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rod wave kids

Rod Wave’s Kids: Meet Kash and Mocha – Facts, Family And More

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Renowned as an illustrious American vocalist and lyricist, Rod Wave, graced the world with his presence on August 27, 1999. Professionally identified as Rod Wave, he has etched an indelible imprint upon the tapestry of the music domain. His resonant vocal prowess, coupled with his adept fusion of hip-hop constituents, has garnered an extensive and devoted following. Particularly, Rod Wave has been hailed as the trailblazer of the distinctive subgenre coined “soul trap.”

The genesis of his odyssey towards luminary status can be traced back to the unveiling of the single “Heart on Ice” in 2019. This auditory gem swiftly garnered a groundswell of enthusiasm across platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Remarkably, this composition ascended to the 25th pinnacle of the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart, an accomplishment that bestowed upon him an abundance of elation and acclaim.

In the annals of 2019, Rod Wave unveiled his maiden opus, christened “Ghetto Gospel.” This debut not only ascended to a commendable 10th slot on the U.S. Billboard chart but also served as a prelude to his subsequent triumphs. The ensuing year bore witness to the launch of his sophomore album, “Pray 4 Love.” This magnum opus not only secured a berth on the Billboard 200 but also boasted the inclusion of the chart-topping anthem, “Rags2Riches.” This auditory masterpiece reached a zenith by claiming the 12th echelon on the Hot 100 chart.

Finally, the year 2021 witnessed the emergence of Rod Wave’s magnum opus, “Soulfly.” This epochal composition served as an apogee in his illustrious career, making its grand entrance at the zenith of the Billboard 200. This monumental achievement marked the very first instance where one of his albums ascended to this illustrious summit. The odyssey of Rod Wave in the realm of music serves as an irrefutable testament to his innate talent and the profound influence he has exerted upon the tapestry of the music industry.

Who are Rod Wave’s kids?

In the realm of personal matters, Rod has long maintained an aura of secrecy, yet there are instances when even the most reticent individuals find themselves compelled to share a momentous revelation with the wider world. Such an occasion transpired when he turned to the realms of social media to divulge an exhilarating revelation – his paramour was expecting twins.

Now, let us direct our gaze towards the endearing progeny of Rod Wave:

1. Kash

In May 2020, Rod Wave made a heartwarming announcement that had his fans buzzing with joy. He shared a precious photo with his partner, and the caption said it all: “My girl is pregnant with twins, look how God has blessed me again.” It was a beautiful moment of anticipation and gratitude.

Fast forward to the summer of 2021, and the twins arrived, but Rod Wave has kept their exact birthdate under wraps, adding a touch of mystery to their story. One thing we do know is that Kash is one of Rod Wave’s beloved daughters.

2. Mocha 

The other half of the adorable twin duo goes by the name Mocha. Despite their cuteness, Rod Wave has made sure to keep his babies away from the spotlight, with no appearances on his social media accounts.

The birth of these twins was not just a moment of personal joy but also a deep source of inspiration for Rod Wave. It led him to create the heartfelt song “Saggin My Pants.” In this track, he passionately raps about the profound love he has for his children, emphasizing that he would go to great lengths to provide them with everything they need, ensuring they lack nothing in life. It’s a touching tribute to the powerful bond between a father and his precious little ones.

Who is Rod Wave ?

Rod Wave, born on August 27, 1998, emerges as a polymathic American artisan hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida. He transcends the confines of mere rap, boasting proficiency as a melodious vocalist, a lyrical virtuoso, and a social media luminary. His odyssey to prominence commenced with the unveiling of his opus “Heart Break Hotel” on December 8, 2016.

This melodious opus inaugurated its premiere on Rod Wave’s proprietary YouTube conduit, a platform that now commands a commendable following of over 382k subscribers. The channel inaugurated its illustrious sojourn on November 17, 2016, unveiling a visual composition christened “Mike Tyson,” a piece that promptly accrued over 118,000 discerning viewers.

As Rod Wave persevered in etching his sonic vocation, he unfurled a pantheon of compositions, including “Mile,” “In My Bag,” “Dear Wave,” “Metamorphosing Upon Me,” “Pondering Excessively,” and “Hunger Games,” among other opuses. On July 25, 2017, he marked a momentous juncture by presenting his maiden opus christened “Rookie of the Year” beneath the imprimatur of Hit House Entertainment.

Eminently distinguished tracks from this magnum opus encompassed chart-toppers such as “Jumanji,” “50 Shades,” and “Draw Near.” Rod Wave’s musical expedition did not culminate there; he proceeded to beget additional indelible oeuvres, including “Satchel” featuring 9lokkNine, “Heart 4 Sale,” and “Sensate Identically” featuring Moneybagg Yo.

In tandem with his albums and solitary renditions, Rod Wave also bequeathed his inaugural composite tape, “Hunger Games,” in December 2016. Subsequently, he unfurled two more iterations in 2017, denominated “Hunger Games 2” and “Hunger Games 3.” Fortified by his dexterity and unwavering commitment, Rod Wave has substantiated his standing within the melodic milieu, persistently enthralling audiences with his extraordinary harmonics.


Rod Wave, born as Rodarius Marcell Green, made his grand entrance into this world on the 27th of August in the year 1999, in the radiant city of St. Petersburg, nestled in the United States of America. Presently, he stands as a 22-year-old artisan poised for a promising future.

The annals of Rod’s upbringing are marked by the dissolution of his parents’ union during his formative years in elementary school. He confronted the vicissitudes of life with the steadfast support of both his paternal and maternal figures. His father, an intriguing character with a distinctive history as a pugilist of the streets, bore the weight of incarceration for a significant portion of his existence. It is worth noting that Rod also has a sibling, although the identity of his brother remains an enigma shrouded in mystery.

During the crucial years of his development, Rod Wave’s auditory inclinations were significantly shaped by luminary figures such as E-40, who would later engage in a collaborative musical endeavor, producing the track titled “Calabasas.” Additionally, his auditory journey was embellished with the harmonious notes of Chingy, Boosie Badazz, Kevin Gates, and the illustrious Kanye West.

Rod, a proud Virgo native with his spiritual roots firmly planted in the doctrines of Christianity, stands as a proud citizen of the United States. His educational journey brought him to Lakewood High School, a prestigious public secondary school tucked away in the center of Lakewood, California. His joyful graduation from Lakewood High School in 2017 represented an important turning point in his life, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one in his incredible story.

Rod Wave Real Name

Rod Wave’s birth name is Rodarius Marcell Green, and he came into this world in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. His journey into the world of music began at a young age when he started singing in the 5th grade.


In the realm of musical virtuosity, one encounters the enigmatic Rodarius Marcell Green, a maestro of melodic resonance who traverses the multifaceted domains of rap, songcraft, and lyrical poignancy. Under the stage moniker Rod Wave, this luminary has etched an indelible impression upon the auditory tapestry, heralded by the meteoric ascent of his composition, “Heart On Ice,” an opus that precipitated a viral tempest on the hallowed terrain of YouTube, ultimately ascending to the illustrious 25th echelon within the Billboard Hot 100 pantheon.

The hallmark of Rod Wave’s artistry resides in his seamless amalgamation of the lyrical cadence of rap and the mellifluous strains of vocal harmonies, forging an idiosyncratic and enthralling harmonic synthesis that has ensnared the affections of a legion of devoted aficionados. Under the imprimatur of Alamo Records, he undeniably emerges as one of the burgeoning luminaries in the tapestry of the musical cosmos.

Real Full Birth NameRodarius Marcell Green
Nick nameRod Wave
ProfessionMusical Artist, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Famous forSingle track “Heart Break Hotel”
Age (As of 2019)21 years old
Date of Birth (DOB)August 27, 1998
Birthplace/HometownSt. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)Straight
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign)Virgo
House InFlorida, USA
Social Media AccountsInstagram: link<br>Twitter: link<br>Facebook: link
Discography– Debut Studio Album: Rookie of the Year (2017)<br>- Mixtape: Hunger Games (December 2016)
List of Albums/Singles1. Bag<br>2. Heart Break Hotel<br>3. Tomorrow<br>4. Hunger Games 2<br>5. Hunger Games 3<br>6. PTSD<br>7. Ghetto Gospel<br>8. Heart on Ice<br>9. Cuban Links<br>10. Sky Priority<br>11. Popular Loner<br>12. Poison<br>13. Dark Conversations<br>14. Green Light<br>15. Titanic, etc.
Signed to1. Alamo Records<br>2. Hit House Entertainment
Physical Statistics– Height: Feet & Inches: 5′ 6″; Centimeters: 168 cm; Meters: 1.68 m<br>- Weight: Kilograms: 98 Kg; Pounds: 216 lbs<br>- Biceps Size: 19<br>- Body Measurements (Chest-waist-hips): 47-36.5-42<br>- Shoe Size (UK): 8<br>- Tattoo details: NA<br>- Eye Color: Dark Brown<br>- Hair Color: Dark Brown
Family– Parents: Father (Name not available, Street Fighter); Mother (Unknown)<br>- Siblings: Unknown
Personal Life Relationship– Marital Status: Unmarried<br>- Dating History: Not disclosed<br>- Girlfriend: Will update<br>- Wife/Spouse Name: None<br>- Son: NA<br>- Daughter: None
Education– Highest Qualification: High School Graduate<br>- School: Lakewood High School<br>- Alma Mater: Not available
Hobbies & Favorite Things– Favorite Celebrities: Actor – Will Smith; Actress – Zendaya<br>- Dream Holiday Destination: Mexico<br>- Favorite Color: Blue<br>- Love to do: Partying and Listening to Music<br>- Favorite Food: Mexican Cuisine
Wealth– Net worth (approx.): $650K US dollars (As of 2019)<br>- Salary, Income & Earnings: —

Rod Wave Personal Life 

As of 2022, Rod Wave is happily involved in a relationship with a woman named Kelsey. They’ve been together for a few years now, although they haven’t tied the knot just yet.

Adding even more joy to his life, Rod is the proud father of twin daughters. His family is an essential part of his world, and he’s thriving in both his personal and artistic life.

Rod shares a special bond with his father, who played a pivotal role in shaping him into the famous artist he is today. Their connection is truly heartwarming.

Family is a recurring theme in Rod’s lyrics, and it’s no surprise given his upbringing. When he was in elementary school, his father spent six years in prison, a challenging period that undoubtedly influenced Rod’s perspective and music.

Rod and his girlfriend, Kelsey, are loving parents to twin daughters named Kash and Mocha. They are determined to provide their children with a life filled with opportunities and love, a path that may differ from their own past experiences.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, Rod faced a serious road accident in the early 2000s. The accident resulted in internal bleeding in his brain, a traumatic experience that he vividly describes in his song “Through The Wire.” This incident serves as a testament to his resilience and determination to overcome life’s challenges.

Rod Wave Education

Rod Wave’s educational journey took him to Lakewood High School, which is a public secondary school nestled in the sunny city of Lakewood, Southern California. He proudly walked the stage in 2017, marking the significant milestone of his graduation from this institution.

Rod Wave Height & Weight

Rod’s physical characteristics present an exclusive portrait of him. He stands at an approximate stature of 5 feet 6 inches and carries a weight of approximately 102 kilograms. His bodily proportions encompass a chest circumference of 47 inches, a waistline measuring 36.5 inches, and hips extending to 42 inches. Regarding his choice of footwear, he favors a size 8 (US), while his biceps proudly display a substantial 19-inch girth. To round off his appearance, Rod’s eyes and hair both share an arresting, dark brown hue.


The rapper we know by his full birth name, Rodarius Marcell Green, entered this world back in 1998, hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. He marks his birthday every 27th of August, which means that as of 2019, Rod Wave was 21 years old.

Rod’s early life was marked by some tough challenges. His father, who was involved in street fighting, spent a significant part of his life behind bars. This led to financial difficulties for Marcell and his mother. Things took a turn when he was still in elementary school as his parents decided to end their marriage and go their separate ways.

As a young person, Rodarius found himself caught up in various illegal activities, including car break-ins, drug sales, and theft. These choices led him to spend several stints in juvenile centers. He even had run-ins with the law, facing charges like carrying concealed weapons and armed robbery.

However, with the release of his father from prison, Rod’s life started to take a different path. He managed to turn things around, eventually graduating from Lakewood High School, signifying a new chapter in his life.

How Did Rod Wave Get Famous?

Rod Wave embarked on his musical journey back in 2016 with the release of his mixtape “Hunger Games Vol 1.” This marked the beginning of a career filled with independent releases before he ultimately signed with Alamo Records.

In 2019, on June 14th, Rod dropped “PTSD,” a mixtape that included the now-famous track “Heart on Ice.” This song became a sensation, thanks to platforms like YouTube and TikTok, and even secured the 25th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was a significant breakthrough moment for him.

He followed this success with his debut album, which was critically acclaimed, on November 1, 2019.

Rod released his second album, “Pray 4 Love,” on April 3, 2020, and it topped the Billboard 200 chart. This was followed by a deluxe edition on August 7. The Billboard Hot 100 often featured his songs and albums, solidifying his music business stature.

Rod Wave’s music has always been appreciated for its unique blend of his powerful vocals, delivering energetic and impactful performances. In 2022, at just 22 years old, he continued to impress with the release of his single “Cold December.” The same year, on April 25th, he teased fans with the announcement of his upcoming project, the “Beautiful Mind” album, further fueling the excitement surrounding his future endeavors.

Rod Wave’s Music Style

Rod Wave is truly a unique figure in the entertainment industry. His music is sometimes referred to as a contemporary synthesis of hip hop and R&B, and he has a remarkable ability to go between singing and rapping with ease while maintaining a melodic touch.

Rod stands out for his commitment to the art of songwriting. He puts a lot of attention on the words in his songs, frequently choosing slower tempos and thoughtfully selected instruments to express the substance of his songs in a deliberate and understandable way. It’s crucial to establish a meaningful connection with the audience.

What’s equally intriguing is Rod Wave’s unconventional approach to recording. He doesn’t confine himself to sterile recording studios. Instead, he sets up his gear wherever inspiration strikes him. Alongside a trusted sound engineer, he captures the magic of the moment right then and there.

This method of recording aligns perfectly with Rod’s deeply personal connection to his music. He’s not interested in the hustle and bustle of crowded studios, where countless artists come and go. Rod Wave cherishes the music-making process, ensuring that every note, every word, feels like it’s an authentic part of him. It’s this commitment to his craft that makes him a truly exceptional artist.


Rod Wave’s journey into music began in a somewhat unconventional way. He had been singing for a while, but it wasn’t until later that he ventured into recording. Interestingly, some of his earliest tracks were actually uploaded by a friend of his. As these tracks started gaining attention, Rod began to realize he might be onto something big.

The pivotal year was 2016 when his music truly took flight. In the latter part of the year, he dropped his breakout single, “Heartbreak Hotel.” Remarkably, for a newcomer, it performed exceptionally well. The official song and music video on YouTube have amassed over 2.7 million streams, with an impressive approval rating of 95%. SoundCloud also saw over 2.5 million plays. Other notable tracks from 2016 included “Think Too Much,” “Gambling,” and “Hunger Games.” In fact, “Hunger Games” became the title of his first mixtape, which he released in December 2016. This 16-track mixtape, featuring the artist Tayda, was led by his breakout single.

As his popularity soared, so did his bookings, and 2017 saw the release of Rod Wave’s next project, “Rookie of the Year.” This project, released in June, featured eight tracks and included standout singles like “50 Shades,” “Jumanji,” and “Pull Up.” The tape gained extensive plays across various platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

By 2018, Rod Wave was hitting his stride. Not only did he release hot tracks and mixtapes, but he also collaborated with numerous artists, eventually landing a record contract with Alamo Records. In 2018, at least nine of his newly released tracks would surpass a million streams. His most popular ones, including “Bag” featuring GlokkNine, “Hearts 4 Sale,” and “Feel The Same Way” featuring Moneybagg Yo, collectively garnered over 9 million streams.

Rod Wave also delivered the second and third installments of his “Hunger Games” mixtape in May and June of that year. Collaborations with 438 Tok on “Declare War” and LPB Poody on the popular single “All We Know” further solidified his presence in the industry. Many of his music videos found their exclusive home on WSHH. His recent tracks, such as “Hard Times” and “Red Light,” continued to perform impressively.

In 2019, Rod Wave unveiled two significant projects: “PTSD” and “Ghetto Gospel,” released in June and November, respectively. His debut album, “PTSD,” consisting of 12 tracks and featuring E-40, was spearheaded by the dynamic track “Heart On Ice.” Within the first five months, this single would amass over 30 million streams. With impressive ratings on Spotify and Apple Music, it was evident that “PTSD” was a resounding success.

“Ghetto Gospel,” released on November 1, 2019, across major platforms, featured 14 tracks and showcased some of Rod Wave’s most prolific work. Guest appearances included Kevin Gates on tracks like “Cuban Links” and “Titanic,” and Lil Durk on the “Heart on Ice” remix. The album was home to several hit tracks, including “Sky Priority,” “Close Enough to Hurt,” “Green Light,” “Poison,” and “Cuban Links.” Remarkably, within just two weeks, every track on the album had witnessed over 1 million individual streams. “Ghetto Gospel” truly catapulted Rod Wave into the musical stratosphere, showcasing once again that his talent knows no boundaries.

Rod Wave Awards 

In the illustrious trajectory of Rod Wave’s career, a constellation of remarkable achievements adorns his journey, endowing him with both the fervent admiration of his audience and the resounding applause of discerning critics. The profound resonance of his influence within the music industry found its zenith in the year 2021, when he garnered the coveted nomination as a preeminent emerging artist at the esteemed Billboard Music Awards.

In unguarded conversations, Rod Wave bared his emotions regarding the acquisition of accolades, articulating the ineffable elation that courses through him upon being acknowledged and lauded by his ardent supporters and seasoned connoisseurs of the craft alike. To him, these laurels transcend mere professional recognition; they constitute a tangible affirmation of his unwavering commitment and innate artistic prowess.

In alignment with the ethos of myriad musical virtuosos, Rod Wave cognizes the profound import of award galas, not solely as platforms for the exaltation of individual achievements but as crucibles that stoke the embers of the music industry in its entirety. Across his illustrious odyssey, he has etched his indelible mark upon the annals of the Billboard charts and sundry other bastions of recognition, thus solidifying his ascendancy as a celestial luminary in the firmament of the musical realm.

Rod Wave Girlfriend

When it comes to his personal life, Rod Wave has been in a loving relationship with Kelsey Dee Coleman. While there isn’t a ton of public information available about his current girlfriend, their love story is very much alive and thriving. Together, they have two adorable children named Kash and Mocha Green.

If there are any changes regarding his partner, we’ll be sure to provide more information as soon as we learn it. Rod Wave’s devotion to his music and appreciation for his family are both evident.

Net worth

He is a popular rapper and a singer in America. He has earned a high amount of money. Regarding his Income, he has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

His primary source of income is his singing career. An American Rapper is satisfied with his earnings and enjoying his happy life in America.

Social media

Rod Wave’s talent as a rapper has undoubtedly struck a chord with fans, and his social media presence reflects that. On Instagram, you can find him under the username @rodwave, where he boasts an impressive following of more than 3 million devoted fans.

He’s equally active on Twitter, using the handle @rodwave, where he engages with over 692k followers. But that’s not all; on YouTube, his channel @Rodwave has a massive subscriber base of more than 2.84 million fans eagerly awaiting his latest content.

Clearly, Rod Wave’s music resonates with a wide audience, and his social media platforms serve as a hub for his ever-growing fan base to connect with his artistry.


  • Rod Wave, born Rodarius Marcell Green, is a famous American rapper and singer.
  • Born August 27, 1998, in St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • Rod Wave broke through with “Heart on Ice” in 2019, which peaked at 25th on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • His 2019 debut album, “Ghetto Gospel,” peaked at 10th on the U.S. Billboard list.
  • His second album, “Pray 4 Love,” reached the Billboard 200 with “Rags2Riches” and other hits.
  • Rod Wave’s 2021 album “Soulfly,” his first number-one, topped the Billboard 200.
  • His hip-hop-R&B approach sets him apart in the music industry.
  • Rod Wave, born Rodarius Marcell Green, is proudly from St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • In December 2016, his mixtape “Hunger Games Vol 1” launched his music career.
  • Rod Wave’s appealing vocals and insightful songwriting have won him fans and praise.
  • Rod Wave’s father fought on the streets and spent much of his life in prison.
  • Graduating from Lakewood High School in 2017 changed his life.
  • Rod Wave released “Cold December” in 2022 and teased his “Beautiful Mind” album.
  • He is close to his father, who shaped his career.
  • Rod Wave and Kelsey Dee Coleman are proud parents to Kash and Mocha, their twin children.
  • His difficult upbringing informs his music about family, resilience, and personal experiences.
  • Rod Wave’s song “Through The Wire.” clearly portrays his road accident survival.
  • For authenticity, he recordings in unusual places to capture the real feeling of the occasion.
  • Rod Wave has millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, demonstrating his music industry power.
  • His remarkable harmonies and meaningful lyrics keep him a growing star in music.

Final Words:

Rod Wave, a skilled American rapper and vocalist, has influenced the music business with his hip-hop and R&B blend. He rose from a difficult upbringing to chart-topping performer via talent and determination. Rod Wave has a loyal fanbase and a bright music future.


Rod Wave’s kids?

Mocha and Kash are Rod Wave’s twin daughters.

Rod Wave’s real name?

Rod Wave is Rodarius Marcell Green.

Rod wave was born where?

Rod Wave was born in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Which Rod Wave song is most popular?

Rod Wave’s “Heart on Ice” peaked at 25th on the Billboard Hot 100.

Rod Wave’s debut album came when?

In 2019, Rod Wave released “Ghetto Gospel,” his debut album.

What style is Rod Wave’s music?

Rod Wave blends hip-hop and R&B with powerful vocals and intelligent songwriting.

Any honors for Rod Wave?

Rod Wave was a 2021 Billboard Music Awards emerging artist nominee.

Why is “Heart on Ice” important to Rod Wave’s career?

Rod Wave became more famous once “Heart on Ice” became a success.

Rod Wave records music how?

Rod Wave records in unusual places to capture true emotion.

Rod Wave’s relationship status?

Rod Wave and Kelsey Dee Coleman have twin daughters and a wonderful relationship.

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