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Cissy Lynn, an American country music musician and composer, best known for her album “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter” and her hit singles “I Know How,” “Lonesome Town,” and “Was It Love or Whisky Talkin’.” In addition to her singing career, Cissy, 70, is famous as the daughter of Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn.

Loretta Lynn, Cissy’s mother, has had many hit songs, gold albums, and Grammy Awards. Cissy’s profession, marriage, children, and more were of interest to the media due to her famous family.

This page discusses Cissy’s work, personal life, and estimated net worth, including her marriage. Discover Loretta Lynn’s daughter Cissy Lynn’s lesser-known side.

Profile summary 

Full Name Clara Marie “Cissy” Lynn
Popular NameCissy Lynn 
Date of birth April 7, 1952 
FatherOliver “Doolittle”/
Mother Loretta Lynn
SiblingsBetty Sue Lynn, Jack Benny Lynn, Ernest Ray Lynn, Peggy Jean Lynn, and Patsy Eileen Lynn 
School Waverly Central High School 
Net Worth $1.5 million
Marital StatusMarried 
Spouse John Beams
Children Elizabeth Lyell Braun

who is Cissy Lynn

Clara Marie Lynn (Cissy Lynn) is an American country singer-songwriter. She is well recognised for her country music talents and her relationship with her mother, Loretta Lynn.

Cissy Lynn is known for her albums and songs. Her “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter” CD is famous.

Famous for being the daughter of Loretta Lynn and Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn, Cissy Lynn is also a musician. With a brilliant career spanning decades, her mother Loretta Lynn is a country music legend.

Cissy Lynn may not have been as famous as her mother, but her contributions to country music and link to the Lynn family tradition have made her remarkable.

Cissy Lynn Early life and Education

Cissy Lynn’s childhood and schooling are not well documented in public sources. Loretta Lynn, one of the most famous country singers, and Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn, a country music pioneer, were her parents. Born into this family.

Cissy was likely exposed to country music early on because she grew up in a musical milieu. The public doesn’t know much about her early education and upbringing.

Cissy Lynn is most known for her country music career, but the media has kept her private and academic life buried. Due to this, her early life and academic experience are limited in availability.

Cissy Lynn Career

Cissy Lynn is primarily recognized for her career in the field of country music, where she has left a notable mark despite not reaching the same pinnacle of fame as her legendary mother, Loretta Lynn. Let’s delve into some essential aspects of Cissy Lynn’s musical journey:

Musical Releases: Cissy Lynn has established herself as a country music artist with a portfolio of music albums and singles. Among her notable works is the album titled “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Through her music, she has showcased her talent and commitment to the genre.

Country Music Heritage: Cissy Lynn’s deep-rooted connection to country music is unmistakable, given her lineage as the daughter of the iconic Loretta Lynn. Her family’s profound legacy in the country music industry has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping her artistic pursuits. This heritage serves as a testament to her dedication to preserving and contributing to the genre.

Collaborative Endeavors: Over the course of her career, Cissy Lynn may have had opportunities to collaborate with fellow artists or engage in various projects that have enriched the country music landscape. While specific details about her collaborations are not extensively documented, her involvement in the industry signifies her commitment to its growth and evolution.

It’s worth acknowledging that Cissy Lynn’s career accomplishments have often been overshadowed by the colossal success and renown of her mother, Loretta Lynn. Nonetheless, her dedication to country music and her meaningful contributions within the genre have solidified her status as a respected figure in the industry.

Cissy Lynn Family and Relationship

Cissy Lynn’s family and relationships are well-known because she is Loretta Lynn’s daughter. Cissy has kept a more private existence than her famous mother, but here is a look at her family and relationships:


Mother – Cissy Lynn’s closest family tie is with her mother, Loretta Lynn, a famed country singer-songwriter. Loretta is remembered for her long career and hits. Cissy’s artistic journey was obviously shaped by her famous musical family.

Father – Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn, Cissy’s father, was married to Loretta Lynn and was involved in their family. While Cissy’s father’s role in their family is less well-known, his presence is notable.

Siblings: Cissy Lynn has sisters and brothers. However, her siblings’ details are scarce in public sources.


Cissy Lynn’s romantic life is mostly private. Her relationships are not well-known, therefore little is known. Country music and family have dominated Cissy Lynn’s life. Her life has been defined by her singing career and family legacy.

Cissy Lynn’s family ties, particularly to her mother Loretta Lynn, are well known, but her personal life, including relationships, has remained private, allowing her to focus on her music and her family’s lasting impact on country music.


Cissy Lynn has five brothers and sisters. She lost her siblings Betty Sue Lynn and Jack Benny Lynn. Betty, the oldest of six, died of emphysema at 64. Born November 26, 1948, she died July 29, 2013.

Jack Benny Lynn, Cissy’s older brother, trained horses and blacksmithed on the ranch. He died while riding his horse at Hurricane Mills. His horseback crossing of the Duck River ended in a fatal drowning.

In addition to Betty Sue and Jack Benny Lynn, Cissy Lynn has three younger siblings:

Ernest Ray Lynn, Cissy’s younger brother, born May 27, 1954.

Peggy and Patsy Lynn: Cissy is the elder twin sister to Peggy and Patsy Lynn, who love music and are involved in the family’s company.

The Lynn family has experienced joy and pain, but their passion for music unites them.

Cissy Lynn Marriage and Personal life 

Due to her private life, little is known about Cissy Lynn’s marriage or relationships. Cissy Lynn has kept her personal life secret, unlike her famous mother Loretta Lynn. The lack of public information prevents extensive analysis of Cissy Lynn’s marriage or relationships. Country music and family have been her key draws, with personal details kept private.

Respect her privacy and remember that not all celebrities prefer to live in the public glare. Cissy Lynn’s marriage and relationships are not well known,but we will give you some interesting info about her marriage life

Mrs. Cissy Lynn is married.

John Beams and 70-year-old Cissy Lynn are blissfully married. Their intimate wedding was attended by singer-songwriter John Beams, a member of the local Black River Band.

The pair chooses to keep their relationship private, thus nothing is known about them. Unknown is whether they have children together. Cissy Lynn and John Beams keep their marriage and family private.

She Was Married In The Past As Well

Cissy Lynn married Garry Lyell before marrying John Beams. Their marriage ended in divorce after several years. After their divorce, Garry Lyell remarried, but his wife died in 2016.

Cissy Lynn has a daughter, Elizabeth Lyell Braun, with Garry Lyell. Elizabeth married Chad Braun.

Cissy Lynn Body Measurement 

Height in feet 5 Feet 2 inches 
Height in M1.60M 
Weight N\A
Breast size N\A
Waist size N\A
Shoe size N\A
Hip size N\A
Eye color Brown 
Hair color Brown
Hobbies N\A
Interest N\A

Cissy Lynn Salary Net Worth  

Salary N\A
Net worth 65$ Million
Source of incomeCelebrity daughter 

Cissy Lynn Interesting Facts

  • Musical Heritage: Cissy Lynn was born into a country music family. Loretta Lynn’s country music career includes Cissy.
  • Cissey has several siblings, including her elder twin sisters Peggy and Patsy Lynn. Her relatives’ music careers preserve Lynn family heritage.
  • Cissy has performed country music, albeit less famously than her mother. Her album and single “The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter.”
  • Cissy Lynn conceals her family and relationships.
  • Cissy married singer-songwriter John Beams. Their secret relationship makes marriage and child information scarce.
  • Two of Cissy Lynn’s siblings, Betty Sue and Jack Benny, died tragically. These losses damaged her family and life.


Finally, Loretta Lynn’s daughter Cissy Lynn has spent her life in the music industry and honoring her family. There is little public information regarding her marriage to fellow musician John Beams and whether they have children. Two of Cissy Lynn’s siblings, Betty Sue Lynn and Jack Benny Lynn, died, affecting her life and family. She and her family maintain the Lynn family’s music tradition despite hardships and losses, preserving their mother’s musical legacy.

Cissy Lynn’s life story is a monument to her love of music, family, and preserving her native country music legacy.

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