Murad Williams- All About Meek Mill’s Son

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Meek Mill’s oldest child is Murad Williams. Since birth, he’s been in the spotlight, and his social media fame is rising. His impeccable style and contagious smile stand out.

It’s fascinating that Murad is following his father’s music career at such a young age. He’s entered the music industry and is determined to succeed.

He lives lavishly and has an estimated $1 million net worth. Murad Williams is an outstanding young talent with a bright future.

Who is Murad Williams?

Murad Williams is a rising music talent. Born to Meek Mill, he has been famous since birth. Murad’s fame goes beyond his father. He is a brilliant musician who has started a career.

Murad wants to succeed like his father despite his youth. His social media following is growing, and his followers love his stylish style and engaging smile. With an estimated $1 million net worth, Murad lives lavishly. He’s an inspiring young star with a promising future. Watch out for Murad Williams—he’ll succeed.

Quick facts about Murad Williams

NameMurad Williams
Birthdate March 15, 2007
Age15 years old
Gender Male
ParentsMeek Mill (father)Fahimah Raheem (mother)
GrandparentsRobert ParkerKathy Williams
AuntNasheema Williams
SiblingsRihmeek Williams (brother)Czar (half-brother)
Marital StatusSingle

Murad Williams Age & Biography

Murad Williams is 15. He was born March 15, 2007. Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem, their parents, love him.

His parents use social media extensively. Murad Williams is Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem’s first child. His parents had many happy years together despite never marrying. They divorced and moved out later that year. Each parent had sole custody of Murad and Rihmeek Williams.

Nasheema Williams, Murad’s aunt, is a popular actress on social media. Murad’s grandmother, Kathy Williams, worked hard for her grandkids, Meek Mill and Nasheema Williams, to succeed.

Murad’s grandfather, Robert Parker, was murdered during a theft when Meek Mill was five. This happened around the same time. Murad tries to spend time with both of his parents, even if they prefer to do so separately. This shows Murad’s parents’ affection.

Which high school is he attending?

Murad, 15, attends a Philadelphia high school. He lives with his mother and brother in Philadelphia and will finish school there. He is a charming young man obsessed with sports. Murad plays rugby for his high school and is talented. He posts many rugby photos on social media, and his mother always supports him.

How many Siblings does Murad Williams?

Murad Williams has two younger brothers. Rihmeek Williams, known as “Papi,” is Murad’s biological brother, and Czar is his father’s younger sibling. Murad’s cousin Czar. Rihmeek Williams, born on May 13, 2011, and Czar Williams, Meek Mill’s other child, are in this shot. The Murad, Rihmeek, and Fahimah family is happy and well-adjusted. This is because Murad and Rihmeek are so close.

Fahimah has raised handsome, healthy, courteous, bright, and family-focused children, including Rihmeek, who is eleven. Murad’s youngest half-brother, Czar, turns one on May 6, 2019. His parents are rapper Meek Mill and model Milan Rouge Harris. Both Little Czar and his father, Meek Mill, are born on the same day. Meek and Milan split in 2019, three months after Czar was born. However, Meek said, “We still have mad love for each other, but we both come to an understanding.”

They all insisted on remaining close friends. Three-year-old Czar is adorable.

Murad Appearance and personal life

Gorgeous young celebrity Murad Williams has a lovely personal life and stunning features. He has a successful career. He’s charming like his father and always smiles. Murad’s brown eyes sparkle even more when he smiles. From trendy buzz cuts to braids, his hair is stylish. Dressing in the latest trends shows his unique style and creativity.

Murad’s family loves him and supports him in his personal life. He loves spending time with his parents and they often have amazing outings. Murad keeps in touch with his siblings and enjoys playing with them. Despite his youth, Murad remains optimistic.

His contagious positivity and generosity make everyone around him happier. Murad loves trying new things in his free time. He enjoys dancing, art, and sports. Young sensation Murad Williams has a sweet, loving heart and attractive appearance.

Meek Mill Son Murad Williams Is An Athlete

High school football player Murad Williams is Meek Mill’s son. He’s a sophomore and should graduate in 2025.

Murad Campfield’s MaxPreps profile is here. He weighs 195 pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Williams has 3.6 receiving yards per game, 73.7 running yards per game, 4 total touchdowns per game, 1 receiving touchdown, and 3 rushing touchdowns in 2022–2023.

Visiting Universal Studios Florida in August 2020 was a blast. While there, he and his friends rolled dice. Murad returned to Florida in 2021 and stayed at Universal Orlando.

Williams and his father, Meek, visited the Turks & Caicos Islands in October 2019. They played basketball, rested on the beach, and swam in the water. They were joined by Meek’s partner Milano Di Rouge.

Murad adores his dad’s concerts and posts about them on social media.

Fahimah routinely travels with her sons and posts photos on social media. She took her children to Jamaica in 2020, staying at the Moon Palace Jamaica and Ocho Rios.

Murad Williams Parents

Murad Williams is the son of famed US rapper Meek Mill. He was born in South Philadelphia on May 6, 1987. Meek Mill formed The BloodHounds with other rappers after starting off as a battle rapper. T.I. signed Meek to a record deal in 2008.

Murad’s mother, Fahimah Raheem, influences social media. Fahimah Raheem, born in 1988, raised her first child, Murad, alone while attending school and working. She and her spouse had Rihmeek Williams in 2011. She was a single mother when she started working but was able to raise her children and provide them with all the necessary care.

Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem divorced in 2012 after dating in 2006 and having two sons, Murad and Rihmeek. Rumors and evidence point to Meek Mill for the split.

Murad Williams Hobbies

Murad Williams is a talented young star who excels in the music industry and has a variety of hobbies that he enjoys in his free time. Here are some of Murad’s favorite hobbies:

Playing sports: 

Murad loves staying active and playing sports. He enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and baseball with his friends and family. He has a competitive spirit and always gives his best in every game.


Murad has a natural rhythm and loves to dance. He enjoys trying out different dance styles, from hip-hop to ballet. Dancing is a great way for him to express himself and let loose.


Murad is a creative soul and enjoys painting. He loves to grab a canvas and some paintbrushes and let his imagination run wild. Painting allows him to explore his artistic side and create beautiful works.

Exploring nature: 

Murad loves spending time outdoors and exploring nature. Whether hiking in the mountains or taking a walk on the beach, he enjoys being surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.


Murad has a curious mind and enjoys reading books. He loves diving into different genres, from adventure stories to fantasy novels. Reading not only entertains him but also helps him expand his knowledge and imagination.

These are just a few of Murad’s hobbies; he is always open to trying new things. He believes hobbies are a great way to relax, have fun, and discover new passions.

Williams Has Two Instagram Accounts

Murad’s main Instagram account has 7,800 followers and eight posts. @muradc3_ is “The Villain,” according to the bio. Williams’ bio states that he plays for CHS and has the jersey number 3.

All of his Instagram photos are of him playing football. Williams posted his first photo of him jogging with a football on September 18, 2021. He competes for Cherokee High School against another high school in recent posts.

Private Instagram account @yung.za1 is the second. Its bio says it has 2 pages and 147 followers.  Murad has a VSCO account and posts photos.

Murad Williams’s Net worth

Despite his youth, Murad Williams is making a reputation for himself in music. He’s on track to succeed due to his skills and determination. Achievement naturally brings wealth. While Murad is still in his early career, his net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

He is expected to increase his net worth as he improves his profession and establishes himself in the industry. Murad’s main concern isn’t money. His passion for writing songs that resonate with his generation motivates his music career. Although his net worth is high, his passion and talent set him different. Murad Williams has a bright future, thus he will succeed in his industry.

Few Lesser Know Facts

  • Murad Williams loves superheroes, especially Spider-Man. He often plays make-believe with his friends in his favorite comic book hero costume.
  • Murad has traveled to many countries despite his youth. He loves learning about other cultures and trying new things.
  • Murad loves animals and has wanted one. He loves dogs and cats and frequents animal shelters.
  • Murad is a talented dancer and pianist. He takes dancing lessons and posts videos on social media.
  • Murad loves fashion and putting together outfits in his own time. He often designs apparel with his mother, Milan Harris.
  • Murad loves to read and escape inside a good book. Fantasy is his favorite genre, and he enjoys reading about magical places.
  • Murad loves his grandparents and cherishes their time. They often give him gifts and take him on thrilling vacations.
  • Murad is a natural performer and loves entertaining his family. He can sing, dance, and joke to entertain.
  • Murad is passionate about charity and community service. He has participated in many charitable events and loves helping others.
  • Murad loves baking with his mother, especially cookies and cupcakes. He enjoys mixing ingredients and adding colorful frostings and sprinkles to baked items.


Q. Murad Williams’ Age Again?

Born March 15, 2007, Murad Williams is 15 today.

Q. How do Murad Williams and Czar know each other?

Czar’s half-brother Murad Williams. Murad Williams’ cousin Czar. Czar’s parents, Meek Mill and Milan Rouge Harris, conceived him.

Q. What’s Murad Williams’ romantic status?

Murad’s romantic life is unknown due to his seclusion.


Finally, Murad Williams is a rising music artist. In addition to his father’s popularity, he has shown that he has distinct talents and a passion for music. Murad wants to make music for his generation despite his youth.

His charming grin, stylish manner, and evident talent earn him many fans. Murad’s primary passion is music and constructive change. Murad Williams has a bright future, and we can’t wait to witness his success. Watch for this inspirational young talent!

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