Kaitlan Collins: A biography of the successful journalist

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CNN’s This Morning is hosted by American journalist Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow. After years in the media, she has an excellent record. As CNN’s youngest Chief White House correspondent, her life intrigued many.

Kaitlan Collins married? Discover now. Collins is recognized for asking candid questions and voicing her opinions. She is charming, and people want to know more about her. Kaitlan Collins married? Read on for the answer to the biggest question. 

Quick Bio

Full name Kaitlan Collins 
Gender Female 
Date of birth 7 April 1992
Place of birth Prattville, Alabama, USA
Age 31 years old 
Zodiac sign Aries 
Ethnicity White 
Religion Christianity 
Height in feet 5’7″ 
Weight in kilograms 58 
Hair colour Brown 
Eye colourLight brown
Father Jeff Collins 
Siblings Three 
Relationship status Dating 
Profession Journalist 

Who is Kaitlan Collins?

American journalist Kaitlan Collins was born April 7, 1992.

Collins, from Prattville, Alabama, studied journalism and political science at Alabama.

She joined The Daily Caller as an entertainment reporter and then became their White House correspondent.

Collins, the youngest CNN White House correspondent, was hired in 2017.

She was one of Medialite’s 50 Most Influential News Media People and Forbes’ 30 under 30: Media.

Collins co-anchored CNN This Morning alongside Poppy Harlow and Don Lemon in 2022. Lemon was sacked from CNN hosting in April 2023.

Collins hosted CNN’s New Hampshire town hall discussion with former president Donald Trump in May 2023.

CNN CEO Chris Licht said on May 17, 2023, that Collins would host the 9pm primetime hour, a spot that had been empty since Chris Cuomo’s December 2021 termination.

Is Kaitlan Collins Married?

Kaitlan Collins is unmarried. She has been dating Will Douglas since 2015, however they have not announced their engagement or marriage. They may be married, but they’ve opted to keep their personal life private.

Kaitlan Collins has refused to discuss her relationship with Will Douglas. If she is married, she may wait until she is ready to share this milestone with the public, respecting her privacy.

Collins, a successful journalist, has kept her personal life private unless she decides differently.

Who is Kaitlan Collins Husband?

Kaitlan Collins is single. She dates renowned chemist and entrepreneur Will Douglas. Owner of Crimson Care Pharmacy Group. They began dating in 2015 and kept it covert. Personal life is rarely discussed in public.

Due to their secrecy, little is known about their relationship. People think they’re engaged. Neither has mentioned it.

Kaitlan Collins and Will Douglas seem to enjoy privacy. They haven’t discussed marriage or engagement.

Who is Will Douglas?

Will Douglas has dated Kaitlan Collins for years. From a little Red River town, he became an entrepreneur and pharmacist. Conservative parents raised Douglas. His mother was always home to care for the family while his father worked at a manufacturing company for nearly 40 years.

He studied pharmacy at the University of Oklahoma before starting his career in Dallas. He owns and controls Crimson Care Pharmacy Group.

Dallas County’s 40 under 40 included his company. He ran for Texas House District 113 representative in 2020. Lost his seat. 

Early life Of Kaitlan Collins

Born in Prattville, Alabama, Kaitlan Collins.Mortgage banker Jeff Collins is her father.Collins says her family was apolitical and that her parents never voted or expressed strong political ideas.

Collins attended Alabama after graduating from Prattville High School. Her first major was chemistry, then journalism. She graduated with a BA in political science and media in May 2014. Alpha Phi sorority member Collins.

Kaitlan Collins Graduated In A Bachelor Of Arts

Kaitlan is a famous American journalist. She was born in Prattville, Alabama, to senior mortgage banker Jeff Collins on April 7, 1992. Brayden, Cole, and Lena Grace are her younger siblings.

After Prattville High School, Kaitlan obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Alabama in 2014. Kaitlan relocated to D.C. after graduating. She interned at Daily Caller for eight weeks.



Collins is a trained journalist who works for top American media. She co-hosts CNN’s This Morning with Poppy Harlow. CNN’s chief White House correspondent until 2022. A summary of her career follows. 

  • She joined The Daily Caller as entertainment correspondent in June 2014.
  • She reported on the 2016 presidential election for The Daily Caller. 
  • She became The Daily Caller’s White House correspondent in January 2017. 
  • CNN hired her as a journalist in July 2017. 

CNN appointed her Chief White House reporter on 11 January 2021, a position she maintained until 2022. 

Collings Was Suspended From A 2018 Trump Press Conference 

Collins was excluded from White House press in July 2018 for questioning President Trump about Vladimir Putin and Michael Cohen.

Collins said her inquiries to senior White House officials were inappropriate. At the press conference, she said, “Did Michael Cohen betray you, President?”

Mr. President, are you frightened about what Michael Cohen will tell the prosecutors? Are you concerned about the other tapes, Mr. President?

Later, Trump aide Kellyanne Conway advised her to question Trump politely. Watch the White House-banned CNN President’s Event report below.

Kaitlan Collins Net Worth

After hosting the morning show, she made $1–3 million annually.

Collins was surprised to make Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Media list at 26. Josh Dawsey of The Washington Post and other prominent journalists share this award.

Collins went beyond being CNN’s youngest White House reporter. Fans love her for asking thought-provoking questions. Once, her question prompted President Biden to apologize.

Her quirky, occasionally sardonic grin is also noticed. Mediaite named her a Most Influential News Media Person in 2019. This proves her industry importance.

Kaitlan Collins is prominent on social media and TV. She has over 1.2 million Twitter and 280K Instagram followers. That suggests many individuals like her internet posts.

Social Media 

CNN journalists use Twitter and Instagram. She has about 46k Instagram followers and 475k Twitter followers.


1. Is Kaitlan Collins married? 

Kaitlan Collins is unmarried. She has been dating Will Douglas since 2015, but they have not married.

2. Kaitlan Collins’ boyfriend? 

Will Douglas, Crimson Care Pharmacy Group owner and entrepreneur, is Kaitlan Collins’ lover. They have been together since 2015 and prefer privacy.

3. Kaitlan Collins’ career background? 

Famous American journalist Kaitlan Collins started as a Daily Caller entertainment reporter. She became White House correspondent for Trump. Her CNN career began in 2017 and culminated in 2021 as Chief White House correspondent. Since 2022, she co-anchors CNN This Morning with Poppy Harlow.

4. Why was Kaitlan Collins suspended from a 2018 Trump press conference? 

After asking Trump about Vladimir Putin and Michael Cohen, Kaitlan Collins was suspended from a 2018 Trump press conference. Her questions were inappropriate for the White House, according to senior officials.

5. How much is Kaitlan Collins worth? 

Kaitlan Collins estimated annual net worth is $1–3 million. Her journalism honors include Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Media.


American journalist Kaitlan Collins had a distinguished career. She studied journalism and political science at the University of Alabama after being born in Prattville, Alabama, in 1992.

She joined The Daily Caller as an entertainment reporter and then became their White House correspondent. CNN hired her in 2017 and made her Chief White House reporter in 2021.

Collins is recognized for her direct inquiries and thoughts. Forbes named her one of 30 Under 30 in Media for her unique writing approach.

Despite her public career, Kaitlan Collins keeps her personal life, especially her relationship with Will Douglas, private. Despite their long relationship, they have not announced their marriage or engagement.

Kaitlan Collins, a notable journalist, is closely followed by many who admire her passion for reporting and storytelling.

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