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Who Is Estelle Staley? Unknown Facts About Dawn Staley’s Mother

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Estelle Staley was actually the mom of the incredible American basketball Hall of Famer, Dawn Staley, who we all know and admire. Dawn, also known as Dawn Michelle Staley, is the super talented head coach for the women’s basketball team at South Carolina Gamecocks, and she’s been leading the charge there since 2008.

Now, Estelle’s journey is a bit bittersweet. Unfortunately, she died at 74 in 2017. She faced several challenges, especially parenting her children. Later in life, she battled Alzheimer’s, which took her life.

Dawn’s basketball success despite all difficulties is inspiring. It also reminds her family of Estelle’s Alzheimer’s fight, which was a major part of their journey. 

Quick information about estelle staley

Name Estelle Staley
Gender Female 
Birth Place  South Carolina
Birthday  January 5, 1946 
Age71 (died on 10th August, 2017) 
Ethnicity  Afro-American 
Siblings  10
ProfessionCleaner and Caretaker 
Marital Status Married 
Spouse  Clarence Staley
Death  August 10, 2017
Death CauseAlzheimer’s 

Estelle Staley Nationality

Estelle Staley’s nationality was American. She was born ‘Estella Anthony’ in South Carolina on January 5, 1946. Her Afro-American heritage is rich and important in American society.

She spent her childhood in her hometown, growing up alongside an impressive ten siblings. Among her brothers were Aaron Anthony, Carl Anthony, Charles Anthony, Dennis Anthony, Elijah Anthony, and Hercule Anthony. She also had sisters named Patricia Davis, Margaret Anthony, Marylee Smith, and Verneatha Austin.

Estelle Staley Nationality

Estelle Staley’s profession was that of a cleaner. Her daughter, who has become quite famous, shared this piece of information during an interview with USA Today. When asked about the factors that influenced her own journey, her daughter mentioned her mother’s occupation. She said:

“I grew up in the housing projects of North Philadelphia, with a mother who was a disciplinarian, who cleaned toilets in other people’s houses to make a way for her five children. Her faith paved the way for me.”

In addition to her role as a cleaner, Estelle Staley also worked as a caretaker for elderly individuals on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Personal life of Estelle Staley

Estelle Staley’s personal journey was marked by her early marriage to Clarence Staley. They took the plunge into marriage at a young age, although the exact details of their wedding remain a bit mysterious for now. According to sources, it seems like they said their “I dos” sometime in the early 1960s.

It’s wonderful to think they might have met in their hometown in South Carolina. When they moved to North Philadelphia in the late 1950s, their lives changed. That’s where their love story really flourished, leading them to take that important walk down the aisle.

Clarence and Estelle Staley love story wasn’t just about the two of them – it extended to a growing family. They welcomed five children into their lives. And in 1967, they made a deliberate move to a three-bedroom, single-bath row house. The idea behind the move was simple: to create a nurturing environment where their kids could thrive.

Estelle’s commitment to her husband Clarence was truly something special. She stood by his side through thick and thin, until his passing. Their journey together showcased a deep bond and dedication that went beyond just words.

Children of Estelle Staley

Estelle Staley’s journey through motherhood brought her five wonderful children. She shared this beautiful responsibility with her late husband, and together they raised a family filled with love.

Their children included three sons: Lawrence Staley, Anthony Staley, and Eric Staley. In addition, Estelle was blessed with two daughters: Tracey Staley and Dawn Staley, who is also known for her reported partnership with Lisa Boyer.

While Dawn has achieved notable fame, the other children have chosen to live more private lives, making details about them scarce. We know that Anthony, one of the five siblings, has died, adding to the family’s sadness. We see this in to the Dawn Staley family photos. With leukemia two years ago, Tracey, the oldest daughter, has also struggled.

She was a mother first, and her children carry on her legacy.

Staley’s Youngest Daughter Dawn Is A Notable Athletic Personality 

Estelle Staley’s maternity journey with her late husband was personal. They raised a loving, united family.

They had five blessings, including three sons: Lawrence, Anthony, and Eric Staley. Estelle had two daughters, Tracey and Dawn Staley, adding to her family. Dawn is famous for her basketball skills and her alleged relationship with Lisa Boyer. Dawn Staley parents love her.

Dawn has enjoyed the attention, but her siblings have kept their lives secret, making them unknown. But this family story has a hint of sadness. Anthony, one of the siblings, died, leaving a touching legacy. Tracey, the oldest daughter, was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago.

Estelle was a mother at heart, and her children are live proof of her devotion. Since 2008, Dawn Staley has coached the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team. She has coached the Gamecocks to many SEC crowns and NCAA tournaments. She led the team to its first national title in 2017, a remarkable accomplishment.

Dawn’s impact goes beyond basketball. Her philanthropy and activism outside of sports are well-known. She speaks out for social justice and important concerns. Her advocacy for equality and opportunity transcends basketball. Dawn Staley son is also have in Dawn Staley life.

Dawn Staley is a great woman whose life story inspires and motivates. Dawn is a fascinating person to learn about, whether you like sports or stories.

Dawn Stanley Awards and Honors

Dawn Staley has truly racked up an impressive collection of awards over her time as both a player and coach. And let me tell you, these awards aren’t just any old ribbons – we’re talking about some big-time recognition, both on the national and international stage. It’s like a trophy cabinet that’s practically bursting with honors.

1991Winner of the Honda Sports Award for basketball
1991WBCA Player of the Year
1991Naismith College Player of the Year
1991USBWA Women’s National Player of the Year
1991The Honda-Broderick Cup winner for all sports
1992Winner of the Honda Sports Award for basketball
1992WBCA Player of the Year
1992Naismith College Player of the Year
1992USBWA Women’s National Player of the Year
2008Virginia Sports Hall of Fame
2012Inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.
2013Order of the Palmetto
2014SEC Coach of the Year
20152015 SEC Co-Coach of the Year
2015USA Basketball Co-National Coach of the Year[29]
2016SEC Coach of the Year
2017Omicron Delta Kappa faculty/staff initiate at the University of South Carolina
2020SEC Coach of the Year
2020Naismith College Coach of the Year
2020USBWA National Coach of the Year

Estelle Staley died

Estelle Staley’s journey came to an end at the age of 74, a date etched into history as August 10, 2017. She peacefully passed away in Columbia, South Carolina, after bravely battling Alzheimer’s. Her final resting place became the Greenlawn Memorial Park in Columbia, specifically in Richland County. The community gathered to honor her life at the Bethlehem Baptist Church, where heartfelt funeral services were held.

Even though five years have slipped by since she left us, the memory of Estelle remains vivid and cherished in the hearts of her children. It was on August 6, 2019, that her daughter Dawn took to Instagram to share a touching tribute. Accompanied by a photo, the caption read, “Queen Toni! Gone but never forgotten. Rest good and well!”

Though time passes, a mother’s love for her children stays strong. Dawn, Estelle’s youngest child, honors her mother with love and pride every Mother’s Day.


Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions about Estelle Staley:

Q. Who was Estelle Staley? 

Estelle Staley was the late mother of the renowned American basketball Hall of Fame player and coach, Dawn Staley. She played a significant role in raising her children and supporting their endeavors.

Q. When and where was Estelle Staley born? 

Estelle Staley, born as Estella Anthony, was born on January 5, 1946, in South Carolina, United States.

Q. What was Estelle Staley’s job? 

Estelle Staley supported her family by cleaning houses and toilets. Her passion and hard effort were well known.

Q. How many kids did Estelle Staley have? 

Lawrence, Anthony, Eric, Tracey, and Dawn Staley were Estelle Staley’s children.

Q. When and why did Estelle Staley die? 

Estelle Staley died in Columbia, South Carolina, on August 10, 2017. Before dying, she had Alzheimer’s.

Q. Where is Estelle Staley buried? 

Estelle Staley was laid to rest at the Greenlawn Memorial Park in Columbia, Richland County.

Q. What was Estelle Staley’s relationship with her daughter Dawn Staley? 

Estelle Staley shared a close bond with her daughter Dawn Staley. Dawn, a successful basketball player and coach, often pays tribute to her mother’s influence and legacy.

Q. How is Estelle Staley remembered today? 

Estelle Staley’s memory lives on through her children and the impact she made in their lives. Her daughter Dawn Staley continues to honor her mother’s legacy and keep her memory alive.

Q. What was Dawn Staley’s tribute to her mother? 

On August 6, 2019, Dawn Staley posted a photo of her mother on Instagram with a touching caption, “Queen Toni! Gone but never forgotten. Rest good and well!”


In conclusion, Estelle Staley’s life was distinguished by her familial devotion and resilience. With tenacity and determination, she worked as a cleaner and caretaker to support her five children. Her husband and children were her priority during her trip.

Estelle’s impact extended beyond her family to her daughter Dawn Staley, a famous basketball coach. After fighting Alzheimer’s, her 2017 death was a sad reminder of her strength.

Her children’s achievements and memories honor Estelle Staley. She shows how love, commitment, and a mother’s steadfast support can change lives.

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