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Elliot Kingsley biography

Elliot Kingsley is a famous American theater performer. He was born 1966. He is the son of Ozzy Osbourne and Thelma Riley. Despite being reared in the US, his parents were born in the UK. Interestingly, his biological father’s name has never been publicly disclosed. However, his mother, English teacher Thelma Riley, has won many awards. Elliot was raised by his single mother until she met another man. The amazing history of Elliot Kingsley’s family has undoubtedly shaped his life and career.

Elliot Kingsley career

Kingsley has loved the performing arts from childhood and has performed in many plays. He began his career teaching speech and drama in the UK. He worked in Wirral and Chester drama schools. He quit teaching to become an actor because he loved performing.

The YEP graduation programme helped Kingsley enter the acclaimed Young Everyman Playhouse Actors Programme in 2017. Since then, he has been in several great plays, including “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “The Story Giant.”

Years of theatergoing have deepened Kingsley’s love of the stage. In addition to performing, he promotes theater and encourages younger audiences. He mentors and assists emerging actors in the local theater scene.

Elliot Kingsley’s profile summary

Full name Elliot Kingsley
Nickname Elliot
Gender Male 
Date of birth 1966
Age 57 years old
Zodiac signCapricorn 
Place of birthUnited States 
Current residenceUnited States 
Ethnicity White 
Religion Christianity
Height in feet 5’7” 
Height in centimeters175 
Weight in pounds 165 
Weight in kilograms 75 
Hair color Brown 
Eye color Brown 

Elliot Kingsley family 

Mother Thelma Riley 
Father Ozzy Osbourne (Step-father) 
SiblingsJessica, Louis, Aimee, Kelly and Jack Osbourne 
Relationship status Single 
Profession Theater Actor 
Net worth$600k

Elliot Kingsley family

Kingsley’s stepfather is Ozzy Osbourne and his real mother is Thelma Riley. His actual father is unknown.

On December 3, 1948, English singer, songwriter, and TV personality John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne was born. He became famous as Black Sabbath’s lead singer in the 1970s, gaining the epithet “Prince of Darkness.” Osbourne co-founded Black Sabbath in 1968 in Birmingham, where he was raised. From their 1970 self-titled debut to 1978’s Never Say Die!, he sang lead. Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, Master of Reality, and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath shaped heavy metal.

Osbourne was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979 because to drinking and drug addiction. A successful solo career followed, with 13 studio albums, seven of which were multi-platinum in the US. Kingsley has two stepchildren: Jessica Starshine Osbourne and Louis Osbourne, born to his mother and Osbourne. In 1982, Riley divorced Osbourne.

When Kingsley was six, Jessica Starshine Osbourne, born January 20, 1972, became his younger sister. Jessica is an actress, according to web sources. Elliot’s younger brother is Louis John Osbourne, born in 1975 in Birmingham, UK. Louis is known for his work on songs including “No More Tears,” “23 Positions,” “Crazy Train,” and “Rare Grooves.”

Film actress, producer, and writer Louise Osbourne married Louis. Elijah and Maia Osbourne are their children from their 2003 marriage. Kingsley also has step-siblings from Osbourne’s second marriage to Sharon Carter. They married on July 4, 1982, and have been together ever since.

Kingsley has three siblings from his stepfather’s second marriage: Aimee Rachel, Kelly Michelle Lee, and Jack Joseph. The oldest child, Aimee Osbourne, was born September 2, 1983. She worked in showbiz like her father. Actress and singer Aimee.

On October 27, 1984, Kelly Osbourne was born. Kelly, like her father Osbourne, is a singer. Kelly has modeled and designed in addition to singing. Hollywood celebrity mother and sister of American actress Alexis Fields.

Elliot Kingsley parents

John Michael Osbourne, aka Ozzy Osbourne, fell in love with Thelma Riley at a bar and married her in 1971. After their wedding, Black Sabbath frontman Osbourne decided to adopt Riley’s five-year-old son Kingsley.

Kingsley became Osbourne’s stepson after the adoption, and the English singer raised him. Due of the involvement of a famous artist, the early 1970s adoption, which was rare, garnered national notice.

Despite their immediate relationship, Kingsley and his adopted father faced obstacles. KIngsley needed time to acclimatize to his new home and family because Osbourne was his first father.

Elliot’s predicament was worsened by Kingsley’s alcohol and drug addiction. The young aspiring actor chose a low-profile existence for the remainder of his life due to this added difficulties.

Riley and Osbourne’s marriage was troubled after 10 years. Riley accused Osbourne of infidelity, straining their relationship. Famous bandleader Osbourne was often absent from his family. Despite having two children, Osbourne neglected his family. He spent a lot of time touring to promote his music.

Elliot, Jessica, and Louis were raised by Thelma after their 1982 divorce. Jessica and Louis, Osbourne’s biological children, acknowledged him as an absent father in a documentary. Osbourne stopped remembering his children’s birthdays and never celebrated with them.

Elliot Kingsley has five siblings 

Theater performer Elliot Kingsley has five half-siblings. He has a half-sister, Jessica, and a brother, Louis Osbourne. These half-siblings were born to Ozzy Osbourne and Thelma Riley Mayfair. Elliot Kingsley’s personal life and entertainment industry relationships are enriched by this family dynamic.

Elliot Kingsley’s net worth

Elliot performed in theater. So, he made money from salary. In 2022, he was worth $600,000. However, as Ozzy Osbourne’s adopted son, he may not be able to inherit his money. According to 2022 estimates, Ozzy Osbourne is worth $220 million.Over 100 million albums have been sold by Ozzy. He also founded Ozzfest, a festival tour that has drawn over five million people and earned over $100 million. Over his career, the English musician sold over $50 million in merchandise. In The Osbournes, he made $200,000. His US and English real estate empire includes a 2015 $12 million, 11,500-square-foot Hancock Park mansion in Los Angeles. He bought a $4 million Beverly Hills property in 1999. Reality show The Osbournes was filmed at Ozzy and his family’s 10,000-square-foot residence. He sold the residence to Christina Aguilera for $11.5 million in April 2013. 

He is a theatrical actor 

Theater fans revere Elliot Kingsley. He auditioned for the Young Everyman Playhouse aged 20 after playing minor roles. Like his stepfather, he has had major roles in plays like “Romeo and Juliet” as Julius, “The Story Giant” as Liam, and “Fiddler on the Roof” as Mendel. His passion and talent have cemented his theater career.

Elliot Kingsley’s fast facts

  • American theater actor Elliot Kingsley is famous for his stage performances.
  • Parentage: His real father is unknown, but his mother is English teacher Thelma Riley.
  • Parentage: His parents are British, however he was raised in the US.
  • Elliot has five half-siblings, including Jessica, a half-sister, and Louis, a brother his mother Thelma Riley had with artist Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Everyman Company: Elliot Kingsley is a prominent theater company member.
  • Theater career: He began playing in modest roles and caught the attention of the Young Everyman Playhouse at 20. He has since been in “Romeo and Juliet,” “The Story Giant,” and “Fiddler on the Roof.”


Finally, Elliot Kingsley, an accomplished American theatrical actor, has succeeded in drama despite his unique family background. His mother, award-winning English teacher Thelma Riley, reared him alone until she met another guy. His biological father is unknown. Elliott’s love of performance has led him to appear in “Romeo and Juliet,” “The Story Giant,” and “Fiddler on the Roof.” He thrives in theater as a member of the Everyman Company, earning a reputation for himself with his zeal and talent. He made his mark in theater with $600,000 in net worth. Elliot’s life and career are unique despite his stepfather Ozzy Osbourne’s fortune.


Here are Elliot Kingsley FAQs:

Q:  Elliot Kingsley—who?

A: Elliot Kingsley is a famous American theatrical performer.

Q: Elliot Kingsley’s parents?

A: English instructor Thelma Riley is his mother, and Ozzy Osbourne is his stepfather. The identity of his biological father is unknown.

Q:  Elliot Kingsley’s age.

A: The latest research puts Elliot Kingsley at 57 years old, born in 1966.

Q: Elliot Kingsley’s notable theater roles?

A: In “Romeo and Juliet,” Elliot Kingsley played Julius, “The Story Giant,” Liam, and “Fiddler on the Roof,” Mendel.

Q: How much is Elliot Kingsley worth?

A: Theater star Elliot Kingsley was worth $600,000 in 2022.

Q:  Does Elliot Kingsley have siblings?

A: Jessica and Louis Osbourne are two of his five half-siblings. These siblings are from his mother Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne.

Q: What’s Elliot Kingsley’s Everyman Company connection?

A: Famous theater company Everyman Company features Elliot Kingsley.

The following FAQs cover Elliot Kingsley’s biography, career, family, and theater achievements.

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