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Top 10 Films about Traveling You Should Definitely Watch

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Planning a trip to Orlando and finding MCO cars for rent are important and stressful tasks. But you also need to consider how you will spend time during the flight. One of the best ways to do it is to watch a movie. Yet, it’s difficult to find a film you haven’t already seen. For this reason, we created a list of the 10 best movies about traveling you can watch during the flight.

Eurotrip, 2004

The first film on our list is Eurotrip. The story tells us about an American student who is in correspondence with his peer from Germany. Once, he rudely reacted to his peers’ offer to get to know each other better. But after Scott realizes that the paper friend is a pretty girl, he decides to rehabilitate before her. That’s why Scott gathered a company of best friends to go to Europe. On their way to Berlin, the guys will visit London, Paris, and Amsterdam. The film is full of crazy adventures, so you will like it.

Around the world in 80 days, 2004

A classical story about eccentric London inventor Phileas Fogg was remade in 2004. After the bet with the head of the Royal Academy of Science, the main hero embarks on a wild, thrilling race around the world by land, sea, and air. With his lackey Passepartout and the French artist Monique, Phileas Fogg will go through numerous adventures and obstacles. This film will keep you interested until the end!

Green book, 2018

Based on the true story of world-famous pianist Don Shirley, this film will tell about a concert tour of an Afro-American pianist across southern states. It’s a fascinating movie drama that you will want to watch repeatedly. Yet, you can also travel the same road as Don Shirley. Get a 12 passenger van rental MCO, and feel what it’s like to be the main hero of Green book.

A Fond, 2016

A mind-blowing comedy, the events of which take place in a minivan. The head of the family finally waited for a vacation, picked one of the cars for rental, and went on a trip with the whole family. A very cheerful company gathered in a cozy van:

  1. perky dad;
  2. pregnant mother;
  3. two loud kids;
  4. joker grandfather;
  5. a very peculiar fellow traveler.

Everything is going well until it turns out that the car’s brakes are broken. Now travelers need to beat the panic and work together to escape the danger.

Weekend away, 2022

The best friend of the main heroine disappears during a trip to Croatia. As soon as she knows about it, the heroine rushes to find out what happened. But each clue leads her to another disturbing deception. This film will keep you on your toes until the very end. 

Indiana Jones (Four chapters), 1981, 1984, 1989, 2008

The story tells us about Henry “Indiana” Jones, Jr., an archaeologist and a professor at the university. He is always involved in loads of adventures with dangerous enemies worldwide. The films will tell you about them. Indiana Jones is a classical blockbuster. So, in case you haven’t watched it, that’s your chance.

A dog’s way home, 2019

The heartwarming film is about a lost dog who makes her way home. Bella, the dog’s name, will go through different trials to finally meet her lovely owner. This movie is about compassion and helping each other, so that you can watch it with kids.

Diarios de motocicleta, 2004

The film tells about a young Ernesto Guevara, nicknamed Che, who, with his friend, went on an exciting journey through Latin America on a motorcycle.  The film shows Che Guevara not as a famous revolutionary but as a simple young man who wanted to learn something new and help his people.  Throughout the film, you will see many beautiful landscapes and experience many adventures with the main characters.

Everything is illuminated, 2005

A young American decides to find a girl in Ukraine who saved his Jewish grandfather from the Nazis during World War II.  Difficult but fun adventures await him in western Ukraine, where few people understand English. Unleash the beauty of Ukraine with this excellent biopic.

Up, 2009

Not exactly a film, but a magnificent picture that can’t be missed from this list. A beautiful story about a grouchy lonely older man who always dreamt about traveling. And when his dream comes true, what will wait for him during this dangerous voyage?


That’s it for our list of top 10 films about traveling. After reading this article, there will be no need to spend time looking for a movie to watch during your next flight to Orlando. In this case, spend some more of it on car rental. The vehicle is very important during voyages, so rent a car that will fit your needs.

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