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Who Are Maya Brady Parents Everythings You Need To Know

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Maya Brady is a young and talented softball player, currently in her Redshirt Sophomore year, representing the UCLA Bruins softball team. She made her debut in 2020 with the UCL Bruins, earning accolades such as the Pac-12 Freshman and Player of the Week on February 11, 2020. Beyond her achievements in sports, what has intrigued many is her family background. Who exactly are Maya Brady parents?

Maya’s journey in softball began at the tender age of four. During her high school years, she received the prestigious title of Ventura County Star 2019 All-County Softball Player of the Year. Notably, Maya is also the niece of the former American football quarterback, Tom Brady.

Who are Maya Brady parents?

Maya Brady hails from a family deeply rooted in sports. She was born on June 1, 2001, in San Mateo, California, United States, to parents Brian Timmons and Maureen Brady. Maya also has a younger sister named Hannah, who is a junior volleyball player for Sunshine VBC. Currently, Maya and her sister reside with their mother in Bakersfield.

Maya’s father, Brian Timmons, is a prominent lawyer known for his role as the Global Head of Complex Litigation at Quinn Emanuel. His 1990s shop specialised in mechanical goods.

However, Maya’s mother, Maureen Brady, is prominent in sports. She pitched at Fresno State University and represented the US in high school Junior Olympics. Nurse and softball instructor Maureen works in Bakersfield, California.

Are Maya Brady parents married?

Maya Brady parents split. The couple divorced on August 7, 2010, when Maya was nine. Maureen had to balance her profession and single-handed child rearing after the divorce.

For Maya, her mother stands as her ultimate role model, greatly admired for her unwavering work ethic. Maya shared with ESPN that her mother consistently emphasizes that success is not given freely; it’s earned through hard work. Whether in academics or on the field, Maya believes that diligent effort is the most reliable path to follow.

After parting ways with Maya’s mother, Brian entered a relationship with Jennifer Litz Prado in 2014. They’ve been together for at least seven years. However, it’s uncertain if they’re still a couple, as Jennifer recently updated her Facebook status to “Single.”

A Mother’s Inspiration

Maya Brady deeply admires her mother, seeing her as the pinnacle of what she aspires to be. She attributes much of her own determination and work ethic to the example set by her mother. This invaluable lesson, instilled by her, is one that Maya carries with her both in her academic pursuits and on the softball field.

Her mother’s influence resonates in Maya’s approach to life. The belief that achievements are the product of dedicated effort is a driving force in her journey, both in the classroom and in her athletic endeavors. Maya understands that true success is not handed out easily, but rather earned through hard work and persistence. This core value continues to shape Maya’s character and accomplishments, guiding her towards her goals with purpose and determination.

New Chapters in Brian’s Life

Following his separation from Maya’s mother, Brian entered into a romantic relationship with Jennifer Litz Prado back in 2014. Their connection has endured for over seven years, marking a significant chapter in Brian’s personal life. However, there seems to be a recent shift in their status, as Jennifer recently updated her Facebook profile to indicate that she is now “Single.”

This change in Jennifer’s relationship status leaves room for uncertainty regarding the current state of their relationship. It’s a development that may hold personal significance for both Brian and Jennifer, potentially leading to new chapters in their individual journeys.

Maya Brady relationship with her parents

Despite her parents being separated, Maya Brady maintains a strong and positive relationship with both of them.

Following their separation in August 2010, it was Maureen Brady who took custody of Maya and her sister Hannah. At the young age of nine, Maya displayed remarkable maturity in handling this significant life change. Instead of letting it deter her, she channeled her focus and energy into developing her career as a dedicated softball player.

The influence of Maya’s mother, who was a professional softball player herself, played a pivotal role in shaping Maya’s journey in sports. As a single parent, Maureen wholeheartedly devoted herself to nurturing Maya’s talents and providing the support she needed to thrive in the world of softball. This dedicated effort from her mother has undoubtedly been a cornerstone in Maya’s development as an athlete.

Maya Brady Biography

Maya Brady, born in 2001 in San Mateo, California, USA, grew up in a household deeply immersed in sports. Her early introduction to softball paved the way for her passion in the field. Attending Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, California, Maya not only excelled in softball but also showcased her skills in basketball.

Her exceptional talent in softball garnered attention from college scouts, resulting in numerous offers from prestigious softball programs. Ultimately, Maya decided to join the UCLA team, becoming a part of the Bruins softball roster in 2020.

Maya’s strength lies in her versatility on the field, as she adeptly handles positions like shortstop, third base, and outfield. Her batting skills are equally impressive, boasting a career batting average of .319 as of 2021.

Beyond her athletic prowess, Maya is a dedicated student, managing to maintain a high GPA while juggling her sports commitments and other extracurricular pursuits.

Maya’s family has formed her identity and garnered media attention. The NFL’s greatest quarterback, Tom Brady, is her uncle. Maya draws inspiration from her uncle’s dedication and work ethic in her sports career.

Maya Brady Siblings

Maya Brady shares a special bond with her younger sister, Hannah Brady. They both grew up together in Southern California, creating cherished childhood memories.

In their family, it’s just the two sisters – no brothers. Maya and Hannah deeply appreciate the athletic prowess inherited from their mother, Maureen, as well as the unwavering love and support that has seen them through their toughest moments.

As per the Los Angeles Times, Hannah is a junior volleyball player, standing at an impressive 5 feet 9 inches. She graduated from Oaks Christian High School and is an active member of the Sunshine VBC.

Hannah’s Instagram account, @hannah__brady__, boasts a following of 603, reflecting a modest but engaged audience. Her feed showcases various moments, including heartwarming snapshots with her sister.

On a special occasion, Maureen’s birthday in February 2020, Maya took to Instagram to share a series of photographs capturing their tight-knit family of three. In her heartfelt caption, Maya expressed gratitude to her mother for always prioritizing the well-being of both Maya and Hannah. It’s evident that their family bond is a source of strength and closeness in their lives.

Maya Brady Height and Weight

Fans often have a keen interest in the physical attributes of their favorite celebrities. In the case of Maya Brady, it’s estimated that she stands at around 173 cm in height. As for her weight, Maya tips the scales at approximately 57 kg.

Her boyfriend plays football for UCLA

Maya Brady and James Dinneen have been an item since at least July 2022, a moment that was captured in photographs when they attended the ESPY Awards together. At the event, Maya took on the role of a trophy presenter. Prior to his graduation in 2022, Dinneen played as a linebacker for UCLA’s football team, as indicated in his Bruins player profile.

Their relationship has been documented on their respective social media profiles, showcasing moments of mutual support. Maya can often be seen cheering on Dinneen from the stands during UCLA football games, while Dinneen has accompanied Maya to events like the 2022 ESPY Awards.

In a heartfelt Instagram post on Maya’s 22nd birthday in June 2023, Dinneen expressed his deep affection, writing, “Happy 22nd Birthday to the love of my life and my best friend for the rest of time. You are such a special person and I can’t wait to experience the world with you.” This touching message attests to the strong bond and affection they share.

She participated in two softball games for Team USA

Maya is a proud member of Team USA’s softball team, and she has had the unique honour of twice representing the United States on the international stage. The first time happened in 2022 when she travelled to Japan for an All-Star Series with the team. This experience was everything a dream come true, according to Maya.

With immense pride, she shared a photo of herself donning the Team USA uniform while playing in Japan, captioning it “Living little Mymy’s dream.” It was a moment that encapsulated the realization of a cherished aspiration.

Taking to Instagram once more, Maya penned a heartfelt reflection on the honor it was to play for Team USA in Japan. Alongside a series of photos, she wrote, “This game has given me the opportunity to live out my dreams with the people I love🫶. It was truly an honor to wear the red, white, and blue.” The sentiment conveyed the profound gratitude and reverence she felt for the experience.

In 2023, the exciting news broke that Maya had once again earned her spot on the roster. She was set to proudly represent the USA at the World Softball Confederation World Cup, a prestigious event taking place in Dublin, Ireland in July 2023. This announcement marked another significant milestone in Maya’s illustrious softball career.


UCLA softball player Maya Brady comes from a sports-loving household. She was born in San Mateo, California, to Brian Timmons and Maureen Brady on June 1, 2001. After Maya’s parents divorced in 2010, Maureen acquired care of her and Hannah. Despite the divorce, Maya has good relationships with both parents.

Maya’s mother, Maureen Brady, is a former professional softball player and nurse, known for her dedication to nurturing Maya’s talents. Her father, Brian Timmons, is a prominent lawyer specializing in complex litigation. Following their separation, Brian entered a relationship with Jennifer Litz Prado in 2014, but it’s uncertain if they are still together.

Maya deeply admires her mother, attributing much of her determination and work ethic to the example set by Maureen. This lesson of earning success through hard work guides Maya both academically and athletically. Beyond her family background, Maya excels in softball, representing Team USA, and maintains a close bond with her younger sister, Hannah. Additionally, Maya is in a relationship with James Dinneen, a former UCLA football player.

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