Meet Billzo: 19-Year-Old Twitch and YouTube Sensation 

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Billzo, 19, is an English Twitch and YouTuber born Billy Hope on August 15, 2004. Collaborations and Minecraft streams are his speciality. 

Billzo and his co-Twitch streams Aimee “Aimsey” and Toby “Tubbo” were members of the defunct Bear Survival-Multiplayer (BearSMP) Minecraft community. He was noted for his energetic demeanor and sense of humor. 

How Old Is Billzo?

Billzo was born Billy Hope in England on August 15, 2004. This makes him 19. Billzo is a Caucasian British citizen and Leo.

Although a social media personality, little is known about him. This covers his parents, siblings, youth, education, and more.

Full nameBilly Hope
Date of birthAugust 15, 2004
Place of BirthEngland
Age19 Years Old
Year Of Birth2004

Early Life

On August 15, 2004, Billzo was born in the UK. He keeps his personal life private and focuses on his broadcasts and lighter things.

Full nameBilly Hope
Zodiac SignLeo
Marital StatusUnmarried
Famous forCollaborations and Minecraft streams

Billzo Height & Height

Weight In Kg70
Weight In Lbs154
Height In Feet5\\\’8\\\”
Height In Meter173
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown

Billzo is thin and 5’8″. He weighs 70 kg (154.5 lbs). He has dark brown eyes and hair. He wears a Tokyo headband, septum piercing, and freckles. Billzo prefers red.


Billzo is a teenager who has become a key member of the BearSMP Minecraft server, partnering with famous streamers like Aimsey and Tubbo. They have competed in various tournaments, including the Minecraft Championship.

Billzo frequently plays Minecraft, thus this was a tournament. He and his team competed against other Youtubers and Streamers in the same venue to excite Minecrafters.

Billzo placed 6th at the MC Championships Rising with Aimsey and Highkey Hate Me. Personal best was 20th for Billzo. He wants to improve these performances in the next few days.

Billzo has been posting more videos on Youtube, where he only has two. However, these videos have had significant traction, so it makes sense for him to continue expanding his gaming audience reach as streaming becomes more competitive.

Though he has only posted six times on Instagram, he has over 70k followers. People follow him because he posts life tales frequently.

Billzo’s Subscriber Milestones

1,000 subscribers: December 23, 2020
2,000 subscribers: July 4, 2021
3,000 subscribers: September 14, 2021
4,000 subscribers: October 2, 2021
5,000 subscribers: October 16, 2021
10,000 subscribers: October 24, 2021
25,000 subscribers: October 25, 2021
50,000 subscribers: October 28, 2021
70,000 subscribers: October 30, 2021
80,000 subscribers: October 31, 2021
90,000 subscribers: November 3, 2021
100,000 subscribers: November 7, 2021

The YouTuber has over 350K subscribers as of July 2022, and if he keeps creating compelling videos, the numbers will climb. Billzo is also growing on other social media channels besides YouTube. He has >600K Twitch, 425K+ Twitter, and 540K+ Instagram followers.

The 19-Year-Old Billzo Identifies As Bisexual

Many people subscribed to Billzo’s streaming channels because he was honest about his sexuality. He came out as bisexual during a Twitch roundtable discussion. The revelation occurred as he began answering a question with the sentence “As a bisexual man…”

Billzo is bisexual and attracted to both men and women. Despite being born male, he does not use male pronouns. The young man feels comfortable being called he/him, she/her, or they/them.

Personal Life

He’s openly bisexual. Since he likes Twitter, he made this public, shocking many of his supporters. Billzo stated that his diabetes and dyslexia make reading and writing tough.

Despite his health issues, Billzo has been able to stream and maximize his ability. Billzo is single and asked his followers not to make connections with anyone he works with or had worked with.


  • Billzo is a man who has a tall and ideal body.
  • He has eyes and hair that are both brown in color.
  • His personality is kind, pioneering, and merciful.
  • Billzo is bisexual, meaning he loves both sexes, namely women and men.
  • He is not currently in a romantic relationship.
  • There is no complete information about his family, parents, and siblings.
  • He is currently suffering from type 1 diabetes and is dyslexic, which makes it difficult for him to read and write.
  • He keeps himself busy playing games and streaming.
  • Awards and Nominations

No awards have been given to Billzo. However, YouTube awarded him silver and golden play buttons for his achievements. He also competed in the Minecraft Championship with Twitch and YouTubers.

Billzo Social Media

Billy Hope, also known as Billzo, is an English YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster noted for his Minecraft streams and collaborations. Billzo is a prominent internet figure with over 600,000 Twitch followers. He also interacts with supporters on Twitter and Instagram (@billzo_).

Billzo Net Worth

According to 2022 estimates, Billzo is worth $200,000. It may surprise many how an 18-year-old boy like Billzo has amassed such wealth. Billzo has used the internet’s power to stream games effectively.

This cash comes mostly from donations from his passionate supporters during streams. If Billzo maintains building his fanbase, sponsorship arrangements could be a lucrative way to increase his net worth.

Net Worth$200k
Source Of IncomeTwitch Streamer, Content Creator
Billzo’s Instagrambillzo_


Q. Who’s Billzo?

Popular English YouTuber and Twitch streamer Billzo is also known as Billy or Bill. Minecraft broadcasts and collaborations are his speciality. Billzo has played on several Minecraft servers, including BearSMP, Island Z, and BubbSMP. Billzo previously worked with Misfits Gaming.

Q. Billzo’s true name?

The real Billzo is Billy Hope. Bill4_ was his prior online name.

Q. When and where was Billzo born?

English-born Billzo was born August 15, 2004. His age is 19.

Q. Billzo’s gender and sexuality?

Billzo is male and identifies as bisexual, and is open about his sexual orientation. He specifies he/him but accepts she/her and they/them.

Q. What was the MC Championship and how did Billzo do?

Teams play mini-games in the Minecraft Tournament for YouTubers and streamers, the MC Championship. Billzo placed 20th individually and 6th with Green Geckos in the MC Championship Rising event.

Q. How much is Billzo worth?

Billzo is worth $200,000. His YouTube channel and live streaming followers’ donations fund this.


Billzo (Billy Hope), a 19-year-old English YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster, is famous for his Minecraft streams and collaborations. England-born, he has a large Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram following. Billzo, a bisexual online gamer, is engaging and active.

Billzo has grown his YouTube subscriber count despite his youth. He has also competed in Minecraft tournaments like the MC Championship.

Billzo’s net worth is estimated at $200,000, mostly from YouTube and live stream donations from his admirers. His experience in the online entertainment sector shows how the internet can help young producers create a large following and financial success via passion and devotion.

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