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In the realm of hidden gems within the entertainment world, the name Chrissie Burnett certainly finds its place. While not as widely recognized as her illustrious sister, Carol Burnett, Chrissie’s journey through life is rich with intriguing experiences and contributions. From her modest beginnings to her lesser-known but impactful involvement in the entertainment industry, this article delves into the depths of Chrissie Burnett’s life, shedding light on her unique narrative.

Bio Summary of Chrissie Burnett 

NameChrissie Burnett
Age78 years
Date of birthDecember 12,1944
Place of birthLos Angeles, California, USA
Famous asSister of Carol Burnett
Zodiac signSagittarius
MotherIna Louise Creighton
SpouseFritz A. Frauchiger (m. 1976)Will Hutchins
SisterCarol Burnett

Early Life and Family Background

Chrissie Burnett, whose full name is Antonia Christine Burnett, came into this world on the vibrant day of December 12, 1944, in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California, USA. As of the year 2022, she has gracefully traversed 78 years on this planet. Her mother, Ina Louise Creighton, played a significant role as a publicity writer for the realm of movie studios.

During her formative years, Chrissie’s existence was intertwined with that of her half-sister, the renowned Carol Burnett. Their shared journey led them to a one-room apartment in an economically challenged neighborhood within the heart of Hollywood, California. Despite the spatial constraints, their grandmother’s musical prowess filled the environment with harmony. A talented pianist, their grandmother provided a nurturing atmosphere, fostering a musical connection even in the absence of a piano. In this unique living situation, the sisters discovered the joy of cinema, often attending movie outings organized by their grandmother. These outings yielded an unconventional memento – rolls of theater toilet paper, cherished tokens of their shared experiences.

Family Ties and Living Dynamics

Chrissie’s familial roots run deep into the fabric of entertainment history. Her mother, Ina Louise Creighton, contributed her writing prowess to the movie studios, carving her place in the industry. Meanwhile, her half-sister Carol Burnett emerged as a shining star in the entertainment galaxy. Carol’s parents were shared with Chrissie – Ina Louise and Joseph Thomas Burnett. Joseph’s role as a movie theater manager added a unique layer to the family’s connection to the world of film.

Delving into their lineage, Chrissie and Carol shared living quarters with their grandmother, a musically inclined individual, despite their confined apartment in Hollywood. While the apartment lacked a piano, their mother’s strumming of the ukulele maintained the musical essence in their lives. Notably, the separation of Carol Burnett’s parents during the late 1930s resulted in Carol spending considerable time with their grandmother, thus strengthening the bond between the sisters.

Marital Ventures and Personal Life

In matters of the heart, Chrissie’s journey was one marked by chapters of love, growth, and commitment. Her first marital chapter unfolded alongside the American actor Will Hutchins. This union bore a lovely daughter and lasted until 1969, encompassing three transformative years.

However, fate had more in store for Chrissie’s heart. Enter Fritz A. Frauchiger, a figure who ignited a new chapter of affection in her life. Their connection blossomed into a partnership that culminated in a beautiful ceremony, witnessed by their loved ones on July 3, 1976. Over four decades of shared life followed, characterized by harmony and a deliberate avoidance of unnecessary drama.

Venturing into the Entertainment World

Chrissie Burnett’s professional narrative, though less documented, is a tale of involvement in the entertainment realm. Her appearances on shows such as “I’ve Got a Secret,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” “The 5th Annual Sterling Awards,” and “American Masters” positioned her within the industry’s spotlight. While specific details of her professional journey remain somewhat elusive, these instances underscore her presence and contribution to the world of entertainment.

A Penchant for Writing

Chrissie’s artistic endeavors extended beyond the realm of the visual. A flair for words led her to become an author, penning two distinct books: “Growing Up Laughing: My Story and the Story of Funny” and “My Life as a Blonde: The Judy Miller Story.” These works showcased her literary aptitude, providing readers with insights into her unique perspective.

Additionally, Chrissie lent her writing talents to television projects, including “The Carol Burnett Show” and “Mama’s Family.” This duality of writing—both in personal narratives and contributions to the screen—underscored her versatile skill set.

Awards and Legacy

In recognition of her contributions, Chrissie Burnett earned prestigious accolades within the entertainment realm. Two Emmy Awards adorned her journey, attributing her pivotal role to the success of “The Carol Burnett Show.” The Writers Guild of America also acknowledged her talents, bestowing an award upon her for her contributions to “Mama’s Family.”

Net Worth

Chrissie Burnett’s endeavors yielded financial success, with estimations placing her net worth between 1 to 9 million dollars. Her primary income stream was rooted in her musical pursuits, a testament to her ability to turn her passion into a profitable venture.


Tragedy struck on March 15, 2019, as Chrissie Burnett bid her earthly farewell. At the age of 74, she peacefully departed in the comfort of her Los Angeles home. While her physical presence may have left this world, her legacy endures through her work and cherished memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

For those seeking concise clarity about Chrissie Burnett, here are some frequently asked questions:

Q. Who is Chrissie Burnett? 

The sister of Carol Burnett, actress, comedian, singer, and writer Chrissie Burnett is Antonia Christine Burnett. She was famous for appearing on “The Carol Burnett Show.”

Q. Professional background of Chrissie Burnett? 

Chrissie Burnett appeared on “I’ve Got a Secret,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” and “American Masters.” She also wrote “Mama’s Family.”

Q. Chrissie Burnett won any awards? 

Chrissie Burnett won two Emmys for “The Carol Burnett Show.” In addition, the Writers Guild of America awarded her for “Mama’s Family.”

Q. Chrissie Burnett wrote books? 

Chrissie Burnett wrote “Growing Up Laughing: My Story and the Story of Funny” and “My Life as a Blonde: The Judy Miller Story.”

Q. Who was Chrissie Burnett’s family? 

Carol burnett sister their mother was movie studio publicity writer Ina Louise Creighton. Movie theater manager Joseph Thomas Burnett was Carol’s father. Chrissie’s half-sister Carol Burnett was from the same mother and different father.

Q. Chrissie Burnett married whom? 

Chrissie Burnett married twice. Her first husband was actor Will Hutchins. She married Fritz A. Frauchiger again and was happily married for over 40 years.

Q. When did Chrissie Burnett die? 

Chrissie Burnett, 74, died on March 15, 2019. She died quietly at home in Los Angeles.


The glittering realm of entertainment weaves Chrissie Burnett’s threads into life. Her narrative may not be as well-known as Carol Burnett’s, but it’s still a story. Chrissie’s path is indelible, from recognition to writing.

Two Emmys, a Writers Guild of America Award, and informative books show a woman who knew how to leave an indelible impression on her chosen route. Her music-related wealth enriches her legacy.

It was heartbreaking when Chrissie died, but her narrative continued. Her work, achievements, and family memories honor her. As her grandmother’s music filled their small apartment, Chrissie’s legacy of creativity, resilience, and love lives on.

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