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Parris Mcbride
Parris Mcbride

Parris Mcbride Bio, Wiki, Career, Husband, Net Worth And More

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Parris Mcbride, an American blogger, shares the intricate details of her life through a live diary. Before venturing into the world of blogging, she gained experience working at renowned restaurants such as the Old Wives restaurant in Portland. Parris is a devoted supporter of charitable causes and animal welfare. But what actually distinguished her from the throng was her close association with renowned novelist George RR Martin, whose book “A Song of Ice and Fire” served as the inspiration for the massively successful TV series “Game of Thrones.”

Parris has had a modest, secluded life throughout the years, often appearing in public only with her spouse. Continue reading for more information if you’re curious to know more about her life.

Parris Mcbride Bio

Parris Mcbride, an American blogger and the wife of the renowned writer George RR Martin, is widely respected for her humanitarian work, although she tends to maintain a low public profile. Consequently, there is limited accessible information about her early life, education, and even her birth. However, we’ve gathered some information. Portland, Oregon, is where Parris was born and reared. This birthplace establishes her as an American citizen, and she belongs to the white ethnicity.

During her early twenties, Parris experienced life in various cities but eventually returned to her hometown in Portland, where she resided among her close friends. According to various sources, she initially worked as a waitress at the Old Wives Tales restaurant in Portland and later joined the team at Sambo’s Restaurant Inc. It was during this journey that she discovered her true passion for blogging and decided to wholeheartedly pursue it.


NameParris Mcbride
Claim to FameKnown as George R. R. Martin’s spouse
Current Age (in 2023)70 years old
Birth Year1953
Place of BirthBayonne, New Jersey, U.S.
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Shoe SizeNot Available

Parris Mcbride Early Life

American native Parris Mcbride is from Portland, Oregon. She spent a lot of her early years as a youngster working at her family’s grocery shop. Mcbride remained an Oregon resident throughout her upbringing, going to and finishing high school there. She had a clear free-spirited, hippy inclination, too, and when she reached her late teens, she began to live a more itinerant existence. In fact, her 25th birthday invitations humorously stated, “A wild hippie hits the quarter-century mark.”

During her early twenties, Parris embraced a life of movement and adventure, exploring various states across the country.

Rise To Fame

In quest of her own place in the world, Parris McBride adopted a wandering existence throughout her early years. In the early 1980s, she made a deliberate decision to return to Portland so she could be among her friends. She started working as a server at “Old Wives’ Tales,” a restaurant noted for its feminist and inviting atmosphere for lesbians, at this time. Reports suggest that she encountered some challenges at the restaurant due to her choice of politically charged music.

Her life took a significant turn when she moved in with George R. R. Martin, who would later become her husband. Parris transitioned to working at a Sambo’s restaurant during this period. She and Martin have had numerous adventures since the 1980s have begun, including road trips, sci-fi conferences, and comic book conventions. In contrast, Parris didn’t get widespread public recognition until Martin did with the release of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the global phenomenon that was the “Game of Thrones” television series.

Parris Mcbride Career

Despite her early years of wanderlust, Parris always had a deep-rooted connection to Portland and eventually found herself working as a waitress at the Old Wives’ Tales restaurant. However, her journey in the restaurant business hit a snag, and she moved on to work at another establishment, Sambo. It soon became clear to Parris that waiting tables was no longer fulfilling her, and she decided to bid farewell to that chapter of her life.

She then embarked on a new path, venturing into journalism and launching a live journal where she chronicled the various events in her life. Over time, her journal gained popularity, and Parris transitioned into a role as a philanthropist. Together with Martin, they have passionately collaborated with several animal rescue centers, including the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico, dedicated to rehabilitating wild and domestic wolf-dogs. Their support for this organization has spanned several decades, dating back to the ’90s.

In 2013, Parris also lent her support to the Pearl Foundation, helping raise funds for scholarships benefiting writing students. Additionally, in 2015, she made a substantial pledge of $2.7 million to an arts collective known as Meow Wolf, showcasing her dedication to supporting various artistic endeavors.

Parris Mcbride Marital Status

In 1975, Parris McBride had an unexpected encounter with George R. R. Martin at the Kublakhan in Nashville, a moment that would eventually lead to their marriage. It was a rather unconventional meeting, as Martin and his friends found themselves in the women’s sauna when Parris walked in. However, her presence drew Martin’s attention immediately, and by the end of the day, they were all engaged in spirited “chicken fights” in the pool. At that time, Martin was already involved with Gale Burnick, whom he would marry later that year. Interestingly, Martin believed that Parris was more interested in his friend Joe Haldeman, but fate had other plans.

It wasn’t until 1981 that Parris and Martin reconnected, following Martin’s divorce from Burnick in 1979. Initially, their relationship faced the challenge of distance. Martin had moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1979 to pursue a full-time writing career after leaving his teaching position, while Parris remained in Portland. Both made compelling cases for the other to relocate, but Martin ultimately won by inviting Parris for a “visit” to his Santa Fe home. His humorous explanation was that he aimed to make her addicted to sopapillas and green chiles. Parris moved into Martin’s former home on Declovina Street in Santa Fe in 1981, and they’ve been together ever since.

Their journey together included the adoption of a cat, Mulligan, who affectionately became known as their firstborn and even inspired a Night’s Watch brother in Martin’s books. After over three decades of dating, the couple decided to tie the knot in 2011. They held an intimate ceremony at their Santa Fe home on February 15th and later celebrated with a larger gathering on August 19, 2011, at Renovation, the ’69th World Science Fiction Convention,’ in Reno, Nevada. They joyfully shared the news of their marriage with their fans through blog posts on February 17, 2011. Martin couldn’t resist making a humorous remark about how, after thirty years, they finally figured out that “maybe this relationship was going to work out after all.” Intriguingly, Martin, known for eliminating beloved characters in his works, assured fans that he would spare Arya Stark despite Parris’s contrary predictions.

George R.R. Martin Brief Bio

Martin authored “A Song of Ice and Fire”. His 1970s short tales and novels cross genres. Born Bayonne, NJ, September 20, 1948.

The 1980s sci-fi and fantasy writer Martin wrote “Wild Cards” and “Fevre Dream.” Though “A Game of Thrones” appeared in 1996, “A Song of Ice and Fire” is his most renowned masterpiece. This massive poem depicts political intrigue and power battles between noble families in a medieval-style realm. For its deep characters, sophisticated plotlines, and realistic representation of the dynamics of power and brutality, it has won international praise.

Martin has still come under fire for the lengthy intervals between the publication of his books, despite the appreciation of his creative works. Seven years after “A Dance with Dragons,” “Fire and Blood,” the following “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel, was released in 2018.

In addition to writing, Martin has shaped television and film. He produced and wrote “Game of Thrones,” an HBO series based on his “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, from 2011 to 2019. Through its cultural impact and countless plaudits and awards, this performance went beyond simple entertainment.

Parris Mcbride Net Worth

George R. R. Martin, Parris McBride’s spouse, and they are said to have a net worth of around $150 million. Her husband’s tremendously successful writing and television pursuits are mostly responsible for this fortune.

George R. R. Martin earns $25 million a year. For the television version of his novels “A Song of Ice and Fire,” most known for “Game of Thrones,” he reputedly makes $15 million per season.”

Beyond their financial success, Parris and George are committed philanthropists, known for their substantial contributions to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Additionally, George R. R. Martin actively engages in various charitable initiatives, further exemplifying their dedication to giving back to the community.

Final Words

George R. R. Martin’s wife Parris Mcbride has had an interesting life that is full of variety. She was originally on an exploratory voyage when she was young, working in several locations before finally going back to her birthplace of Portland, Oregon. She began her career working in the restaurant industry at places like Sambo’s and Old Wives’ Tales.

Her friendship with George R. R. Martin, though, was what really altered the trajectory of her life. Despite having an odd beginning, their love story developed through time and culminated in their marriage in 2011. Parris has played an important supporting role in Martin’s life and has made significant donations to their charitable endeavors. They have passionately supported causes like animal welfare and arts scholarships.

Despite her low public visibility, Parris’ humanitarian work and personal journey have changed many lives. Her husband George R. R. Martin and her have succeeded financially but have given back to the area.

Parris McBride’s life story is a monument to the strength of love, commitment to issues she cares about, and the value of living genuinely, even in the presence of celebrity.

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