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Hasbulla Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Cars, And More

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Hasbulla Magomedov, also known as “Mini Khabib,” is a 21-year-old sensation on social media. Hailing from the Republic of Dagestan in Russia, he has garnered immense popularity, though he remains truly understood by only a select few.

Boasting 8.7 million followers on Instagram and accumulating around 12 billion views on TikTok (accounting for content shared with the hashtag #hasbulla), this diminutive social media powerhouse has risen to widespread recognition across the globe, accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This phenomenon is both perplexing and yet, in some ways, expected.

At this juncture, you likely have a multitude of burning questions. Below, we present all the information available about the unofficial ruler of Dagestan. Please continue reading in English.

Who Is Hasbulla?

To many of his fans, he’s simply known as Hasbulla, but his full name is Hasbulla Magomedov. This social media sensation gained widespread attention in 2020 by sharing videos of his adventures in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, where he still resides.

His early content often featured daring stunts, like driving while seated on his friend’s lap or engaging in fights with opponents much larger than himself.

He now has 9 million Instagram followers, making him one of the most famous internet sensations. The Instagram bio of this Russian figure states that he is 20 years old, despite appearing younger.

Age And Height

Hasbulla appears much younger than his true age of twenty. He stands three feet three inches tall and weighs eighteen kilograms, or roughly forty pounds. It is due of a medical issue known as dwarfism that he has a high-pitched voice. Still, don’t let his diminutive size fool you. Hasbulla is a very strong and accomplished person. His accomplishment is demonstrated by his projected net worth of $200,000.

Why is Hasbulla famous?

Some attribute it to his association with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, his connections with fellow countrymen like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev. Others even speculate that he might be a strategic move by Vladimir Putin to make an impact on Western culture, akin to a 4D chess move.

However, there’s a consensus in the ongoing discussions: his rise to social media stardom took a significant leap when he called out Abdu Rozik, also known as “The Borgir Kid,” and organized a pre-fight press conference, thrusting them both into the mainstream spotlight. A major part of the intrigue was the shared genetic condition between Hasbulla and Abdu, which added a unique dimension to the narrative (more on this later).

Similar to the highly anticipated but ultimately unrealized showdown between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, the MMA bout between Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik was fated to be canceled due to a combination of logistical challenges and the condemnation of the Association of Little People of Russia, deeming it as “unethical.”

However, this setback didn’t hinder Hasbulla’s trajectory. His fame continued to soar, and even the often-controversial podcaster Joe Rogan gave him a mention (which is considered a significant marker of fame in today’s world).

What Is Hasbulla’s Medical Condition

The medical disease that Hasbulla suffers from is called Growth Hormone Deficiency, or “Dwarfism.” Because of this hereditary condition, the body is unable to create adequate growth hormone.

According to NHS study, this impairment is not inherited and can manifest at birth or later in infancy, often with accompanying health issues. Thus, the 20-year-old online celebrity is 3 feet 3 inches tall, shorter than the average adult dwarf at 4 feet.

Despite these physical obstacles, Hasbulla hasn’t let his impairment stop him from achieving his goals in life. In reality, he’s been able to use his shortcomings as springboards for advancement and achievement.

Relastionship With The UFC

In October, Hasbulla inked a five-year contract with the UFC amidst a heated social media dispute with Irish fighter Conor McGregor.

There were speculations that Dana White, the president of the company, had intentions to arrange a fight between Hasbulla and another internet personality, Abdu Rozik, who shares the same disability. The plan never realized.

Instead, the Dagestani star looks to have signed a promotional deal with UFC and has appeared at multiple events in recent months.

He was seen in the audience at UFC 280, where Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev headlined the event.

Hasbulla was also spotted during the UFC Fight Night featuring Merab Dvalishvili and Petr Yan, where Dvalishvili secured a victory through unanimous decision.

Relationship With UFC Fighters

After gaining popularity on TikTok, Hasbulla made a significant entrance into the world of MMA. It all started when he posted a video reenacting Khabib Nurmagomedov’s iconic UFC 229 weigh-in. This video marked his initial step into the MMA scene.

After that, Hasbulla became good friends with former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and often posted together on social media. He has a close relationship with lightweight champion Islam Makhachev and was seen in the octagon after his October UFC 280 win over Charles Oliveira.

Hasbulla grappled with Ali Abdelaziz, a famous manager, earlier this year. Hasbulla attempts submissions on Abdelaziz, who represents Nurmagomedov, Kamaru Usman, and Justin Gaethje, in the video.

However, Hasbulla’s relationships with fighters aren’t all positive. He made it clear that if he ever crosses paths with Conor McGregor, he intends to “cause problems” for him. McGregor had previously insulted Hasbulla on Twitter, calling him names like a “smelly little inbred” and expressing a desire to “boot that little gimp Hasbulla over a goal post.” McGregor later deleted these tweets.

In response to McGregor’s tweets, Hasbulla mentioned that he had seen them and had lost all respect for the Irish fighter. He stated in an interview on the Full Send podcast, “He’s not like a fighter for me, I don’t respect him as a fighter, and if I meet him I will cause some problems for him. I don’t know yet what he will do, but I will definitely do something.”

Hasbulla challengers

On August 8th, 2022, a video was shared on the @HasbullaHive Twitter account, depicting Hasbulla facing off against a potential new opponent in a fight.

It’s believed that the other individual in the video is Erali Boyqobilov, who, much like Hasbulla, considers Abdu Rozik (the person Hasbulla aims to fight) as an adversary.

In a separate video shared on Twitter in February 2022, Erali and Abdu can be seen going head-to-head in the boxing ring, accompanied by a caption asserting that there is genuine animosity between them.

Why Was He Recently Arrested?

Recently, Hasbulla and some of his friends were apprehended for reckless driving in his hometown. The small-statured Russian influencer was captured over the weekend in Makhachkala, the capital of Russia’s Republic of Dagestan, engaging in a wild ride amid wedding festivities.

Reports indicated that Hasbulla wasn’t the one at the wheel but was seen inside one of the cars while multiple drivers blocked sections of the highway, performing dangerous maneuvers like doughnuts, burnouts, and weaving through traffic.

Later, Hasbulla rushed to social media to say he wasn’t driving any of the vehicles. He said, “We hyped it up… we apologize and won’t do it again. We had to explain our play. I didn’t drive or own the car.”

The social media influencer has garnered negative attention before. He was criticized in March for grabbing his cat by the ear in a video. Hasbulla denied mistreating the cat, saying he was punishing it for disobedience.

In a social media video, he said, “I know people are waiting to attack me if I post something bad… She was misbehaving, so I pulled the ear. Love my pet more than you. If I didn’t love the cat, I wouldn’t keep it. My favorite animal is a cat. I chastised her for disobeying. You’re hitting me pointlessly.”

What is Hasbulla’s net worth?

Although Hasbulla’s exact net worth isn’t publicly disclosed, given his meteoric rise in social media, it’s estimated to be around $200,000 USD.

While his anticipated bout with Abdu Rozik is yet to materialize, Hasbulla remains hopeful that it will happen someday. This sentiment was expressed in his inaugural interview with Barstool Sports. If this fight does come to fruition, it’s anticipated that his net worth would see a substantial boost.

Moreover, a showdown with Conor McGregor could result in a significant payday for Hasbulla. Considering McGregor’s likely response to Hasbulla’s remark that he “talks too much,” it’s safe to assume that the Irish UFC star wouldn’t take it lightly. Additionally, UFC president Dana White is undoubtedly aware of the immense interest and attention a potential Hasbulla vs McGregor fight would generate.

Hasbulla Cars

If you take a quick glance at Hasbulla’s Instagram, you’ll notice his keen interest in cars. He often strikes poses beside or inside some truly exotic ones. It seems he has a particular fondness for BMWs and has even had the opportunity to be photographed in the ultra-luxurious Mercedes Maybach.

To be specific, it was a 750iL, an extended-wheelbase version of this full-size luxury car. Its 5.4-liter naturally-aspirated M73 petrol V12 engine produces 240 kW/490 Nm and accelerates from 0-100km/h in 7.2 seconds. The car is about 20 years old and weights just under 2 tonnes. Hasbulla mentioned he was asking for 850,000 Russian rubles (~US$12,200) and was open to trades but warned against offering anything subpar. He also mentioned that it’s a bulletproof model, at least to the best of his memory.

Come June 2023, Hasbulla decided to switch out his bulletproof limousine for BMW’s most aggressive sedan: a stunning Marina Bay Blue metallic M5 Competition. A 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with 460kW/750Nm makes this automobile powerful. It accelerates from 0-100km/h in 3.1 seconds to 306km/h. About twice as powerful and twice as fast as his old 7 Series. One can’t help but wonder if Hasbi also opted for bulletproof glass for his new Beamer.

However, what’s a bit puzzling is how Hasbulla managed to acquire this new M5 Competition. BMW stopped all exports to Russia in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine last year. While BMW does have a partnership with Russian manufacturer Avtotor to produce BMWs domestically, the M5 and M5 Competition are specifically manufactured at BMW’s Dingolfing plant in Germany.

Hasbulla Australia Tour

As part of his recent trip of Australia, Hasbulla organized a number of meet-and-greet sessions. From August 29 to September 1, he traveled to Australia, where he gave two speeches in Sydney and two in Melbourne. Fans had the unique chance to meet Hasbulla in person and get their photo taken with him at these events.

It is noteworthy, nevertheless, that female fans were not permitted to take pictures with the Dagestani man. Hasbulla clarified that his cultural views were the driving force for this choice.

Alongside Los Angeles Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal, Hasbulla made the most of his time in Australia by seeing everything Sydney has to offer. He even demonstrated his fighting prowess by sparring a fun punch to the face of South Sydney Rabbitohs captain Cam Murray.

Hasbulla and Mike Tyson

A recent video of Mike Tyson holding and playfully nibbling on Hasbulla’s ear during a recording for Tyson’s Hotboxing podcast has stirred quite a reaction.

In the video, Tyson lets Hasbulla throw a punch at him before lifting him up and cradling him, similar to how one would hold a baby. This has led to questions about how Hasbulla is being treated. UFC champion Islam Makhachev faced similar criticism in the past for holding Hasbulla in a similar manner.

The video of Tyson and Hasbulla has ignited discussions and criticism, with some wondering why Hasbulla, who is 21 years old, is being handled this way.

Fans expressed their surprise and disbelief at the video. One remarked, “Mike Tyson picking up Hasbulla like he’s a two-year-old is crazy.” Another questioned, “Hasbulla is like 20, why is he holding him like a baby.”

Hasbulla and Mark Wahlberg

Hasbulla recently made an appearance in Las Vegas for the final episode of “Power Slap.” During the event, the renowned Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg shared the stage, leading to an eventual face-to-face meeting between the two.

Hasbulla is typically recognized for his videos where he delivers smacks or punches to fighters’ faces, creating memorable moments for his social media audience. However, in this particular instance, he chose not to engage in such antics with Wahlberg, which surprised many.

The interaction between Hasbulla and Wahlberg has sparked a flurry of excitement on social media. Fans have been expressing their enthusiasm about the unexpected encounter between these two influential figures.

Final Words

Hasbulla Magomedov, widely known as “Mini Khabib,” has become a global sensation at the age of 21. His meteoric rise to fame can be attributed to his engaging content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where he shares his adventures in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia. Despite facing physical challenges due to Growth Hormone Deficiency, Hasbulla has not let it hinder his aspirations.

His UFC work, especially with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev, has boosted his fame. His unusual personality and the anticipation of battles, especially versus Conor McGregor, have kept him in the forefront.

Recent events like his reckless driving arrest and meetings with Mike Tyson and Mark Wahlberg have changed his public image. Hasbulla’s Instagram car interests show his diverse lifestyle.

As for his financial standing, Hasbulla’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000 USD. His choice of vehicles, including a BMW 750iL and a BMW M5 Competition, showcases his appreciation for luxury automobiles.

Hasbulla’s journey from a small town in Dagestan to international stardom is a testament to his resilience and ability to transcend physical limitations. His impact on popular culture and the intriguing possibilities of future endeavors continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

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