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Gia Olimp, Anthony Carrigan’s Wife? Full Bio & Marriage

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Gia Olimp  really caught everyone’s attention when she got married to Anthony Carrigan, the cool actor we all know as Victor Zsasz from the show Gotham and NoHo Hank from Barry on HBO. You might’ve seen him in movies like The Invitation, Brightburn, and even on The Masked Singer.

Now, what’s interesting is that Gia Olimp didn’t exactly start off as a celebrity herself. She kind of stepped into the spotlight because of her marriage to Anthony Carrigan.Gia prefers low-key. She’s not into fame, you know? She’s quiet and doesn’t want attention.

Some people become famous because of their spouses, which is cool. 

But for Gia, she’s not all about that attention. She likes to stay out of the public eye and do her own thing.

Quick information about Gia Olimp 

Full name Gia Olimp Carrigan
Popular Name  Gia Olimp
Place of birth Serbia 
Current residence Los Angeles, California, United States 
Nationality Serbian 
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight 
Height in feet 5’7″ 
Height in centimetres 170 
Weight in kilograms58
Body measurements in centimetres 34-24-34 
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse Anthony Carrigan

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Who Is Anthony Carrigan’s Spouse

Anthony Carrigan wife is not just famous for being married to him; she’s actually a super talented chess player. Born and raised in Serbia, she comes from a place where chess is a big deal. I mean, Serbia has produced tons of chess grandmasters and really top-notch players.

What’s interesting is that Gia grew up with a sister who was four years older. That age gap probably gave her some pretty awesome guidance and mentorship as she was getting into chess.
What’s interesting is that Gia grew up with a sister who was four years older. That age gap probably gave her some pretty awesome guidance and mentorship as she was getting into chess.

As she followed her love for chess, Gia ended up in Los Angeles, USA – that’s where she lives with her husband now. LA isn’t only known for its entertainment industry; it’s got this bustling chess scene too. So, Gia’s in a great spot for her passion, surrounded by both the glamor of Hollywood and a lively chess community.

Professional career of Gia Olimp

Gia Olimp is a chess pro. Besides chess, she’s concerned about women’s rights and the women’s activist scene, which is cool. She uses her voice for good.

Gia isn’t a tabloid personality. She keeps things low-key, so nothing is known about her. But we know she’s walking the walk. She posts about activism, attends protests and marches, and promotes vital causes.

She’s a Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ rights advocate. It’s inspirational to see a chess champion use their platform to improve the world.

Personal life of Gia Olimp

Let me share Gia Olimp’s wonderful personal tale. Gia and Anthony met at the Broadway-Lafayette Street subway station in New York City in 2015. Kind of like a movie scene. Anthony got off at the incorrect station and Gia got on the wrong train. And guess what? There were only them on the platform. Luck, right?

It must have been fate that day because they started conversing, hit it off, and sparks flew. After dating, they married on June 22, 2018. The day was unique for them.

This is when things become tough. Google may identify Gia as Anthony Carrigan’s ex-wife. It’s perplexing because they haven’t officially split up or divorced. But occasionally things change and people go in different paths.

They’ve stopped following each other on social media and removed their images together. Just one of life’s twists and turns.

When Did Gia Olimp and Anthony  Get Married?

Their June 23, 2018, wedding was a joyous occasion. Imagine them ecstatic and ready to commit to a lifetime of love and cooperation. The couple’s loved ones and friends witnessed and celebrated their marriage at a church.

Remember the current fashion trends! Anthony looked good in his dark grey suit. His intellect and elan were evident. Gia was the star as she walked down the aisle in this stunning knee-length white dress. Doesn’t it sound like your dream day?

Her Husband, Anthony Has Alopecia

The husband of Gia has Alopecia Areata. It’s been his since he was three. This ailment sends hair on vacation, which isn’t easy. He discussed his experience on Late Night, and it’s quite a ride.

Thus, he had little hairless patches as a child. He kept it secret then. That sense of wanting to keep something to yourself, especially when it’s different? He had it.

Over time, things changed. His hair started dying as the situation worsened. The situation grew tougher to conceal. As things become worse, he felt that others looked at him differently, like he wasn’t as appealing. There was also concern that it would hurt his acting career.

You know what’s great? Anthony didn’t let that bother him. He used his unusual look to his advantage. He uses his distinctive features to his advantage, especially in acting, playing intriguing TV villains we all love to detest. It’s about accepting himself and making it work for him in the best way.

She Utilizes Her Social Media To Raise Awareness

Gia Olimp is taking advantage of Instagram to raise awareness and change lives. She wants to educate, share critical information, and get her followers interested in serious causes, not just post nice photos.

What’s better? She’s making Instagram a safe space where people can learn, chat, and act on important issues. Making the world better and fairer is a virtual hangout.

Gia is clearly committed. This displays her dedication to these causes. She inspires me with her commitment to constructive change.

Gia Olimp’s net worth

You may have tried to locate Gia Olimp’s net worth, but it’s not online. Anthony, her husband, is worth $1 million to $5 million. That includes his assets, earnings, and more. His main job and source of money is acting.


Q: Who is Gia Olimp? 

The marriage of professional chess player Gia Olimp to American actor Anthony Carrigan garnered attention. Her activism and advocacy are well-known.

Q: How did Anthony Carrigan meet Gia Olimp? 

A: They met accidentally. The Broadway-Lafayette Street subway station in New York City was the scene in 2015. Since they were the only ones on the wrong train and station, they chatted and hit it off.

Q: When did Gia Olimp marry Anthony Carrigan? 

A: They married June 23, 2018. They celebrated with relatives and friends in a church on their big day.

Q: What does Gia Olimp do besides chess? 

A: Gia advocates in addition to chess. She promotes women’s, LGBTQ+, and Black Lives Matter topics on social media. She fosters fairness debates and action in a safe space.

Q: How does Gia Olimp activism on Instagram? 

A: Gia educates, informs, and engages her Instagram followers on important topics. She wants to create a safe, inclusive space where individuals can learn, talk, and work towards equality.

Q: How does Gia Olimp raise awareness? 

A: Gia Olimp strives for constructive change. She uses social media to raise awareness of key topics and inspire her followers to act.

Q: Does Gia Olimp have a personal life outside of marriage?

A: Gia keeps a low profile, thus little is known about her personal life outside her marriage to Anthony Carrigan. It appears she values privacy.

Q: How has Anthony Carrigan handled his condition? 

Anthony Carrigan has Alopecia Areata, which causes hair loss. His condition began at three years old. Initially hiding his little hair loss patches, he embraced his unique look and began appearing as TV villains.

Q: What makes Gia Olimp special in chess? 

A: Gia Olimp is a talented Serbian chess player. Combining chess and activism, she advocates for significant social concerns.

Final thoughts

Gia Olimp is more than a celebrity spouse or chess player. Uniquely, she uses her platform for constructive change. Her chess experience has garnered notice for her play and advocacy. She teaches and engages followers on crucial subjects on social media to promote a more inclusive and just society.

From chance meetings to marriage and activism, her tale is about embracing who she is and utilizing her voice to change the world. Gia Olimp shows that even low-profile people may change the world.

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