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Yvette Deleone, who was previously engaged to Scottie Pippen, found herself linked to a prominent NBA player. The year 2013 saw Yvette and Scottie’s relationship issues and controversies taking center stage in the media. Her association and role as the mother of the well-known troublemaker Sierra Pippen brought her into the spotlight.

Yvette Deleone Bio

Yvette Deleone, a woman born in the late 1970s, holds American citizenship as she was born in the US. Regrettably, her exact birthdate remains undisclosed. Yvette is of African American descent and was born here. She may technically be in her sixties as far as age goes.

Although there are little specifics regarding her schooling, internet sources imply that she finished her elementary education at a nearby school and may have even pursued further education.


Currently, there’s a lack of information regarding Yvette Deleone’s professional endeavors. She tends to keep her private matters away from the public eye. However, her Pinterest profile hints at a potential interest in fashion during 2021.

In contrast, her former fiancé, Scottie Pippen, boasts an extensive athletic background. He secured an impressive six NBA championships over the course of his basketball career. Pippen’s basketball journey took him through teams like the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, as well as international stints with Torpan Pojat and Sundsvall Dragons.

Yvette Deleone Physical Appearance

Yvette Deleone, Scottie Pippen’s former fiancée, possesses a striking physical appearance. She boasts a height of 5 feet and 7 inches (1.70 meters), exuding a tall and elegant presence. Her African-American heritage adds a unique touch to her identity.

Yvette is a tall, self-assured lady who maintains a weight of 60 kg (132 lbs) that is appropriate for her size. Her deep, seductive eyes and dark hair add to her attractiveness, making her a genuinely alluring person.

Yvette Deleone Net Worth

Yvette Deleone gained her recognition primarily as the former fiancée of Scottie Pippen, the retired NBA basketball player. While she hasn’t disclosed her profession publicly, details about her exact net worth remain absent from media discussions. It’s important to note, too, that Scottie Pippen, her previous fiancé, is said to be worth about $20 million. Additionally, Yvette proudly displayed a Rolex watch on Instagram, revealing her sense of elegance and taste.

Her Engagement

Yvette Deleone and Scottie Pippen’s paths initially crossed at one of Pippen’s basketball events, eventually leading to the development of their romantic relationship. Scottie, on the contrary, has a history of multiple marriages with different women. Notably, Sierra Pippen was born in February 1995, during Yvette and Scottie’s time together. Sadly, their relationship took a downturn and ended abruptly within just three months.

As per online sources, the conflicts between Yvette and Scottie seemed to have escalated the night after the Chicago Bulls were eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Orlando Magic. Allegedly, an incident occurred where Scottie was accused of forcefully grabbing and pushing Yvette, resulting in his three-day detainment. While Yvette later retracted her accusations against Scottie, the damage to their relationship proved irreparable.

Scottie Pippen Biography

Born on September 25, 1965, in Hamburg, Arkansas, USA, Scottie Pippen is renowned as a skilled American basketball professional. His legacy is marked by securing an impressive six National Basketball Association (NBA) championships.

Scottie’s journey into the world of basketball began during his high school days, and his potential flourished further when he became part of the University of Central Arkansas as a basketball team manager. His abilities showed brightly, earning him a berth in 1990’s first All-Star game, the first of a record seven appearances. Notably, the Chicago Bulls won three straight NBA titles from 1991 to 1993 in large part because of his unfailing commitment.

American basketball player Scottie Pippen is 6 feet 8 inches tall and has won two gold medals in the Olympics. His skill was ultimately recognised in 1996 when he was included to the exclusive list of the 50 best NBA players ever. Along the way, Michael Arkush and Pippen co-authored the book “Unguarded,” which they both penned. His experiences and thoughts are highlighted in this book, which gives his famous career more depth.

Yvette Deleone’s Ex-Fiance, Scottie Pippen, Married Twice

Scottie Pippen stands tall on the basketball court, measuring 6 feet and 8 inches in height. His illustrious career boasts an impressive six NBA championship titles, showcasing his exceptional talent. Over the years, he graced teams like the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, as well as international stints with Tarpan Pojat and Sundsvall Dragons.

Beyond his basketball prowess, Scottie’s personal life weaves a complex tapestry. He has ventured into marriage twice during his lifetime. Across these relationships, he has become a father to eight children with four different women, encompassing both girlfriends and wives.

The chronicle of Scottie’s unions begins with his marriage to Karen McCollum in 1988, even though their son was born a year earlier, in 1987. This marriage concluded in divorce after a span of two years. In 1995, a new chapter opened as Scottie and his fiancée welcomed their daughter, Sierra Pippen, yet the engagement met its end when their daughter was merely three months old.

Then, on July 20, 1997, after three years of courtship, Scottie Pippen tied the knot with Larsa Pippen. This union brought forth four children: Scotty Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia. However, this marriage, too, faced its share of challenges. Scottie filed for divorce upon discovering Larsa’s involvement with rapper Future, leading to a tumultuous divorce process. After a span of two years, the divorce was ultimately finalized in 2018.

In a bittersweet turn of events, Scottie experienced the birth of twin daughters, Taylor and Tyler, in 1994, with his former model girlfriend Sonya Roby. Tragically, Tyler passed away nine days after her birth, casting a shadow of sorrow over what should have been a joyous moment.

Sierra Pippen, Yvette Deleone’s daughter, was detained in 2015

Yvette Deleone found herself in a challenging situation raising her daughter, Sierra Pippen, after her engagement with Scottie Pippen came to an end. However, the situation became somewhat manageable as she received financial compensation through a settlement for the domestic violence she experienced from Scottie. This financial support eased her ability to provide for her daughter’s essential needs.

On a different note, Sierra Pippen encountered legal issues in April 2015. She was detained for drinking in public and peeing in a hotel lobby. $500 was fined as a consequence of this occurrence. It’s interesting to note that she had other encounters with the police throughout that time. She was detained on April 10—just two weeks before the aforementioned incident—after getting into a fight with hotel security. This series of incidents highlighted her brushes with legal matters during that time.

Yvette Deleone Social Media

Yvette Deleone isn’t particularly active on social media, keeping a relatively low profile. However, she does maintain a Twitter account with the handle @YvetteDeleon, where she has amassed a modest following of 287 individuals.

(FAQs) About Yvette Deleone

Who is Yvette Deleone and what is she known for?

Yvette Deleone was previously engaged to Scottie Pippen, the retired NBA player. In 2013, their relationship issues and controversies were highlighted in the media. She is also known as the mother of Sierra Pippen.

What is Yvette Deleone’s background and age?

African American Yvette Deleone was born in the US in the late 1970s. Although her precise birthday is unknown, she could be in her seventies.

What is Yvette Deleone’s physical appearance?

Yvette weighs 60 kg and is 5’7″. She looks African-American with black hair and gorgeous eyes.

What is Yvette Deleone’s career?

There is limited information about Yvette Deleone’s professional endeavors. Her Twitter account has a tiny following but isn’t active. Her Pinterest profile suggests an interest in fashion in 2021.

What is known about Yvette Deleone’s net worth?

Yvette’s fortune is unknown. The former fiancée of Scottie Pippen made her famous. Scottie Pippen may be worth $20 million.

Can you provide more details about Yvette Deleone’s engagement and relationship with Scottie Pippen?

Yvette and Scottie met at one of his basketball events, leading to a romantic relationship. They were engaged but their relationship ended abruptly within three months. There were conflicts, including an incident where Scottie was accused of forcefully grabbing and pushing Yvette.

What legal issues did Yvette Deleone’s daughter, Sierra Pippen, face?

Sierra Pippen was arrested in 2015 for drinking in public and other incidents like getting into fights with hotel security. She faced fines and encounters with the police during that time.

Is Yvette Deleone active on social media?

Yvette Deleone maintains a relatively low profile on social media. Her Twitter account has a tiny following but isn’t active.

Final Words

Yvette Deleone is known for her past engagement to NBA player Scottie Pippen, with their relationship issues making headlines in 2013. She’s the mother of Sierra Pippen and has a modest online presence. Her physical appearance is described as tall and elegant, reflecting her African-American heritage. While her exact net worth remains undisclosed, she gained recognition through her association with Scottie Pippen. Overall, Yvette’s life has been intertwined with notable events and personalities in the world of basketball.

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