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Margaret Cooney was less famous before marrying Phil Donahue, but her name became more well-known afterward Phil Donahue first wife. We know her mostly from her relationship with him.

Details about Marge Cooney’s early life, her family background, education, and siblings are quite elusive, leaving us with little information about her formative years.

Her claim to fame primarily comes from being Phil Donahue’s first wife. Their wedding took place on February 1st, 1958, and their union brought five children into the world.

As for Marge Cooney’s net worth, there isn’t a concrete figure available. She’s expected to receive $15,000 annually from her divorce from famous ex-husband Phil Donahue. Phil may be worth $150 million.

Marge Cooney’s life is intertwined with her marriage to Phil Donahue, despite her lack of fame.

Quick information about  Marge Cooney 

Name Marge Cooney
Birthplace West Orange, New jersey, USA
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Religion Roman Catholic
Hometown Albuquerque
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Grey
Brother Jim Cooney
Marital Status Divorce 
Husband Phil Donahue (1958- 1975)
Children Sons: Michale, Kevin, Daniel and James
Daughter: Mary Rose 

Phil Donahue, Marge Cooney Ex-Husband

Phil Donahue came into this world on December 21, 1935, right in Cleveland, Ohio. His roots were in a middle-class Irish Catholic family that held religious values close. His mom, Catherine (McClory), worked in a department store as a shoe clerk, while his dad, Phillip Donahue, was occupied with selling furniture.

As a young lad, he got his learning at Our Lady of the Angels elementary school, nestled in Cleveland’s West Park neighborhood. Fast forward to 1949, and he graduated from there.

Phil Donahue graduated from St. Edward High School, an all-boys Catholic private high school who prepares pupils for college, in its inaugural class. The Congregation of Holy Cross oversaw this Lakewood, Ohio, facility. In 1957, he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration at Notre Dame, which is under the Congregation of Holy Cross.

As his story unfolds, we find a young Phil embarking on his career journey as a production assistant at KYW radio and television in Cleveland. Life took an unexpected turn when the regular announcer didn’t show up, and Phil stepped up to the plate.

He worked as a bank check sorter in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after graduating, then as the programme director at WABJ radio in Adrian, Michigan. Not the pinnacle of his trip. Phil rose to Dayton’s WHIO-TV morning news anchor. He interviewed Jimmy Hoffa and Billie Sol Estes for a national audience. Previous work included stringing for CBS Evening News.

Marge Cooney – Professional career

Marge Cooney’s professional journey remains rather elusive, with limited information available about her career. However, we do know that she held a membership at Sea Girt’s St. Mark’s Church. For years, she spent her time at Spring Lake Golf Club.Marge was a member of Boca Raton’s St. Joan of Arc Church and volunteered in her community.

Now, let’s shift our focus to her former spouse, Phil Donahue. His career began as a production assistant at KYW radio and WKYC-TV. Over time, he took on the role of program director at WABJ radio in Michigan. Notably, he also anchored at WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio.Phil’s hosting prowess became evident with his show “Conversation Piece,” which aired from 1963 to 1967 on WHIO radio. He managed to secure interviews with notable figures like Jimmy Hoffa, Billie Sol Estes, John F. Kennedy, and Johnny Carson. His engaging conversations even extended to the boxing ring, featuring interviews with Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. As of November 6, 1967, he bid farewell to WHIO-TV and embraced his new role as the host of the “Phil Donahue Show” on WLWD.

From January 1970, his show reached audiences through multiple television and radio stations. The show’s popularity led to nationwide syndication, prompting its move to Chicago in 1974 and subsequently to New York City in 1984. Phil’s presence extended beyond his show, as he contributed to NBC’s “The Today Show” from 1979 to 1988.

Between 1991 and 1994, he co-hosted the show “U.S.-Soviet Space Bridge” alongside Soviet reporter Vladimir Pozner. Phil’s comeback to television took place in July 2002 when he reclaimed the role of host for the show “Donahue.”

Delving into the realm of film, Phil co-directed the documentary film “Body of War” alongside filmmaker Ellen Spiro. This documentary garnered recognition, being shortlisted for an Oscar nomination in November 2007.

In comparison, Marge Cooney’s career journey might remain a bit enigmatic, but the story of her ex-husband Phil Donahue’s rise in the media landscape is rich with diverse experiences, interviews with notable personalities, and a distinct imprint on the world of television.

Marge Cooney – Net worth

Marge Cooney’s earnings have increased due to her marriage to a famous journalist. However, her net worth, income, and compensation are unknown.

Phil Donahue, Marge’s ex-husband, is worth $150 million. His career has been financially profitable.

Marge Cooney hasn’t won any honors, but Phil Donahue has. Several awards have been his. During his broadcasting career, he won 20 Emmys including 10 for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

Phil’s 1980 ‘Peabody Award’ was a testament to his industry contributions. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame honored him on a special November day in 1983.

The difference between Marge Cooney’s anonymity and Phil Donahue’s fame shows their contrasting lives and legacies.

Is Marge Cooney still alive or dead? what happened to Cooney

Marge Cooney’s journey came to a close in 2018, marking the end of a life that had touched the lives of those around her. While the exact circumstances of her passing remain private, her legacy continues through the relationships she cultivated and the contributions she made. Her presence within various associations, including her memberships at St. Mark’s Church and the Spring Lake Golf Club, reflect her active engagement with her community. margaret cooney community volunteering and affiliation with St. Joan of Arc Church in Boca Raton, FL demonstrate her dedication to making a difference.

Her professional career is less recorded, although her life is intertwined with her ex-husband, Phil Donahue, a broadcaster who won awards. Marge’s leaving teaches us to value our relationships and legacies.


Q. Who is Marge Cooney? 

Marge Cooney was the ex-wife of the well-known television personality Phil Donahue. She gained some recognition due to her marriage to Phil Donahue but had limited information available about her personal life and career.

Q. When did Marge Cooney pass away? 

Marge Cooney passed away in the year 2018 at the age of 82.

Q. What is known about Marge Cooney’s early life and background? 

There is limited information available about Marge Cooney’s early life, educational background, and family. Her life story primarily revolves around her marriage to Phil Donahue.

Q. What were Marge Cooney’s affiliations and community involvement? 

Marge Cooney was a member of various churches such as St. Mark’s Church, Spring Lake Golf Club, and St. Joan of Arc Church in Boca Raton, FL. She also engaged in community volunteer work.

Q. Why is Marge Cooney a professional? 

Marge Cooney’s professional career is unknown. Her fame derives from being Phil Donahue’s ex-wife.

Q. Phil Donahue’s career? 

Phil Donahue started as a radio and TV production assistant. He interviewed famous people on “Conversation Piece,” his talk programme. Later, he presented “The Phil Donahue Show,” a famous syndicated show that won honors.

Q. Does Marge Cooney have any career awards? 

No information is provided about Marge Cooney’s career awards. Her public persona centers on her marriage to Phil Donahue.

Q. Phil Donahue’s wealth? 

The net worth of Phil Donahue is estimated at $150 million. His lengthy broadcasting and TV hosting career brought him success.


In conclusion, Marge Cooney’s life revolves around her marriage to Phil Donahue. Her church affiliations, community activity, and club memberships made her prominent, but her early life, education, and employment remain unknown. Her 2018 death ended a life that touched others.

However, Phil Donahue went from production assistant to talk show host. He won Emmys and the Peabody for his celebrity interviews and “The Phil Donahue Show” hosting.

Marge Cooney’s legacy reminds us of our community connections and roles. Her tale was eclipsed by her ex-husband’s celebrity, but her contributions are still part of their path.

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