of faith has bestowed upon him a stature as an astute expositor, rendering him pertinent to a diverse audience.

Rewinding to 1973, when he was a mere 24-year-old and a junior within the ThM program at Dallas Theological Seminary, Tony Evans encountered a pivotal juncture that would irrevocably alter the trajectory of his existence. A radio show producer from KHCB in Houston contacted the seminary in pursuit of extraordinary sermonic content for broadcast. A recommendation from one of Tony’s mentors led to his selection, and this was the genesis of Dr. Tony Evans’ foray into public broadcasting. In a humble studio on the seminary grounds, he dutifully delivered sermons into a microphone, despite being devoid of the visual connection to the Houston audience.

Dr. Evans ardently advocates for a Kingdom agenda philosophy, accentuating God’s comprehensive dominion over every facet of existence, encompassing the individual, family, ecclesiastical, and societal realms. This doctrine finds active promotion through his local congregation and nationwide ministerial endeavors. Over a span exceeding four decades, he has held the post of senior pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, where he has borne witness to remarkable expansion, progressing from a congregation of just ten in 1976 to now encompassing over 10,000 worshipers and spanning more than 100 distinct ministries.

In his private life, beyond his spiritual stewardship, Dr. Evans is profoundly dedicated to his familial bonds. His affection for his kin extends beyond mere sentiment; he expounds upon the imperative essence of love and allegiance within familial relationships to others. Apart from his pastoral undertakings, he boasts an extensive literary portfolio, which includes influential tomes such as “The Tony Evans Bible Commentary,” “The Potency of God’s Appellations,” “Kingdom Woman: Embracing Your Purpose, Potency, and Probabilities,” “No Further Alibis,” “The Contention Belongs to the Lord,” “The Kingdom Agenda,” “Triumph in Spiritual Warfare,” “Tony Evans’ Volume of Exemplifications,” and “Kingdom Men Ascending,” among others. Additionally, he helms “The Urban Alternative” and “Dr. Tony Evans,” thereby broadening his sphere of influence to an even more extensive audience in search of spiritual counsel and sagacity.


Tony Evans is a well-known figure in American Christianity, renowned for his roles as a pastor, speaker, author, and as a widely recognized radio and TV broadcaster. His leadership as the Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship is particularly remarkable, spanning over four decades. He has witnessed the church expand over this time from a small group of ten members in 1976 to a thriving community of over 10,000 individuals, including an astonishing array of over 100 ministries.

Dr. Evans serves as president of The Urban Alternative, a national ministry with the goal of transforming lives through the teachings and applications of God’s Word, in addition to his work at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. He extends his influence further with “The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans,” a daily radio broadcast that reaches a vast audience through more than 1,000 radio outlets across the United States and spanning over 130 countries.

Dr. Evans is a proponent of the Kingdom Agenda philosophy, a ministry approach that emphasizes God’s all-encompassing rule over every facet of life, from individual to family, church, and society. This philosophy is evident through his dedicated work both within his local congregation and his national ministry.

As an author, Tony Evans has made a significant impact with over 100 books, booklets, and Bible studies to his name. He is known for writing books like “Kingdom Man,” “Oneness Embraced,” “The Kingdom Agenda,” “Marriage Matters,” and “Victory in Spiritual Warfare.” Beyond his literary works, he also serves as the Dallas Mavericks’ chaplain, a position he has held for more than 30 years. He had also served as the Dallas Cowboys’ chaplain in the past.

In 2017, Dr. Evans launched the Tony Evans Training Center, an online platform offering seminary-style courses designed to equip Christian leaders who may not have the opportunity to attend a traditional seminary. One remarkable accomplishment is his distinction of being the first African American to write and publish a full-Bible commentary and study Bible, a testament to his commitment to theological scholarship and education.


Full NameTony Evans
First NameTony
Last NameEvans
Nick NameTony
Date of BirthSeptember 10, 1949
Age70 years old
ProfessionReligious Leader
BirthplaceBaltimore, MD
CountryUnited States
Birth signVirgo
Hair ColorUnder Review
Eye ColorUnder Review
Weight56 Kg
Height1.86 m

Tony Evans Education

Tony Evans’ scholastic odyssey serves as a profound wellspring of inspiration. He embarked on his academic pilgrimage by securing a Bachelor of Arts in theology from Carver College in 1972. However, his yearning for erudition remained insatiable; it impelled him to pursue higher realms of knowledge. In 1976, he triumphantly culminated his educational voyage at Dallas Theological Seminary, a momentous milestone in his pursuit of enlightenment.

Yet, Tony’s unquenchable thirst for wisdom transcended conventional limits. He pioneered a new frontier by becoming the inaugural African-American scholar to attain a Doctorate in Theology, a remarkable feat consummated in 1982, once more under the aegis of Dallas Theological Seminary.

During an epoch when the African-American community grappled with the pernicious specter of racial discrimination in the United States, Tony Evans emerged as a trailblazer and a luminary of hope. His academic accomplishments served as an illuminating beacon, a source of encouragement to the youth in his community, incontrovertibly demonstrating that even when confronted by formidable adversity, one possesses the capacity to ascend beyond and pave the way for others.

Tony Evans Age

Pastor Tony Evans is currently 74 years old, as of 2023. He was born on September 10, 1949, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Tony continues to mark his birthday on the 10th of September each year.

Tony Evans Height|Weight

Tony Evans has a typical height, measuring around 5 feet 7 inches, and maintains a weight of approximately 70 kilograms.

Personal life

In 1981, The Urban Alternative was established, and as a result of his popular Dallas and Houston radio broadcasts, Dr. Evans found himself inundated with requests for his guidance. It was during this time that Mrs. Lois Evans stepped in to manage these requests, greatly contributing to the expansion and outreach of the ministry.

In 1986, a significant turning point occurred when Dr. Evans received a special invitation to deliver a sermon at the annual conference of the National Religious Broadcasters. This marked the beginning of a widespread radio presence as more stations began airing Tony’s programs, extending his reach far and wide. Today, his broadcasts are transmitted on nearly 1,400 radio outlets, connecting with millions of people every week.

In contrast, Lois Irene Evans was a loving mother to Crystal, Priscilla, Anthony Jr., and Jonathan. She was a registered Republican in the state of Texas, which is also important to note.

Tony Evans Family

In the realm of human existence, a certain Tony Evans graced the world stage on the tenth day of September in the year 1949. This pivotal event took place in the vibrant city of Baltimore, situated in the heart of Maryland, USA. The architects of his upbringing were none other than Evelyn Evans and Arthur Evans. Arthur, born in the year 1929, journeyed through life’s intricate tapestry, finally departing from this world on the twenty-sixth day of November in the year 2019, at the venerable age of 90, right within the bounds of Baltimore, Maryland. Evelyn, a cornerstone of Tony’s early life, came into existence on the sixth day of February in the year 1933. Her earthly journey eventually drew to a close on the fifteenth day of October in the year 2013.

In his formative years, Tony’s existence was profoundly shaped by the love and unwavering faith that emanated from his devout Christian lineage. The crucible of his upbringing was shared with two sisters and two brothers, who, along with him, wove the intricate fabric of their collective history. Regrettably, a shadow of sorrow loomed in his family’s annals, for they were touched by the untimely departure of his late sister, Beverly Johnson, whose legacy left an indelible mark on their lives and the tapestry of their family history.


Tony Evans has risen to become one of the prominent religious leaders in the United States. Back in 1976, he embarked on a remarkable journey by founding his own congregation, starting with just 10 members. Today, this congregation has flourished to the extent that he now possesses a vast 136-acre property situated along West Camp Wisdom Road, between Hampton Road and Polk Street. His journey is truly a testament to the growth and impact of his ministry.

Tony Evans Career

Founded in 1976, Tony Evans serves as the senior pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, a journey that’s nothing short of remarkable. He took a congregation of just 10 members in 1972 and has nurtured it into a thriving community of over 10,000 members today. His leadership has been transformative.

But that’s not all. Tony is also the visionary behind The Urban Alternative, an organization wholly dedicated to spreading the teachings of Christianity to those who seek it. He’s not just the founder but also the president of this organization.

The Urban Alternative didn’t stop at just creating a community; they initiated their own radio broadcast, aptly named The Urban Alternative Radio Broadcast, and Tony himself took on the role of the broadcaster. This daily broadcast resonates not only across the United States but also reaches listeners in other countries. They even extended their reach by broadcasting on several television stations, and their content can be found online through their official website. Tony’s sermons can be streamed and downloaded, with over 10 million downloads annually, highlighting the impact of his words.

In addition to his religious work, Tony has also been a dedicated chaplain, serving in this role for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys for over three decades. He previously held the position of ex-chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys.

And then there’s Tony’s talent as an author. With more than 100 books, along with booklets and Bible studies to his name, he’s made a significant mark in the world of literature. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the first African-American to author and publish a full Bible commentary. His influence reaches far and wide, earning him a well-deserved reputation as one of the most respected leaders in evangelical circles in America.

Awards & Achievements

Numerous important prizes have been given to Dr. Evans in recognition of his great achievements. Notably, the Dallas Father Of The Year Committee named him Father Of The Year, honouring his position as a committed father and community leader.

Tony Evans Net Worth

Let’s take a peek into Tony Evans’ financial standing in 2019-2020. Based on various sources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and several online resources, it’s estimated that the renowned Religious Leader, Tony Evans, boasts a net worth of around $113 million. This impressive wealth has been accrued over the years as he dedicated himself to his professional role as a Religious Leader. It’s worth noting that he hails from Maryland.

Tony Evans Children

Tony Evans and his late wife were blessed with a loving family, consisting of two daughters and two sons. Their eldest, Chrystal Evans Hurst, is a source of inspiration for many, sharing her faith through her work as a writer, speaker, and worship leader. She’s even authored a book titled “Kingdom Woman.”

The second daughter, Priscilla Shirer, is dedicated to the noble cause of educating people about the word of God. Recently, she faced a health scare when risky irregularities were discovered in her left lung.

Tony’s third child, Anthony Jr., has made a name for himself as a contemporary Christian music artist. He gained recognition through his performances on the popular singing reality show, “The Voice,” during its second season.

Completing the family, Jonathan, the youngest, is a remarkable individual. He excels as a mentor, author, and speaker. Before his successful career in mentoring and writing, Jonathan was a professional football player, making his mark as a fullback in the National Football League.

Tony Evans Daughter

Priscilla Shirer, an individual of remarkable talent and inspiration, graced our world on the last day of December in the year 1974. She is an accomplished American scribe, a thespian, an orator of motivation, and a devoted herald of Christianity. In the annus horribilis of 2020, she confronted a formidable trial when necessitated to undergo a surgical procedure to excise a node that had taken residence in her left pulmonary organ. During this trying juncture, devout adherents from the global expanse assembled in fervent supplication and solidarity, endowing her with the most heartfelt of benedictions.

One lunar cycle post the aforementioned surgical intervention, Priscilla, disseminated tidings of her convalescence to her Instagram acolytes. On the ides of February in the year 2020, she transmitted the following communiqué, “I am convalescing with commendable progress subsequent to the surgical intervention. The respiration process still bears the vestiges of exertion, thus warranting my diligence in augmenting pulmonary capacity and restoration of normal breath. However, I find myself convalescing notably, approaching the path to absolute restoration.” Her tenacity and the deluge of camaraderie she experienced throughout this period substantiate the fortitude she embodies and the profound influence she imparts upon those who traverse the pilgrimage alongside her.

Tony Evans Social Media Platforms

Tony Evans is quite the modern communicator, actively engaging with his audience on various social media platforms. You can catch his posts and updates on Twitter, where he has a following of over 4.3 thousand, as well as on Facebook, where 3.1 thousand people connect with him. Additionally, his Instagram account boasts 2.9 thousand followers, making it clear that he’s reaching and inspiring a significant online community.

Facts about Tony Evans:

  • Tony Evans was born on September 10, 1949, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  • He is a prominent American religious leader, pastor, author, and speaker.
  • Tony Evans is known for his role as the Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, a congregation he founded in 1976.
  • His ministry has grown from a small group of ten members to over 10,000 members and 100 ministries.
  • Tony is the president of The Urban Alternative, a national ministry focused on spreading the teachings of Christianity.
  • He is a respected author with over 100 books, including a full Bible commentary.
  • Tony Evans serves as the chaplain for the Dallas Mavericks and previously served in the same role for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • He is recognized for his Kingdom Agenda philosophy, emphasizing God’s dominion over all aspects of life.
  • In 2017, Tony Evans launched the Tony Evans Training Center, offering online courses for Christian leaders.
  • He is the first African American to write and publish a full-Bible commentary.


Tony Evans is a highly respected religious leader known for his work as the Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, his role as the president of The Urban Alternative, and his prolific career as an author. He has made significant contributions to the Christian community, and his teachings have reached a wide audience. With his Kingdom Agenda philosophy, he emphasizes the comprehensive dominion of God over all aspects of life. Additionally, his commitment to theological scholarship and education is evident through his various endeavors.


Who is Tony Evans?

Tony Evans is a prominent American religious leader, pastor, author, and speaker known for his significant contributions to the Christian community.

When and where was Tony Evans born?

Tony Evans was born on September 10, 1949, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

What is Tony Evans known for in the Christian community?

Tony Evans is known for his role as the Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, his presidency of The Urban Alternative, his prolific career as an author, and his commitment to spreading the teachings of Christianity.

What is the Kingdom Agenda philosophy promoted by Tony Evans?

The Kingdom Agenda philosophy emphasizes God’s comprehensive dominion over every aspect of life, including the individual, family, church, and society. Tony Evans advocates for this philosophy in his teachings and ministry.

How has Tony Evans contributed to theological scholarship?

Tony Evans has contributed to theological scholarship by authoring over 100 books, including a full Bible commentary. He is the first African American to write and publish a full-Bible commentary, showcasing his commitment to theological education.

What is the Tony Evans Training Center?

The Tony Evans Training Center is an online platform launched by Tony Evans in 2017. It offers seminary-style courses designed to equip Christian leaders who may not have the opportunity to attend a traditional seminary.

How has Tony Evans impacted the Dallas sports community?

Tony Evans serves as the chaplain for the Dallas Mavericks and previously served in the same role for the Dallas Cowboys, providing spiritual guidance and support to athletes and teams.

Can you provide information about Tony Evans’ family?

Tony Evans and his late wife, Dr. Lois Irene Evans, had two daughters, Chrystal Evans Hurst and Priscilla Shirer, and two sons, Anthony Jr. and Jonathan. His children are also known for their contributions to the Christian community.

What are some of the notable books authored by Tony Evans?

Tony Evans has authored over 100 books, including “Kingdom Man,” “Oneness Embraced,” “The Kingdom Agenda,” “Marriage Matters,” and “Victory in Spiritual Warfare,” among others.

Is there any information available about Tony Evans’ marital status beyond 2021?

As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, there was no information available about Tony Evans having a new wife or any changes in his marital status. It’s recommended to check reliable and up-to-date sources for the latest information.

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