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Who is Brad Peltz? A Brief Overview

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Brad Peltz, the former American ice hockey player and all-around sports enthusiast. Now, you might know him as one of the siblings in the cool Peltz family – yep, the same crew that includes film stars Nicola Peltz and Will Peltz. Oh, and his dad? None other than Nelson Peltz, the big shot CEO over at Wendy’s.

Brad is famous in athletics. He marked the hockey rink with his ice skates. And you betcha, that hard work translated into some serious wealth. Talk about scoring both on and off the ice, right?

These days, Brad’s shifted his focus a bit. He’s got this company called Mymo that he’s really putting his energy into. It’s always fascinating to see athletes transition into the business world. So, in a nutshell, Brad’s journey has been pretty exciting – from the ice to the boardroom, he’s been making waves.

 Profile Summary 

Full Name Bradley G Peltz 
Date of birthOctober 2, 1989 
Famous AsBard Peltz
Age 33 years as of 2022
Birthplace Mount Kisco, New York, United States 
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Libra 
Religion Christianity 
Educational qualification Graduate 
University Yale University 
Profession Ice hockey player, entrepreneur and social media influencer 
Father Nelson Peltz 
Mother Claudia Peltz 
Height6 feet, 1.83m 
Weight 83 kg
Eye colour Hazel green 
Hair colour Dark Brown 
Net worth$2-3 million 

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Brad Peltz Biography

Brad Peltz’ is not just any guy – he comes from a family with some serious business background. Born in Mount Kisco, New York, Brad is a mix of ice hockey player and entrepreneur. And hey, he’s got that cool Libra vibe going, plus he’s a practicing Christian.

Now, what sets Brad apart is his genuine passion for sports. Despite having famous folks in his family, he’s carved out his own identity as a sportsman. He was born on October 2, 1989 , which makes him around 33 years old as of 2022. Yeah, time flies!

Parents and siblings supported him as a child. Mount Kisco, New York is his hometown. He got his education hustle on at Avon Old Farms High School, where he snagged his graduate degree. And the plot thickens – he went on to rock his academics at Yale University. You know, that top-tier institution in the U.S. of A.

But Brad’s not just about hitting the books. Nope, during high school, he was all about that well-rounded life. He jumped into extracurricular activities with both feet. One highlight? He spent a solid four years playing varsity hockey. That’s some dedication right there!

So there you have it, a glimpse into the life of Brad Peltz. From his early days in New York to rocking it on the hockey rink and acing his studies, he’s been on quite the journey. If you want more deets, don’t hesitate to ask!

Family of Brad Peltz

Brad Peltz’s family story is pretty interesting. His family was wealthy, so money was never an issue. His father is Nelson Peltz, a billionaire who founded Wendy’s.. And his mom, Claudia Peltz, well, she used to be a hotshot fashion model back in the day.

Now, about his siblings – it’s a big crew. There’s Will, Matthew, Zachary, Gregory, Diesel, Nicola, and Britanny Peltz. And hey, Nicola Peltz, she’s got some celebrity love going on – she’s actually married to Brooklyn Beckham, yep, that Beckham family.

And there’s more to the Peltz family empire. Matthew Peltz, one of Brad’s siblings, is a pretty important guy too. He’s holding down the fort as the non-executive Vice Chairman and a director over at Wendy’s. So, yeah, this family knows how to keep things interesting in the business world.

Hope that paints a clear picture of Brad Peltz’s family for you! If you’ve got more questions, just let me know.

Brad Peltz’s illness

You might believe Brad Peltz is perfect, but there’s more to the tale. Despite appearances, Brad has a persistent ailment. His state is unknown, thus it’s a mystery.

His LinkedIn profile shows him candidly dealing with this problem. Having spent a lot of time in hospitals, it’s not easy. They say lemons make lemonade, right? 

Well, Brad did just that.

Through all those hospital visits, he spotted a gap in the medical world. That’s when he put his thinking cap on and founded Mymo. This cool venture tackles a common headache – getting a doctor’s appointment. Mymo’s all about using tech smarts to streamline the whole patient-doctor experience. No more waiting on hold forever or dealing with appointment mix-ups.

Brad’s transformed his own challenge into something wonderful. Ask away for additional information!

What Is Brad Peltz’s Relationship Status Now? Married or Single?

Brad Peltz, the 33-year-old ice hockey player, is flying solo in the relationship department. According to the grapevine, there’s no special someone on the horizon for this sports champ. No recent sightings of him cozying up with anyone who might catch his fancy.

And don’t bother scanning the headlines for wedding bells or engagement news either. Brad’s been keeping things on the down-low – no buzz about romantic plans popping up lately.His love life is like a game of hide-and-seek because he has no idea who he likes.

He also keeps his past private. There is no news about Bard Peltz girlfriend No juicy details about old flames or former relationships making their way to the media. Seems like Brad’s all about keeping his personal life just that – personal.

Maybe there’s someone special tucked away in the shadows, but honestly, it’s anyone’s guess. He’s got the whole secretive mystery thing going on. One thing’s for sure, though – Brad’s definitely not dishing out relationship scoop to the media cameras.

Brad Peltz’s social media presence

Up until December 14, 2022, his Instagram has drawn in a cool 37,700 followers. The twist? His account is set to private, so it’s like a bit of a VIP club.

Now, while you might search high and low, you won’t find a verified Facebook or Twitter page in his name.Even though he comes from a wealthy background, Brad is all about creating his own stamp. Not simply on his family’s coattails. No, he’s a celebrity known for his sporting skills and entrepreneurship.

Even after he retired, his legacy as a premier ice hockey player goes on. His name is carved on the ice (figuratively).

Brad Peltz’s net worth

Bard Peltz 2022 net worth is projected at $2-3 million. The majority of his wealth came from his successful ice hockey career. This player stands out amid a sea of players.

He started playing professional ice hockey in 2012, and it’s been a ride. He played with the Trenton Titans, Elmira Jackals, ECHL, and Ottawa Senators. But the narrative continues. Brad’s company, Mymo, has been expanding his bank account. This is smart entrepreneurship.

What does he do with his money? There’s no denying his opulent lifestyle. He’s turning his money into fun things.


Q. Who is Brad Peltz? 

Former American ice hockey player Brad Peltz is an entrepreneur. He’s noted for his sports and business contributions.

Q. Brad Peltz’s background? 

A: Brad was reared in Mount Kisco, NY. His father, Wendy’s millionaire Nelson Peltz, is wealthy.

Q. What’s his sports claim to fame? 

Brad was a famous ice hockey player. He played with the Trenton Titans, Elmira Jackals, ECHL, and Ottawa Senators. Known for his ice skills.

Q.Please describe his entrepreneurial endeavors?

A: Brad founded Mymo, an automated medical appointment system that improves patient-doctor relationships. His business ventures were successful.

Q: His net worth? 

Brad’s anticipated 2022 net worth is $2-3 million. His wealth came from ice hockey and entrepreneurship.

Is Brad Peltz on social media? A: Brad has a private Instagram with 37,700 followers. He has no confirmed Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Q. Is Brad Peltz married? 

A: Brad Peltz is single. There have been no recent stories of him dating or getting engaged.

Q. What’s his sporting legacy? 

A: Brad Peltz’s ice hockey skills go on even though he’s retired. One of the greatest in his field.


In conclusion, Brad Peltz’s journey encompasses both the world of sports and entrepreneurship. Coming from a wealthy household, he became a good ice hockey player. He left a lasting effect on the sport by playing for famous teams due to his dedication.

Beyond his achievements on the ice, Brad ventured into the business realm. Through his company, Mymo, he aimed to enhance the healthcare experience, showcasing his innovation and determination.

While he maintains a private social media presence, his accomplishments and contributions speak volumes. From the rink to the business world, Brad Peltz’s legacy as a sportsman and entrepreneur remains a testament to his dedication, hard work, and pursuit of excellence.

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